Breathable Mesh

Designed with the air-right structure seat, allows air flow that provides a cool
and comfort sitting position. The high-elastic mesh three-tiered backrest and double mesh pad cushion make this office chair maximum-breathability.


3-position tilt lock ,offers the broadest recline range and gives the user maximum control over every aspect of their posture ,maximum reclining angle of 125 degrees , you can periodically lean back to Rest as you work . Awesome tilt Tension knob underneath the Seat controls the rate and ease of recline

Multi-Adjustable Headrest

The headrest will take pressure off your neck while leaning back,The ergonomic high back office chair is designed with a comfortable headrest. The headrest provides the most comfortable position for your head and neck.


PU edge, quite smooth and not scraping the floor

Cotton Cushion

Made of 60-density native styling elastic cotton.W-shaped dispersing hippressure

3D Armrests

The chairs armrests can be adjusted up and down, left and right, back and forth, maximizing the satisfaction of various needs, providing the most comfortable sitting position.

What is an Office Chair?

Office chairs are furniture primarily designed for the use of an office worker who sits at a table to work for an extended period. Hence, office chairs are designed with special features to cater to the requirement of the user’s body in sitting position; these include mobility, body adjustment, arm support, back support, leg
support, amongst others.

Mesh chairs, specifically, are designed to include height adjustment, ability to swivel on an axis, and possess wheels that provide mobility for the user. Some come with gas springs to allow the user to set them up in a number of ways that suit their peculiar needs. Unlike the traditional chair, the toes of a swivel chair are attached to a central pole that carries the whole load. Other features are added to enable the body to adjust optimally to the lack of extensive movement while using the chair.

What Features Should a Good Ergonomic Office Chair Possess?

Ergonomic considerations in an office chair design are at the heart of the designs. Ergonomics are not just marketing gimmicks employed to sell office chairs, but a set of features that office chair manufacturer are intentional about in manufacturing decisions. Sometimes, these features are the result of office chair
manufacturer and user’s feedback loops. Office chair manufacturers include features that help the office chair users minimize the risk of injury, maintain comfortable body positions, reduce strains that could come from extended sitting, and be comfortable while sitting at work.

So, what are the good features a good ergonomic office chair possesses?

1. The chair must have a breathable mesh that keeps your back aerated.
2. The mesh chair must have a flexible and adjustable exoskeleton backrest that targets the spinal lumbar accurately.
3. Tension points must be adequately spread across the chair to make it withstand considerable weight, extended usage, and smartly adjust to the body.
3. The chair must come with advanced armrest design that props the arms and the spine to advantage in any position.
4. Live Back technology that allows the user to interact with the chair and understand how the body is positioned on the chair.
5. It must possess a dedicated headrest that allows the user to sit comfortably even when the body is tilted.

  • Chair Height: A proper chair height allows the user to work at a table or work on the computer comfortably and a chair with between 12 inches and 16 inches (ca. 21 centimeters) from the ground.
  • Backrest: A well-designed office chair has low back support to minimize strains pilling on the back. Some mesh chairs incorporate an arch cushion effect to protect the back from slouching.
  • Lumbar Support: An office chair user suffering from any of damaged tendons, herniated discs, nerve irritation, lumbar infection, and other related conditions needs an office chair that offers lumbar support. This is why some office chair that comes with protruding lumbar support helps cushion the effect of lower back
  • Armrests: A properly designed office chair must include proper armrests. By this we mean, the design must not be limited to height adjustment alone, it must be designed to bring relief to the forearm, shoulder, and other parts of the arm actively engaged while the user is sitting on the chair. An office chair lacking this
    consideration ultimately exposes the user to neck pain in the long run.


All these factors are to be considered when manufacturing or ordering an office chair. When the ergonomics are optimal in an office chair, the office chair manufacturer will get a repeat purchase from the client, and the client’s satisfaction might turn the client into brand ambassadors needed by the brand to get more clients.

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