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About Sihoo

Fueled to become one of the world’s leading ergonomic furniture providers, Sihoo Furniture (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. (subsequently referred to as Sihoo) began manufacturing ergonomically designed furniture for work, study, and entertainment. Our products include ergonomic office chairs, intelligent writing desks, kids study desks and chairs, geriatric chairs, and entertainment seating.

To ensure only the absolute most comfort and efficiency for Sihoo furniture users, we established the Sihoo Institute of Engineering to research ergonomics in furniture designs. We also built a comprehensive industrial chain system that integrates design, manufacturing, quality testing, storage, marketing, transportation, and installation. And with experts at every stage, we promise only high-quality, long-lasting products.


A sedentary lifestyle leads to a host of health problems. For this reason, the Sihoo team actively participates in the research and development of ergonomic furniture for a good quality of life. To further ensure the health of our product users and simultaneously protect the environment, we use environmental-friendly materials. Sihoo designers continually do in-depth research on good posture, pressure points, repetitive motion, and other factors. Doing so helps them have a better understanding of ergonomics as they relate to end-user needs. And while researching and designing, they put our product users at the center, i.e., focus on them and their needs, which results in increased comfort, enhanced productivity, and less stress.

Provide OEM and ODM services

Thanks to years of experience in technology and project management, we can provide customized product designs, model making, and R&D cooperation to meet the product needs of different regional markets.

In-house production guarantees product quality

Sihoo has various workshops, including injection molding, hardware, and assembly workshops, so we're able to control the production cost and quality. We examine the raw materials, auxiliary materials, and packaging materials before putting them into use. We then discard any materials that fail to meet the specified standards. Sihoo workers also strictly inspect all our production processes to ensure the immediate halt of production in case of any problem, such as missing materials or unqualified upstream products. We also have a quality control team to help identify and correct any quality problems in the production process.

We have a design and development team with over 100 experts that design top-quality products for Sihoo consumers.

Our design and development team spreads across Foshan and Shenzhen. Our expert designers collect and analyze online consumer behavior data and accurate representations of domestic and foreign users on Tmall.com, JD.com, and the Amazon Global Store. Doing so helps us enforce a human-centered approach in designing and building Sihoo office chairs, which helps us create seating solutions that meet the needs of consumers. By conducting extensive design and development research, optimizing manufacturing operations, and building an effective supply chain team, we have streamlined all our processes. These include raw material procurement, mass production, quality control, shipping, and delivery of your product right to your doorstep. Moreover, we implement an environmental protection policy of reducing waste, reuse, and recycling. We continually try new fashion designs using sustainable materials, cutting-edge technology, and an effective quality management system. As a result, we're able to balance practicability and design and adhere to a unified function, design, and quality.

A quality management team oversees various manufacturing processes to ensure product quality consistency.

A quality management system ensures we base all decisions on the analysis and evaluation of data and information. Quality management also ensures that our products meet national standards and customer needs. We repeatedly conduct rigorous scientific experiments and demonstrations, which has time and again seen Sihoo products win the praise of both our domestic and international customers.

Passed TUV, BIFMA, SGS, and other relevant certifications

At Sihoo, we've always maintained that product quality is the cornerstone of enterprise development and survival. Our products, such as ergonomic office chairs and study chairs, comply with QB/T 2280-2007 national office chair industry standards and have passed the standards tests of BV, BIFMA, TUV, SGS, UL, and other third-party authoritative testing agencies. Additionally, Sihoo has the largest testing and certification facility and the most comprehensive testing equipment in the chair industry. The testing center is CNAS-accredited and is also the field test laboratory for TÜV Rheinland, an international authoritative testing organization. CNAS stands for the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment.

Sihoo has over 100,000 units in stock, so we do same-day delivery for our standard products.

In 2011, we started selling Sihoo products on Alibaba's domestic B2C platforms: taobao.com and tmall.com. Today, we have a total turnover of over $150 million in domestic e-commerce and over $30 million in foreign e-commerce. COVID-19 outbreak led to people working from home, which increased the demand for home office furniture. Our online B2C sales, therefore, increased sharply last year, which led to a significant increase in our output and Sihoo office chair consulting services.

Quality products for a reasonable price

Sihoo provides reasonable prices to meet the different OEM and ODM needs of wholesalers and brand owners. We have 100,000 square meters of production workshops, including three assembly workshops. However, our supply chain also includes furniture accessories manufacturers and suppliers, with whom we maintain a close, long-term relationship. And since many upstream suppliers rely on Sihoo for business, we can obtain top-quality raw materials at low costs. The quality of our products compared to that of our peers proves that our prices are reasonable. We sell office chairs and other furniture that meet different customer needs. As a buyer, say a wholesaler, middleman, brand owner, we can provide high-quality and competitive products. We can also help brand owners increase their brand value by authorizing distributors, franchising agents, and brand vendors.

First-class after-sales team

Since being founded, Sihoo has been committed to building high-quality products. We have established a quality management system to ensure we continually make better products and ensure customer satisfaction. It also ensures compliance with domestic and foreign quality regulations and product manufacture in the most cost- and resource-efficient manner. To further instill confidence in our products, Sihoo office chairs, training chairs, and children's desks and chairs have a 3-5 year warranty. We also offer our customers several after-sale services, including support regarding warranty service, office chair installation guidance, and repair and upgrades. So if you require parts for your Sihoo M57 or any other office chair, reach out to us so we can ship the product parts to you.

Our Clients

Sit Well, Think Better



Sihoo won the “Ergonomic Design of the Year Award” and “Original Brand of Ergonomics Award” in 2019

The sales of Sihoo ergonomic chairs exceeded 100,000 on Double Eleven, ranking first among computer chair sellers on both Tmall and JD.COM.


Sihoo joined Shenzhen Association of Ergonomics Application (SAEA) to set up Sihoo Institute of Engineering, and issued Sihoo’s first White Paper on Sedentary Behavior.


Sihoo cooperated with Shenzhen Association of Ergonomics Application (SAEA) to initiate a seminar on standards of study tables and chairs for children.


The First Ergonomics Summit Forum was successfully held. Also, it was proposed to fix the Global Healthy Sitting Position Day on May 21 every year.



The Second Sihoo Cup Best Think was successfully held.


The First Sihoo Cup “Good Chairs of China” Creative Design Competition was successfully held.


Sihoo realized simultaneous delivery of goods from warehouses in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Beijing, marking the first step of efficient nationwide warehousing and distribution.


Sihoo’s sales exceeded one hundred million Chinese yuan, and the number of service personnel exceeded 500.


The first Sihoo Ergonomics Experience Hall in Shenzhen was officially opened, kicking off our national O2O interactive marketing strategy.


Sihoo’s sales exceeded one hundred million Chinese yuan, and the number of service personnel exceeded 500.

What our customers think

"Are you looking for an ergonomic office chair? Get yourself a Sihoo office chair model. The chair will help prevent or, in my case, help improve back problems. With all honesty, the Sihoo M57 has kept my back from getting worse, and I experience less back pain since I started using it. It's no cure, but it helps."
Sara Johnon
"I got the Sihoo M57 as a Christmas present for myself, and I have no regrets. It's a very comfortable chair. You can adjust the headrest and both armrests. And the seat and backrest are made of durable and flexible polymers, making it very cool to sit on for a long time without experiencing a sweaty back. All parts in the box were individually plastic-wrapped, and the instruction manual was clear and very simple. It took me about 20 minutes to assemble everything."
John Milson
Looca CTO
"I really enjoy the Sihoo M57 office chair. I bought it to replace a leather computer chair I'd been using for a long time, but that began to wear out during the pandemic because of working from home. It took a day to get used to the new chair, but I like the back support, head/neck support, the extendable leg rest, and the comfortable cushion. For its price, I was surprised by the value it offers. All in all, the office chair has worked well for my working from home needs."
Ben Lourenson
GGO Founder

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