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Since 2014, Boke Office Solutions, Inc. has been a leader in the office desk supply industry, offering tailored solutions to businesses worldwide. Specializing in design, manufacture, and distribution, we provide desks that meet diverse workplace needs.

Elevate your workspace with Boke's premium office furniture

As a leading supplier and manufacturer, Boke offers comprehensive procurement solutions for wholesalers, traders, developers, company owners, and importers. Our dedication to quality, customization, and sustainable practices distinguishes us in the global market.

Designed for Comfort, Built for Success

Discover Our Premier Office Furniture Collection

L-shaped Desks

Optimize your office layout with our space-efficient L-shaped desks.

Minimalist Desks

Streamline your workspace with our sleek, minimalist designs.

U-shaped Desks

Maximize your workspace with our practical U-shaped desks.

Height-Adjustable Desks

Flexibility and wellness with adjustable heights.

Conference Room Tables

Versatile meeting tables in multiple styles.

Glass Top Desks

Bring elegance to your office with our chic glass top desks.

Height Adjustable Desks

Adjust your desk to your comfort with our height-adjustable models.

Mobile Desks

Enjoy flexibility with our easily movable mobile desks.

Partnering for Success: Serving a Diverse Clientele


Boke Office Solutions, Inc. partners with a broad spectrum of clients to deliver office furniture solutions that emphasize quality, innovation, and diversity. Our services are designed to meet the specific needs of each industry sector we serve.



Access our extensive catalog of premium office furniture, ideal for bulk purchasing.


Trust in our durable and stylish options for both new constructions and renovations.


Enhance your residential or commercial projects with our innovative designs.

Company Owners

Enhance your residential or commercial projects with our innovative designs.

Your One-Stop Office Furniture Solution

Empowering Workspaces, Enhancing Productivity


3D Free Design Consultation

Get expert design guidance to bring your workspace vision to life.

Tailored Customization

Create custom-fit furniture that perfectly matches your office style.

Global Delivery & Setup

Enjoy hassle-free worldwide shipping and professional setup.

Eco-Friendly Options

: Choose sustainable furniture options to create a greener office.

After-Sales Support

Count on our reliable support team to ensure your complete satisfaction.

OEM Service

Benefit from custom manufacturing specifically tailored to your brand’s needs.

Mastering Craftsmanship: Our Office Desk Production Process

Explore the precision and dedication behind Boke’s office desks. Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring quality and functionality for modern workspaces.



Design & Conceptualization

Our creative team designs office desks with a focus on aesthetics and functionality.


Material Selection

We source premium, sustainable materials to ensure durability and quality.


Cutting & Shaping:

Skilled artisans meticulously cut and shape each component with precision.


Assembly & Finishing:

Components are carefully assembled and finished for longevity.


Finishing & Upholstery

Surfaces are sanded, painted, or varnished, ensuring a perfect finish.


Quality Control & Packaging:

Each desk undergoes rigorous quality checks before secure packaging for shipping.

Custom Solutions for Diverse Business Needs

Unlock Potential with Boke’s Comprehensive Office Expertise

Innovative Designs

We offer a wide range of innovative and stylish designs to suit any office environment, from modern to traditional.

Custom Fit Solutions

Over 50+ customizable options to adapt our designs to your brand’s specific needs.

Seamless Global Implementation

Effortless worldwide logistics and professional setup to deliver and install your furniture globally.

Sustainable Choice

We prioritize sustainability by using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, helping to reduce your office’s environmental footprint.

Signature OEM Expertise

Utilize our decade-long expertise in custom manufacturing to align furniture with your brand.

Premier Client Care

Enjoy personalized support and after-sales care, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our renowned 5-star service.

Streamlining Success: Our Work Process

We start with understanding your needs during a detailed consultation, setting the foundation for a project that truly aligns with your business objectives.


Our Process

Discovery Session

Initiate your project with a comprehensive consultation to deeply understand your needs and align with your business goals.

Design Innovation

Our designers transform your ideas into reality, presenting 3D mockups and offering extensive customization options to refine the concept.

Precision Manufacturing

We meticulously craft your furniture using high-grade materials, ensuring each piece meets our strict quality standards.

Efficient Installation

Conclude with swift delivery and expert installation, ensuring minimal disruption and transforming your space effortlessly.

Startup Workspace Evolution

Boke transforms startup offices with ergonomic furniture, creating dynamic spaces that fuel creativity and collaboration.

Corporate Headquarters Redesign

Boke reimagines corporate headquarters by blending elegance with practicality, setting new standards for executive environments.

Co-Working Space Collaboration

Boke designs co-working spaces with flexible workstations that foster connectivity and creativity among professionals.

Technology Workspace Comfort

Boke enhances tech workspaces with ergonomic solutions that boost comfort and productivity.

Legal Office Sophistication

Boke elevates legal offices by merging traditional style with modern furnishings for a sophisticated aesthetic.

Financial Services Style Upgrade

 Boke infuses financial service offices with sleek desks and storage solutions, enhancing both style and professionalism.

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