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Since 2013, Boke Furniture has been a trusted leader in diversified furniture solutions, covering office, outdoor, hotel, smart, and luxury custom furniture. Known for our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we serve a global market. Discover our premium, meticulously crafted range that meets international standards of excellence.

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Delve into our curated collection at Boke Furniture, where each piece is a perfect blend of quality, innovation, and style. From sophisticated office desks to elegant hotel furnishings and versatile outdoor solutions, discover furniture that transforms your environments and reflects your unique taste and needs.

Transforming Spaces with Boke Furniture

Innovative, Sustainable, and Customizable Furniture Solutions for Every Need

Who Are We?

Boke Furniture, established in 2008 in Foshan, Guangdong, China, provides high-quality, customizable, and sustainable furniture solutions. Our product categories include:

  • Reception area furniture
  • Lounge area furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Meeting room furniture

We serve wholesalers, corporate buyers, real estate developers, and importers, ensuring top-notch quality and functionality. With over a decade of expertise, Boke Furniture transforms spaces with innovative designs and practical solutions.

Our Products

Browse through our diverse array of meticulously crafted furniture pieces. Our signature collection showcases the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, designed to cater to your every need and elevate any space.”

Office Chair

Executive Desks

Smart standing desks

Office Desk

Outdoor Sofa 

Smart Sofa

leisure sofa

Outdoor Dining

Hotel Bedroom Furniture

Conference Furn

Outdoor Dining 

Lobby Furniture

Streamlined Services for an Enhanced Experience

Join us on a smooth and fulfilling journey with Boke Furniture. From the moment you reach out to us until the final piece is installed, our team is dedicated to offering you personalized assistance. We ensure every step in selecting and customizing your furniture is handled with utmost attention and precision.

Customized Consultation for You

Experience tailored consultations for businesses with our experts. We understand your commercial needs, guiding you through our business-suited furniture range for informed, brand-aligned decisions.

Business-Oriented Craftsmanship

Count on our artisans for furniture that meets business demands. We craft functional, aesthetic pieces for professional spaces, focusing on quality and detail.

Tailored OEM & ODM Solutions

Explore our targeted OEM and ODM services for businesses. We specialize in adapting and creating products that fulfill your business requirements and appeal to your customers.

Why Choose Boke Furniture? Quality and Service Excellence

Opt for Boke Furniture for top-tier, durable business furniture that combines smart design with functionality, boosting your workspace’s style and efficiency.

Our rigorous quality control process includes pre-assembly checks, drop tests, and detailed accessory inspections to ensure each piece meets our high standards.

Select from sustainable MDF and solid wood, featuring eco-friendly construction and waterproof finishes, all crafted with high-end accessories for unmatched quality.

Benefit from our expert design team’s personalized support to tailor furniture that fits your unique style and requirements.

Receive dedicated assistance through every phase, from design and sampling to production and updates, ensuring top quality and satisfaction.

Custom Fit

Expert Craftsmanship

Efficient Workflow


Smooth Workflow

Scalable Output

Efficient Make

Quality Materials

Supply Expertise

Expert Craft

Luxury Design

High Volume

Seal Your Success with Our B2B Solutions

Choose Boke Furniture for a B2B experience that delivers on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Our strong production capabilities, dependable supply chain, and attentive service are designed to meet and exceed your business expectations. Join us in a collaborative journey towards shared success and market growth.

Tailored Inquiry & Customization

Connect with our team to tailor products that fit your unique business needs. We ensure every item is perfectly aligned with your market demands and business objectives.


Assured Quality & Precision Production

Trust in our commitment to excellence. Our rigorous QA and advanced production methods guarantee each order meets the highest standards of quality and design.


Efficient Logistics & Timely Delivery

Rely on our robust logistics network for prompt and reliable delivery. We provide real-time tracking for your peace of mind and timely order fulfillment.


Dedicated After-Sales Support

Our relationship extends beyond the purchase. Benefit from comprehensive after-sales support, including customer service, warranty coverage, and necessary follow-ups for total satisfaction.

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