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Drive Brand Awareness with Our Enriching Packaging

Packaging not only protects your commercial furniture but also reinforces your brand identity and influences buying decisions. Your logo, company name, and graphics are professionally printed onto your custom packaging for maximum impact.

Boke offers robust packaging solutions tailored for various furniture types. Our use of high-quality materials ensures cost-efficiency and sustainability.

Different Ways of Packing

Choose from a wide range of value-added packaging options for superior protection during delivery:

  • Folded Packaging: Ideal for foldable furniture like folding chairs, which are compactly stacked together within a single package.
  • Knockdown Packaging: Suitable for disassembled short furniture, coffee tables, and chairs.
  • Packaging for Set: Large packaging that accommodates a set of chairs and tables in one box.
  • Packaging for Whole: For complete chairs and tables that do not require any assembly by the end user.
  • Stacked Packaging: Plastic packaging or bags cover your furniture to save space and allow for efficient use of boxes or other types of packaging.

Complete Furniture Packaging Protection During Shipment

We ensure your furniture pieces are safe during transport by using layers of corrugated paper, bubble bags, corner protectors, PU boards, and other packaging protection options.

To guarantee your furniture reaches you in excellent condition, we conduct thorough tests on our packaging’s protective qualities, including resistance to impact damage.

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