10 Years of Excellence in Crafting Premium Commercai Furniture


  • Established with a focus on global markets, Boke Furniture quickly became known for its dedication to quality and innovation in office and lounge furniture.
  • Introduction of Core Values — “Innovation Drives Us” and business philosophy “Quality in Every Detail”.


Gained reputation as a trusted exporter and manufacturer of premium office furnishings.

Expanded product lines to include ergonomic and modular office systems.

2009 Expansion

Focused efforts on expanding into new international markets, establishing distributors across Europe and Asia.

2010 Commitment to Excellence

Committed to becoming a leading brand in ergonomic and modern office furniture.

2011-2012: Strategic Developments

First participation in the “International Furniture & Design Expo”, showcasing innovation in ergonomic design.

2013: Innovation and Leadership

Became a leading brand for modern office solutions, recognized for innovative designs and sustainable practices.

2014: Brand Evolution

  • Rebranded to focus on holistic office solutions for contemporary workspaces.
  • Won multiple industry awards for design and sustainability.

2015: Surpassing Industry Standards

  • Recognized with the “Eco-Excellence” award for sustainable furniture designs.
  • Launched a new line of lounge furniture tailored for tech companies.

2016: Decade of Innovation

  • Celebrated a decade of design excellence with a series of limited edition furniture pieces.
  • Launched a new R&D center focused on material innovations.

2017: Attention to Craftsmanship

  • Received the “Design Pioneer” award for advancements in furniture ergonomics.
  • Introduced a new line of adaptive office furnishings.

2019: Meticulous Cultivation

  • Published first industry insights report, leading discussions on future workplace designs.
  • Expanded manufacturing to include facilities in South America to support growing demands.

2021 Expansion

  • New global headquarters established in Foshan, becoming a hub for international design and collaboration.
  • Launched a revolutionary line of smart office furniture at the “Global Design & Innovation Fair”.

2022: Building the Future

  • Set new standards for post-sale service in the furniture industry.
  • Introduced groundbreaking materials that redefine durability and sustainability in office furnishings.
  • Expanded the smart furniture collection, receiving accolades for innovation and design excellence.

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