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Since 2010, Boke excels in hotel and hospitality furniture, blending style with functionality. Our commitment to quality and innovation makes us the preferred choice for industry professionals worldwide. Discover our exclusive collection, embodying excellence in every design.

Revitalize Your Hotel Ambiance with Boke's Exquisite Furniture Collections

Boke stands at the forefront of hotel and hospitality furniture, providing comprehensive solutions for global wholesalers, developers, and importers. Our dedication to superior quality, bespoke designs, and eco-friendly practices distinguishes us in the worldwide hospitality sector.

Explore Our Signature Hotel and Hospitality Furniture Range

Elevating Guest Experiences with Style and Comfort

Discover Boke’s hotel and hospitality furniture, crafted to blend sophistication with ultimate comfort. Our curated collection enhances guest experiences, reflecting your establishment’s elegance and warmth. Embrace durable, stylish furniture solutions tailored for the hospitality industry.

Lobby Furniture

Pub Furniture

 Meeting Space Furniture

Recept Furniture

Bar Seating

Boardroom Furnishings

Guest Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Entrance Hall Furniture

Hotel Bedroom 

Patio Furnishings

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Crafting Exquisite Hospitality Environments

Embark on a smooth journey with Boke, from your initial contact to the exquisite final setup of your hotel or hospitality furniture. Our dedicated professionals are committed to providing personalized assistance, simplifying the selection and customization process for your unique needs.

Tailored Consultation for Hospitality Excellence

Receive custom consultations designed for the unique needs of the hospitality industry. Our specialists dive deep into your requirements, offering insights into our comprehensive collection of hotel and hospitality furniture, ensuring choices that elevate your brand and guest experience.

Exceptional Craftsmanship for Hospitality Spaces

Trust in the expertise of our craftsmen, who are committed to creating furniture that not only meets the functional demands of a business environment but also enhances its aesthetics. We focus on delivering quality and attention to detail in every piece.

Customized OEM & ODM Solutions for Your Establishment

Explore Boke’s customized OEM and ODM services, catering specifically to the hospitality industry. We specialize in adapting and innovating products that not only meet your specific requirements but also captivate your guests, making every stay unforgettable.

Elevating Hotel Spaces with Boke: A Symphony of Quality and Innovation

Choose Boke for hotel furniture that embodies elegance and durability. We transform hospitality environments into luxurious retreats, emphasizing our commitment to superior quality.

 Boke combines stylish design with durability, crafting hotel furniture that enhances any setting.

 Our expert design team offers tailored solutions that reflect your unique style and meet specific needs.

Crafted from sustainable materials like MDF and solid wood, our furniture features waterproof finishes and premium accessories for lasting use.

Enjoy comprehensive support from design to production, with stringent quality checks to guarantee satisfaction.

Custom Fit

Expert Craftsmanship

Efficient Workflow


Smooth Workflow

Scalable Output

Efficient Make

Quality Materials

Supply Expertise

Expert Craft

Luxury Design

High Volume

Showcasing Boke’s Expertise: Hotel Furniture Projects

Discover Hotel Elegance with Boke: A Fusion of Style and Utility. Our global projects highlight bespoke, elegant solutions for every hotel space. Explore our transformative impact in the hospitality industry.

Elevate Your Hospitality with Boke Furniture

Experience unparalleled service and quality with Boke, where your hotel furnishing needs are our top priority. From design inception to final installation, we’re committed to providing solutions that enhance your guest experience and brand image.


Initial Consultation and Planning

Begin with a detailed consultation to understand your vision and requirements, followed by strategic planning for your hotel and hospitality furniture needs


Custom Design and Prototyping

Transform your ideas into reality with custom designs. Experience our prototyping service to visualize your furniture before production.


Quality Assurance and Production

Rely on our strict quality assurance processes and state-of-the-art production techniques to create furniture that meets Boke’s high standards.


Delivery and Installation

Enjoy timely delivery and professional installation services, ensuring your furniture is set up perfectly in your hotel and hospitality spaces.

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