Elite Craftsmanship at Boke Furniture's Advanced Facilities

At Boke Furniture, we blend traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to create furniture that perfectly meets your specifications. Our state-of-the-art facilities handle everything from crafting with MDF boards and timber to using advanced plastics, and overseeing ironwork, painting, spraying, and packaging—all under one roof.


Innovative Technology for Efficient Production

Our facilities are equipped with cutting-edge machinery, including welding, cutting, printing, punching, and leg shrinking equipment, allowing for streamlined production across all our product lines. This setup not only facilitates mass production but also minimizes complications, enhancing our operational efficiency.


Specialized Labor for Increased Productivity

To optimize the large-scale production of our furniture, we implement a clear division of labor across our workshops. Each segment— from injection molding to hardware processing—is managed by specialized teams dedicated to their crafts. This organization helps accelerate production times, ensures precision in our processes, and guarantees on-time delivery of our high-quality furniture.


Precision and Affordability

Skillful Manual Welding:

Our manual welding services are performed by skilled artisans who ensure precise control over every piece, resulting in exceptionally durable furniture. Ideal for custom orders, our team of 20 expert welders is always ready to meet your unique furniture needs.


Refined Manual Deburring Process:

We utilize precise tools in our manual deburring process to perfect each furniture part, ensuring stability and safety for long-term use. Through meticulous deburring and strict quality inspections, we eliminate any imperfections, delivering clean, safe, and reliable furniture.

Meet Our Master Craftsmen

Alex Chen brings over 22 years of precision welding to Boke Furniture, where his expertise in joining metals with exceptional accuracy is critical to our product durability. His passion for quality has garnered international praise, helping to uphold Boke Furniture's global reputation for excellence.
Alex Chen
Senior Welding Technician
Marco Zhang excels as a deburring expert at Boke Furniture, where he applies his extensive skill to refine each furniture piece. Drawing inspiration from natural elements, Marco ensures that every product has a flawless finish, contributing to the beauty and safety of our furniture.
Marco Zhang
Lead Finish Specialist
James Liu, a youthful and driven master carpenter, has crafted high-quality furniture for Boke Furniture for over a decade. With a deep understanding of material properties, James specializes in creating both contemporary and traditional pieces that combine durability with aesthetic appeal.
James Liu
Master Carpenter

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