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Fabric/PU Furnishing

Proper Adhesive Application for Firm Support

To ensure the backrest of our chairs is stable and secure, we apply proper adhesive onto a new foam or batting. Boke can achieve an ergonomic seating experience that provides superior lumbar support and comfort.

Does your client require a backrest cushion with a specific thickness and density? Fortunately, Boke’s customization service allows you to set how much foam or batting goes into your chair. The service we offer includes a sampling based on your project budget.

Speed and Precision in Cutting Fabrics

Two leading-edge fabric-cutting machines efficiently create several workpieces within seconds. Furthermore, the process is computerized to ensure the accuracy of our fabric cutting. Boke can complete upholstery work on tables and chairs for bulk orders within the expected deadline thanks to our automated furniture cutting equipment.


Professional Mechanical Sewing Capabilities

Boke utilizes four cutting-edge sewing machines that can apply intricate patterns on each chair upholstery, giving them unique decorative designs. The computerized sewing mechanism ensures the embroidery is accurately integrated onto a large number of chairs & tables without compromising on speed. In addition, the stitches we use ensure a strong connection between the foam and fabric and the furniture.

Innovative Fabric Cover Options

Extensive research of market trends and recent technological advances allows us to carry an extensive library of fabrics that come in different materials, colors, and patterns. Our rich selection of fabrics for your custom chair will help you satisfy specific requirements and achieve your business goals.

Safe and Dependable Upholstery Tacking Methods

To create a smooth and clean edge for the upholstery, Boke utilizes cardboard, metal, and flexible tacking strips. Cardboard tacking strips are suitable for keeping fabric/PU materials in place while metal tacking strips prevent noises caused by friction. The various tacking methods we employ ensure the upholstery will be secured onto your chair for a long period.

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