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Metal Furniture Manufacturing

For Smooth Edges

Precise Automatic Laser Cutting

Laser pipe cutting efficiently completes work within a single step due to advanced programming, saving more time for mass production and lowering costs. Our machines provide automatic cutting precision of 0.1 mm, far superior to traditional manual cutting and outdated machine precision cutting.

We have 8 CNC automated laser cutting machines that ensure high precision, resulting in no burrs produced for smoother surfaces and enabling better welding later on.

Efficient Automated Welding

Ensuring Metal Stability

For quick and continuous work, we use an automatic welding process handled by our Panasonic and OTC automatic welding robots. These robots strengthen our metal furniture for long-term stability, smoothing edges and accelerating mass production without requiring constant monitoring or deburring.

Protective Coating and Treatments

With advanced technology, we form structures from metal and coat them with plating, powder, and spray paint for greater corrosion resistance. Along with rust and impact protection, our treatments give metal surfaces more smoothness and uniformity, adorning our furniture with a glossy, beautiful look.

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