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Boke is a Large Volume Office Furniture Manufacturer, and Global Distributor Focused on Providing Stellar Quality and Lightning Quick Delivery Time

Boke Furniture was founded in 2001. Since then, we have grown into an office furniture manufacturer that is trusted worldwide. We have two decades of production experience.

We are an office furniture manufacturer based in China. The company has been successfully doing business in the furniture industry for 20 years now and offers a large range of office furniture products.

We produce high-quality office furniture and deliver it to wholesalers and brands around the globe. Some of these products include but are not limited to:

Professional Office Chair Manufacturer

The BOKE office chair supplier usually works with high-volume orders. The volumes of our sales are usually larger than 500 items per order, and we feel at home in the B2B environment.

We are an office chair supplier that is comfortable with delivering high volume orders globally, which is reflected in our client history. We want to become a leading office chair supplier in China, and provide reliable and competitive office chairs in B2B for global customers,
Our strengths

Boke office chair suppliers can handle deliveries around the world, and our portfolio shows it.
Our clients include:

  • Wholesalers
  • Brand owners
  • Traders
  • Import specialists



If you’re looking for the best office chair manufacturers out there, at Boke Furniture, we have got your back with full factory control and very affordable prices.

Brand Owners

If you’re a brand owner looking for your favourite office chairs suppliers, you’ll find that our OEM service, sky-high quality standards, and short term lead time are more than palatable. With Boke office chairs suppliers, you’re always going to be one chair in front of your competition.


We produce and manufacture the best office furniture, and we have been doing so for over two decades. We cooperate with importers of office chairs and can offer a high-end product at a reasonable price.

Formwork Provider & Builder

Our trademark office chair manufacturers’ one-stop workplace seating solution will help corporations save time and money through streamlined design, manufacturing, fabrication, and assembly.

Buy office chairs in bulk from office furniture supplier

A team with 20 years of office furniture suppliers and design experience

When we started in 2001, we were just an office chairs suppliers company working with wholesalers and traders. Since then, our office furniture supplier has expanded into ODM and started working with hypermarkets, specialized stores, and business brands.

BoOKE office furniture suppliers currently employ 150 technical workers. Each of them went through thorough training and had years of experience working for us.

Our R&D team is continuously looking for ways to improve our services and the quality of our products. BOKE office furniture suppliers are also collaborating with prominent local designers and expanding our talent pool beyond our in-house employees.

BOKE office chair supplier is an ambitious, modern, customer-oriented office chairs supplier that focuses on providing customized services to their clients at affordable prices, and that’s what keeps us ahead of the competition.

Office Furniture Suppliers With High effectiveness

1-7 days delivery

Our shortest one-day sample ship

Our shortest one-day sample delivery is a significant advantage of our office chair supplier, because of our strong supply chain support, our office furniture supplier maintain long-term cooperation with suppliers of cloth, hardware accessories, injection molding upstream, our  office furniture supplier are their VIP partners, and our warehouse inventory can also support the quick completion of sample list in one day


office furniture suppliers with 20000 stock

The office chair supplier warehouse area of BOKE office chair supplier industry is 12000m2, the production line is perfect, the production facilities are complete, and it has a certain production and storage capacity.

The office chair supplier holding a certain amount of inventory is conducive to adjusting the imbalance between supply and demand, maintaining the balance and stability of the production process, ensuring the timely and rapid delivery, avoiding or reducing the economic losses caused by a shortage of supply delay to enterprises and customers.

There are more than 20000 finished chairs in office furniture suppliers stock, and the products in stock are generally in conventional color black, which not only meets the needs of the public, ensures that customers maintain the appropriate inventory quantity, and satisfies customers’ order demand as much as possible, but also responds to various changes, plays an emergency and buffer role in maintaining the continuity of production process, making production uninterrupted and providing stability for the sales department.

The Latest Market Trend

At Boke Furniture office furniture suppliers, we’re well aware of the latest and most prominent trends in the current market landscape. We’re going to provide you with the best that the industry has to offer through the latest styles, features, and design options.

Even when following new trends, BOKE office furniture suppliers don’t sacrifice quality, design, and features – all of our chairs are carefully built around your needs, ideas, and the ergonomic requirements that make the workplace go round.

Custom design based on customer requests

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Our office furniture supplier team of designers works closely with homeowners, contractors, and builders to provide designs that fit the customers’ vision based on the dimensions they provide. We provide CAD drawings free of charge.

After completion, BOKE office furniture supplier will submit them to customers for a review, and provide customers with suggestions on selection, color, scale, cost budget, space layout, etc.

High-value Production

As humans, our office furniture supplier usually associates the right item with a hefty price tag. At Boke office furniture suppliers, we pride ourselves on being office furniture suppliers that work for the people. We will provide you with office chairs with the latest technology, high-end fabrics, and trendy accessories at an affordable price.

Office chair manufacturers need to take note of ergonomics – and that’s why all of our products follow a strict ergonomic standard, ensuring maximum comfort, durability, and the sheer joy of sitting in our chairs.

Our Advantage

Massive Stock to Ensure Perpetual Product Availability

Product availability is what separates Boke office furniture suppliers from other office furniture suppliers. That’s why we have established a stockpiling warehouse that covers 12,000 square meters. BOKE  office furniture suppliers can always have products that are in demand. Our warehouse contains more than 20,000 chairs at any given time. All this ensures that deliveries go on without any delay.

Unparalleled Reliability

Boke office furniture suppliers were founded in 2001. Since then, BOKE office chair suppliers have grown into an office furniture manufacturer that is trusted worldwide. We have two decades of production experience. our office furniture supplier has grown from a small company focused on mesh chairs and developed into an all-encompassing office furniture manufacturer. Today, we have more than 150 technical workers.

Flexible prices for our services

BOKE office furniture suppliers have some of the lowest prices in the industry. Our office chair supplier focus is on providing affordable prices to all of our customers, be they traders, middlemen for brand owners, and wholesalers while keeping our products on a high level of quality and competitive compared to the rest of the market.

Lightning Fast Delivery Time

We have determined that we need to be very fast when it comes to delivery. That’s why we worked hard to establish a strong supply chain for product delivery.Our 1-day sample delivery is made possible through a VIP relationship we have with our office chair suppliers and our well-stocked warehouse. The maximum time needed for the delivery is 7 days.

Office Furniture Suppliers Standardized inspection and swift sample production

19 individual tests are performed on our products to meet the BIFFMA testing standard. This includes strength testing and fatigue testing of chair backs, impact testing of armrests, and pressure testing of chair foot – to mention a few.

We ensure that all the items office furniture suppliers in our facilities meet the domestic and foreign production standards, including BIFMA, SGS, ISO9000, etc.

office furniture suppliers’ quality control applies to special customized products requested by clients.

Since office chair suppliers implement PMC production management and control, we ensure that each link in the production chain is highly efficient. This allows Boke office furniture suppliers to be shipped within seven days at most.

With BOKE office chair supplier, you can be sure that the products we deliver are always high quality and that our shipments are delivered quickly. If you are looking for an edge over your competition, then look no further.

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