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Boke has been setting standards in office furniture since 2010. Renowned for quality, innovative designs, and customer satisfaction, we are the go-to choice for wholesalers, developers, and importers globally. Explore our premium range, showcasing Boke’s commitment to excellence.

Elevate Your Workspace with Premium Office Furniture from Boke

At Boke, we pride ourselves on being the leading office furniture supplier and manufacturer, offering end-to-end procurement solutions tailored for wholesalers, traders, real estate developers, company owners, and importers. Our commitment to quality, customization, and sustainable manufacturing sets us apart in the global market.

Explore Our Premier Office Furniture Collection

Crafting Comfort and Productivity for Your Workspace

Dive into Boke’s office furniture, designed for innovation and comfort. Our collection boosts productivity and style, fitting modern business needs. Experience adaptable, quality furniture solutions

Ergonomic Chairs

Coffee Table

L-shaped Desks

Executive Chairs

Standard Desks

Office Sofa

Conference Chairs

Stand Desks

Lounge Chairs

Office Shelves

Folding Table

Office Sofa

Office Furniture Solutions

Optimize Your Workspace with Boke’s Comprehensive Office Furniture Range

Ergonomic Conference Chairs

Enhance comfort and productivity with our ergonomic office chairs. Choose Boke for stylish, supportive seating that fits every office need.


Office Desk

Our office desks blend functionality and style, providing the perfect workspace. Elevate your office with Boke’s sleek and practical desks.

Standing Desk

Support your posture and boost productivity with our adjustable standing desks. Transform your workday with Boke’s versatile solutions.

Storage Furniture

Organize your office with our durable and stylish storage solutions, including cabinets and shelves. Optimize your space with Boke’s smart storage options.

Meeting Room Furniture

Equip your meeting rooms with high-quality tables and chairs that foster collaboration. Create the perfect environment with Boke’s specialized furniture.


Lounge Area Furniture

Combine comfort and sophistication with our lounge area furniture. Enhance your office lounge with Boke’s inviting and stylish pieces.

Reception Area Furniture

Make a great first impression with our elegant and functional reception furniture. Elevate your reception area with Boke’s premium designs.


Soundproofing and Privacy Solutions

Ensure privacy and reduce noise with our innovative soundproofing solutions. Achieve peace and productivity with Boke’s advanced options.

Tailored Services for Office Furniture Excellence

Empower Your Workspace with Boke’s Specialized Expertise

3D Free Design Consultation

Experience your office layout before implementation with our detailed 3D modeling services, ensuring every detail is perfect.

Custom Tailored Design

Transform our office furniture designs to align with your brand identity, offering over 50 customization options to meet your specific needs.

Seamless Global Delivery & Setup

Enjoy hassle-free global logistics and professional installation services, ensuring your office furniture is expertly set up wherever you are.

Eco-Conscious Choices

Choose from our extensive range of eco-friendly furniture, with 75% of our products designed to support sustainable practices without compromising on style.

Expert OEM Services

Leverage our ten years of custom manufacturing experience to create office furniture that perfectly reflects your brand's ethos and vision.

Exceptional Client Support

Experience unparalleled client service with dedicated support, expert guidance, and comprehensive after-sales care to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Streamlined Services for an Elevated Business Ambiance

Embark on a seamless journey with Boke, from your initial inquiry to the installation of your final piece. Our dedicated team ensures personalized support, making the process of selecting and customizing your office or restaurant furniture effortless and precise.

Customized Consultation for Your Business

Benefit from bespoke consultations tailored to your business needs with our experienced specialists. We delve into your specific requirements, guiding you through our extensive range of office and restaurant furniture to make decisions that resonate with your brand identity.


Business-Oriented Craftsmanship

Trust in the expertise of our craftsmen, who are committed to creating furniture that not only meets the functional demands of a business environment but also enhances its aesthetics. We focus on delivering quality and attention to detail in every piece.


Tailored OEM & ODM Solutions

Discover the advantages of our specialized OEM and ODM services designed for businesses. Boke excels in customizing and developing products that meet your specific needs while appealing to your target audience, ensuring your furniture selection is as unique as your business.

Why Partner with Boke? Superior Quality and Service

Choose Boke for business-grade furniture that merges exceptional design with durability. Our pieces elevate professional spaces with functionality and style, showcasing our dedication to excellence.

We ensure quality through extensive checks at every stage, including pre-assembly trials and drop tests, ensuring top-notch products every time.

Our expert designers collaborate with you to tailor designs, ensuring each piece meets your specific preferences.

Our furniture features eco-friendly materials like MDF and multi-layer solid wood, enhanced with waterproof finishes and premium accessories for unmatched quality.

We offer personalized support from design to delivery, quickly addressing any issues and keeping you informed throughout the process.

Custom Fit

Expert Craftsmanship

Efficient Workflow


Smooth Workflow

Scalable Output

Efficient Make

Quality Materials

Supply Expertise

Expert Craft

Luxury Design

High Volume

Office Furniture Projects" module, here's a suggestion

Elevating Workspaces with Boke: Where Innovation Meets Function. Our worldwide projects showcase custom, efficient office solutions. Discover our role in transforming professional environments.

Seal Your Success with Our B2B Solutions

Choose Boke for a B2B experience that delivers on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Our strong production capabilities, dependable supply chain, and attentive service are designed to meet and exceed your business expectations. Join us in a collaborative journey towards shared success and market growth.

Tailored Inquiry & Customization

Connect with our team to tailor products that fit your unique business needs. We ensure every item is perfectly aligned with your market demands and business objectives.

Assured Quality & Precision Production

Trust in our commitment to excellence. Our rigorous QA and advanced production methods guarantee each order meets the highest standards of quality and design.

Efficient Logistics & Timely Delivery

Rely on our robust logistics network for prompt and reliable delivery. We provide real-time tracking for your peace of mind and timely order fulfillment.

Dedicated After-Sales Support

Our relationship extends beyond the purchase. Benefit from comprehensive after-sales support, including customer service, warranty coverage, and necessary follow-ups for total satisfaction.

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