Material selection

the procurement of materials such as wood, mesh, and fabric. It also involves checking and marking natural defects (e.g., imprints, perforations, and creases) on the materials to remove them from the cutting range.

Frame construction

A Sihoo factory worker bends 14-gauge steel tubing using a hydraulic-powered machine to create the bottom cushion frame. S-shaped steel springs are also attached to the office chair seat frame for a flexible suspension system. Next, a skeleton frame of the seat’s back, constituting a spine lumbar support and armrest attachments, is constructed. The stage ends with the joining of the seat and back frames.


 the primary material designated for a particular chair model is cut with precision to fit the measurements provided. The foam for the backrest and base also gets cut to fit the chair design. Our sewers then sew the material and foam together using a heavy-duty sewing machine that ensures straight lines and even needle distance. The seat frame is then upholstered, completing the upholstery stage.

Final assembly

A worker in the assembly workshop screws the hydrophilic cylinder mechanism to the seat base to enable chair height adjustment. Next comes the attachment of an aluminum base to the cylinder base and the fastening of casters encased in plastic shells into slots in the aluminum base

Quality Inspection

BIFMA is a non-profit trade association for business and institutional furniture manufacturers. It develops and caters to the ongoing maintenance of furniture comfort, safety, sustainability, and durability standards. All Sihoo office chairs meet BIFMA standards by passing tests such as seating durability test, backrest strength test, armrest strength test, tilt mechanism test, chair base durability test, leg strength test, footrest durability test, among other tests. So you can be rest assured any Sihoo ergonomic office chair you purchase will be of superior quality.

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