We started out as an OEM company that focused primarily on office chairs manufacturing. From there, we evolved into ODM, providing design as well as manufacturing services and adding a plethora of new products to our production line

The company now had an R&D department, and we also started collaborating with top local freelance designers just to keep things fresh. We became an office chair supplier capable of creating custom branding on product documentation and packaging as well as creating custom furniture based on customer requests, which added a whole other dimension to our services.

We modernized our management and digitized our internal and external communication. We added industry-standard office software and management tools that are now synced using cloud technology.

We provide B2B office furniture manufacturing services for businesses worldwide, including business brands, specialized stores, and hypermarkets, as well as previously mentioned wholesalers and traders. Our product lines include training chairs, desk chairs, office sofas, and other products.

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When you’re looking for wholesale office chairs, you want to have a high-end product. Our chairs follow strict product R&D and innovation code, which allows us to create products that remain fashionable, beautiful, and comfortable for years.


We will ensure that our customers have accurate tracking of their products. That is why at Boko Furniture, we offer state-of-the-art ERP production software to track your product from the factory to your doorstep. 

The production of our chairs starts with our materials, which are also tracked and inspected upon arrival. After the initial arrival phase, all of the elements are checked to see whether they comply with the BIFMA certification standard, which mandates strict quality control.


There is nothing that we value more than quality. As the premium office chair supplier, we ensure that all of our products are tested according to the BIFMA standard. That includes the following tests:

  • Including Back Fatigue Test
  • Gaslift Test
  • Foam Test
  • Packing Carton Intensity Test
  • Seat Impact Test
  • Sponge Softness Test

Combining these tests allows us to make the best chairs and ensure their quality upon completion.


Professional wholesale office chair assembly experts at Boke Furniture have got your back if you’re looking to have your chairs assembled on sight. We can arrange for an installation team to come and assemble your chairs on location.


If you’re not there to inspect your order personally before we ship it, we will assemble a unit of every item you ordered, and we will photograph them for your convenience. Once we make the final inspection, we’re going to package it carefully using a multi-layer packaging procedure, which will ensure that your product arrives to fit your high expectations.

The top-of-the-line office chair suppliers at Boke Furniture are ready to design, manufacture, and ship your item in record time. The moment you submit your order, we’re prepared to determine a delivery date and relevant shipment details. We have a warehouse full of materials that await your unique request.

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