Cushioned bonded leather

We offer superb cushioned bonded leather for the best in office furniture. It allows for immense adjustable lumbar back support and gives off a serious, stern, and impressive impression – especially when complemented by chrome or wood details and accents.



The synched tilt mechanism offers a light and smooth recliner. It also allows a customized fit. You can adjust the angle and lock it anywhere between 90 to 150 degrees. This feature makes it the ultimate office partner that you can change from Work Mode to full-on Rest Mode whenever you like.


Durable and Sturdy

The strength of the mesh office chair starts with the base. The five-legged metal bracket gives just the right sturdiness. The silent pulley lets the chair move with ease while the superior pneumatic cylinder helps it withstand the max weight of 300 lbs.


Cotton Cushion

We have a high-quality cotton cushion, and we use 60-density native styling elastic cotton. With W-shaped seating, there will be no pressure on your body.


Ergonomic Armrests

These armrests are meant to promote a normal seating position. They align perfectly with the neck and spine. The superior-quality padding adds an additional layer of comfort. Plus, they decrease the pain in the arms after hours of sitting


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