The Elegant Leather Reception Chair with Durable Metal Frame and Armrest is among the most sought-after reception chairs in the market today. People prefer this reception or guest chair for the reasons that while it is budget-friendly, it comes in various designs and simplicity without compromising elegance and comfort. Coming from an esteemed office furniture manufacturer, this chair is guaranteed to be durable and made with the best quality of materials.

If you’re looking to leave a good impression to your guests while they sit and wait in the room then this chair will indeed bring about the desires of your heart. Although this chair comes from an office furniture manufacturer, it is not made with many advanced features which many modern chairs posses. However, it excels impressively in the areas of comfort, design, compactness, elegance and most of all – budget.

Leather Reception Chair, Black

Give your guests and colleagues an excellent and comfortable seating experience with this leather reception chair, black. It has a simple yet elegant professional look and style which leaves a lasting impression on those who see and use it. Its design perfectly matches any room aesthetics and mood. This chair is available in black color with Chrome steel finish for that sleek and neat look. This chair is created by an office furniture manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in the industry so you are sure that it is made with the highest quality.

Stylish Design

One thing that sets this chair apart from other office furniture manufacturer chairs is its elegant and simple look. While it is considered as a guest chair, the clean black leather padding combined with the neat Chrome steel and durable frame equipped with lumbar support makes this chair seem like an executive chair.


Black Bonded Leather Upholstery

The chair is designed with smooth black bonded leather upholstery covering the back rest and the seat itself for that extra level of comfort. The backrest is slightly bent backward to offer movement for the body when turning. Both armrests come with upholstered padding for cushioning comfort on the elbows.


Stable and Sturdy Base

The base is designed with a gripper or non-slip pad that provides stability for the whole furniture. This allows the chair to stay in place and provides the chair stability and balance.


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