Boke has been transforming outdoor spaces with our stylish and durable outdoor and patio furniture since 2010. Our commitment to blending design with functionality ensures we’re the preferred choice for enhancing outdoor living areas. Discover our range that brings comfort and elegance outdoors.

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Immerse yourself in Boke’s curated outdoor and patio furniture collection, where every piece harmonizes durability, innovation, and design. From comfortable and stylish loungers to elegant dining sets and weather-resistant decor, our selections elevate outdoor living. Explore solutions that transform patios into luxurious retreats, mirroring your distinctive style and outdoor aspirations.

Discover Outdoor Elegance with Boke 's Patio Collection

Step into the realm of Boke’s outdoor and patio furniture, where each piece is crafted with precision and designed for the great outdoors. Our exclusive collection marries robust functionality with aesthetic elegance, perfectly suited to enhance your outdoor living areas. Experience furniture that not only withstands the elements but also complements your outdoor lifestyle.

Modular Lounge Sets

Retractable Awnings

Outdoor Hammocks and Rocking Chairs

Flexible Garden Lounges

Extendable Sunshades

Garden Hammocks and Swings

Outdoor Lounge Chairs

Outdoor Dining Sets

Outdoor Bar Furniture

Versatile Patio Recliners

Patio Dining Furniture

Garden Pub Tables and Stools

Seamless Services for an Elevated Outdoor Experience with Boke

Start a hassle-free journey towards outdoor sophistication with Boke. From your first contact to the final setup of your furniture, our dedicated team is here to provide personalized support. We focus on detail and a personal approach throughout the furniture selection and customization process.

Bespoke Consultations Tailored to Your Business

Benefit from consultations customized to your business needs with our specialists. We navigate you through our selection of business-oriented furniture, aiding in making choices that resonate with your brand identity.


Craftsmanship with a Business Perspective

Rely on our skilled craftsmen for furniture that not only meets but exceeds business expectations. Our focus lies in creating pieces that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring each item enhances professional environments.


Customized OEM & ODM Services Designed for Business Needs

Discover our bespoke OEM and ODM services, crafted with your business in mind. We excel in modifying and innovating products to meet your specifications and delight your clientele.


Why Choose Boke? Excellence in Outdoor Furniture

Choose Boke for top-notch outdoor furniture that blends style with durability, uplifting business spaces with both elegance and functionality.

Boke ensures top-notch quality control, boosting your business’s profitability.

Collaborate with Boke’s designers for furniture that matches your vision.

Choose our eco-friendly luxury options for durable elegance.

Benefit from our focused, quality-driven customer support from start to finish.

Custom Fit

Expert Craftsmanship

Efficient Workflow


Smooth Workflow

Scalable Output

Efficient Make

Quality Materials

Supply Expertise

Expert Craft

Luxury Design

High Volume

Celebrating Boke's Craft in Outdoor Projects: Premier Hotel Furniture Creations

Experience the intersection of luxury and practicality with Boke’s worldwide hotel projects, showcasing custom, sophisticated solutions for hospitality spaces. Dive into our portfolio to see our role in redefining hotel elegance.

Crafting Success Together with Boke's Outdoor Furniture Export Process

Unlock Excellence with Boke: Choose Boke for a premium B2B partnership. We blend quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction with strong production, dependable supply, and custom services, aiming for mutual growth and market success.


Tailored Design

We begin with bespoke product designs, aligning closely with your brand to ensure uniqueness.


Assured Quality

Every Boke piece undergoes rigorous quality checks, guaranteeing excellence.


Timely Delivery

 Our efficient logistics ensure your orders arrive on schedule.


Dedicated Support

 Post-sale, we’re here to ensure your complete satisfaction with extensive support.

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