The design of a classroom has a more significant impact on students than most teachers and school admins tend to think. You may find that the traditional lecture room you have at the moment serves its purpose, but consider what an improvement in student performance would do for your class.

Chickering and Gamson had the first impact on classroom design after they produced a popular article titled “Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education.” School furniture was listed, along with the actual design of the classroom, as a contributing factor to either good or poor performance among students.

Since then, we have seen several studies detailing the effect of a classroom on the performance of our students. While that traditional design may allow students to study, it does not provide them with the most comfortable environment to study in.

  1. Size:W1060*D700*H1000mm(for 2 seats)
  2. Back & seat plate: Hot-drawn multi-layer board, surface pressed with the fire-proof board, PU sealing, 2 colors available for the plate. (Beech, cherry colors)
  3. Table plate: High-quality chipboard, surface pressed with the fire-proof board, PVC sealing, 2 colors available for the plate. (Beech, cherry colors); fixed or movable available.
  4. Frame&Leg:2.0mm thickness elliptical cold rolled steel pipe as in feet, and 2.0mm thick steel plate as in ridgepole and beam, go through polishing, anti-rusting, phosphine, spraying, and powder coating treatment. Or aluminum alloy leg, go through painting treatment.
  5. Seat recovery: Spring or gravity returning mechanism, reducing noise.
  6. Book-rest: Available, high-quality cold-drawn steel with surface treated by spraying.

School Furniture Design Character

In 2017, a research paper was published in the Journal of Learning Systems regarding the fact that the classroom itself affects student engagement, performance, and more. The research paper outlines the fact that traditional classroom designs are outdated – and do not match up with the expectations of students today.

The research paper explains that lecturers, principals, and other staff members at schools, colleges, and universities need to see the potential that school furniture may play in promoting better engagement among students. The paper also advises that classroom spaces need to be designed to promote a learning environment that encourages participation among the students.

With this in mind, it is time that you start taking a look at various factors related to the design, layout, and classroom space that your students study in. There are several ways to add more character to a classroom area – and sometimes, it is even possible to free up more space with just a few simple changes to the design.

The right school furniture, for example, can often help you achieve several goals when improving the design and layout of the classroom.

Guide To Select School Furniture

Choosing the right school furniture can be tricky. Looking for a school furniture manufacturer can be just as hard. You need a company to trust, while also ensuring the design will fit the expectations of every student who enters the classroom.

There are a few steps that you can follow to ensure the furniture you buy for the classroom has the student’s best interest in mind.

The first step would be to consider the students. Is this a secondary school, a university, or a training room for students studying part-time? Seminar seating is often used for training rooms, whereas different classroom furniture may become necessary for other settings. A standard school bench, for example, may be great for a college or high school environment. Special design for classroom tables may be required for university students.

The size of the classroom is another important factor to consider. If you have a lot of space available, then you will obviously have a larger selection of options to utilize. Even when space is limited, however, there are still options for adding a modern school desk for each student. Classroom Chairs and a school table can often be combined into a single bench – this can save a lot of space in a small environment.

There are also some facts about the furniture you want to buy that need to be taken into account. This include:

  • Material: Solid wood is a good option to consider when looking at the material used for school furniture. This is a natural material that is known to be durable. It lasts long and does not require a lot of maintenance, thus saving costs on the upkeep of the furniture too. Solid wood can be used to construct various kinds of school desks and tables. Side plates, cabinets, and other elements can be added with this type of construction.
  • Color: Depending on the children who will be using the desks, considering an appropriate color can be useful too. The wood material can be painted in a large variety of colors. This is a great option when younger children, such as preschoolers, will be seated on the furniture. For older children, however, a neutral or natural wooden color is a good option.
  • Function: Consider the function and convenience of school furniture too. Some offer very basic functionality – allowing the student to sit down on a chair and have a table in front of them. Others come with added features that make them more convenient for the student. This may include a cabinet underneath the desk. The cabinet offers the students some storage space.
  • Design: Taking the actual design of the furniture into account is important too. Consider whether the desk and chair feature an ergonomic design. They should be comfortable and functional at the same time.


Why Choose Us?


BOKE Furniture has over two decades of experience in dealing with classroom designs, executive offices, and furniture used in several other environments. This makes us experts in the area of furniture design – whether that is school furniture or items for a different type of environment.

As we have gained experience during the last two decades, we have noted how classrooms move from a traditional design to something more modern. As a trusted school furniture manufacturer, we not only have the tools available to produce the best chairs, desks, and other related items, but also the expertise to help in the decision-making process.

We are also able to provide your classroom with several types of furniture solutions. The average classroom we supply school furniture to is able to save about 25% on space – allowing students to move more easily to their desks, to the front of the classroom, or get out of the room once the lecture is over.

As one of the top school furniture suppliers, we ensure every item ordered is made to provide excellent quality and a supreme design – all while still offering our clients industry-leading prices.

Here is a quick overview of the design format we use for our school furniture – particularly the desks that your students will be using on a daily basis:

  • The seat is made from composite board to allow an easier shape. Hot pressing is used inside a special mold. The Fireproof board is then adhered to the composite board, along with PVC edge binding. This provides a durable seat with a thickness of up to 25mm – and one that is not going to fade.
  • The back of the seat is also made from a shaped composite board. We also use hot pressing to create a unique shape and adhere fireproof board for extra durability.
  • We use a fixed-type tablet that is made from high-density MDF material. You can then choose between a fireproof board or veneer to have adhered to the MDF.
  • The book net is made from a hot-pressed composite boar, as well as a fireproof board.
  • A footrest is added, allowing students to reduce fatigue in their legs. This footrest is made from high-quality steel material. We use pressure casting to create the perfect shape. Anti-electrostatic treatment is sprayed on afterward.
  • A return function is added to the seats, using a standard spring and steel frame structure. This reduces the noise produced by the seat.
  • We also use a fastening screw with a cylindrical head, along with an anti-electrostatic spray. The Allen key screw set provides better durability and rust resistance.

We work with you throughout the entire process, ensuring the manufacturing process takes your needs and the requirements of your classroom into close account. If you have a custom design in mind, we can also accommodate this through the development of molds that suit your preferences. This helps to create a more customized experience in the classroom. We also have several standard options that were pre-designed available, combining a traditional experience with a modern feel.

Apart from being an expert school furniture manufacturer, BOKE Furniture also ensures that all school furniture is delivered on time – ensuring students can enjoy the furniture without major delays.




School furniture and the actual classroom design seem to play a role in the performance, academics, and general comfort of the students. BOKE School Furniture, founded back in the year 2001, has been offering clients access to a wide array of furnishing solutions. We are considered a preferred option among the many school furniture suppliers, due to the expertise, along with the modern concept, we uphold when it comes to the design of chairs, desks, and other solutions placed in a classroom.

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