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Company profile

Boke Furniture is a reliable whole office furniture manufacturer founded in 2013.

At Boke Furniture, we pride ourselves on how we’ve grown as a company. Today, our factory has more than 150 employees at the Foshan plant, which covers an area of 12,000 square meters. We specialize in creating office furniture. We also have our own R&D team for all ODM/OEM projects.

Everything concerning Boke Furniture is done in-house. We have our module design engineers, fabrication factory, plastic injection factory, in-house spraying facility, and assembly/testing room located at our Foshan plant. Our factory can produce more than half a million pieces of office furniture every year, with a turnover of more than $10 million annually.

Affordable pricing without compromising quality

Boke Furniture’s B2B model, focused on high-volume production and efficient supply chain management, enables us to offer high-quality products at low prices. Our strategy of small profit margins and high sales targets wholesalers and brands needing complete office furnishing. Strong partnerships with suppliers of essential materials like cloth, sponges, and hardware ensure a steady production line. This results in better material costs, allowing us to maintain low prices and a well-stocked inventory of premium office furniture. Our Foshan plant, equipped with advanced facilities, produces over half a million pieces of office furniture annually, generating over $10 million in turnover.



Custom design based on customer requests

Understanding that our standard stock may not meet every client’s unique needs, we offer custom design services. Clients provide dimensions, and our designers create CAD drawings at no extra cost. Once designs are approved, we proceed to production, ensuring each custom piece meets our high-quality standards. Our consistent manufacturing is supported by reliable suppliers of raw materials like cloth, sponges, and hardware, enabling us to maintain a robust production line. This efficiency, coupled with our high-volume production, allows us to secure favorable material costs, resulting in competitive pricing for our customers. Our well-equipped Foshan plant, with a fabrication factory, plastic injection facility, and in-house spraying and assembly/testing rooms, produces over half a million pieces of office furniture annually, achieving a turnover exceeding $10 million.



VAS (Value Added Services)

Value-Added Services are incremental to the way we do business at Boke Furniture. The three pillars of our VAS are:

  1. Custom packaging and branding – Branded packaging and documentation for our products.
  2. Customized design and production – Color, scale, spatial layout, and other custom design choices.
  3. Delivery and transport – Freight forwarding, logistics, regional selection preference, customer clearance, and trade documentation.


Contact us for further details about our VAS, and we’ll be happy to explain how they fit into our overall offer.

Our Approach

At BokeFurniture, we’re happy to announce that we help our clients implement manufacturing solutions in their business, perfectly catering to their unique needs.

Before we do any actual work, we’re going to conduct a detailed analysis of our client’s business and technological challenges and then develop efficient solutions with unmatched value.

BOKE in figures

Modular service concept

2003 In-House Staffsand Workers

Machines Working at the Same Time

Production Line

sets per year- Office Mesh Chairs

sets per year- Office Leather Chairs


70000 sets per year- Office Training Chairs  

Client Retention Rate


Client Success Stories

See How Boke Furniture Enhances Workspaces Worldwide

"Partnering with Boke Furniture, China's leading furniture supplier, has elevated our corporate projects. Their commitment to excellence and superior craftsmanship sets them apart globally. Every piece delivered is a testament to their quality."
Diana Richards,
Project Manager, Denver
"Boke Furniture's exquisite designs and precision craftsmanship reflect their status as China's premier furniture provider. Their products consistently enhance the spaces I design, bringing both elegance and functionality."
Samuel Peterson
Interior Designer, New York City
"Choosing Boke Furniture was pivotal for our dynamic startup environment. As a top supplier from China, they bring innovative design and functionality that fuels creativity and efficiency in our workspace."
Maria Gomez
CEO, Tech Startup, San Francisco

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