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Best Clusters of Custom Home Furnishing Industry in China

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Guangdong to Jiangsu and several other cities have become the most commonly chosen destination for creating the production bases of custom home furnishing enterprises. You can find a difference in transportation costs, procurement costs, and talent management based on location. There are clusters of home furniture manufacturing industries. However, you can notice some distinct characteristics of the industry bases. Representative brand enterprises and development focus are different.

Places in China where you can find custom industry clusters and production bases

China’s customized home furnishing production bases mainly include the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai rim, and southwest China delta.

Still, the most popular one is the industrial base located in Pearl River Delta. This zone is highly concentrated due to innovations and rapid developments.

Another industrial custom home furnishings base is the Yangtze River Delta. The major part of the enterprises is related to upholstering manufacturing.

There is a faster growth of custom home furnishing businesses in the southwestern parts. It is because of good economic conditions which have encouraged several enterprises to that region.

The Bohai Sea region may not have several custom home production bases. But, some prominent brands have chosen this place to introduce new products.

You can now check the details of the most reputed custom home production bases.

1. Pearl River Delta Economic Circle

The major representative brand enterprises in this region are

  • Sogal
  • Homekoo Home Furnishing,
  • Kefan Furniture,
  • Snimay Home,

From a geographical perspective, this Economic Circle covers Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhuhai, Huizhou, Jiangmen, and several other cities. It is known as the biggest super metropolitan area in the world.

Pearl River Delta Economic Circle is advantageous because of good forestry resources, marketing talents, preferable supply chain configuration, and favorable geographic location. It has become the birthplace of the custom home furnishing sector in China. The national policy also plays an important role in making faster development.

2. Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle

The representative brand enterprises in this economic circle are

  • OLO,
  • Kefan,
  • ZBOM.

The provinces that are covered in this circle are Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shanghai. This circle is known as One Belt One Road. The highly developed Economic Belt plays an important role in making the Chinese economy stronger.

The major reasons for choosing this circle are a strong transportation network, urbanization, and an industrial base.

There are leading enterprises dealing with the home furnishing manufacturing base in the

Yangtze River Delta regions. Medium-sized and small enterprises are also growing at a rapid rate. Interestingly, you can also notice the proliferation of the smart home furnishing market due to the trend of using IoT. The production base of the Yangtze River Delta is also noticeable.

3. Southwest region

Representative brand enterprises in the southwestern region are

  • Macio
  • Quanu
  • Diamo

The geographical coverage of this region is Sichuan, Chongqing, and some other provinces. The southwestern region is advantageous because of better policies, panel furniture, rich resources, and artificial boards. You can also notice rapid economic growth in these provinces.

The southwestern economic circle is the major region where you could notice the original pattern of the development of custom home furnishing companies.

The increased consumption and more consistent effort of brands have resulted in a better market share. So, small to medium-sized businesses have tried to take advantage of it.

4. Bohai Sea Economic Circle

Boloni and QM Home are the common representative brand enterprises in this region. The circle covers a number of cities, including Beijing, Tangshan, Shijiazhuang, and Dalian. Both foreign and domestic investors have found hotspots for investments. So, it is the largest industry-intensive zone in the country. The major strong points are the 3D transportation network, capital circle, abundant resources, and technological potential.

In the capital city, Beijing, there is a large base of Bohai Rim production. That is why it has become the most prominent choice for brands dealing with custom home furnishings. Another notable fact is that there is growth in foreign economies. But, this region also has first-rated domestic custom brands to develop a big custom furnishings center.

Best 10 custom home brands

You can check the list of the top 10 brands associated with furniture customization.

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1. Oppein

Set up in 1994, Oppein has become the most reputed brand to deal with custom closets, wooden doors, bathrooms, windows, and metal doors. Thus, different parts of your house can be customized by this brand. The company provides you with a comprehensive solution, which includes modern integrated furnishings.

2. Quau Whole House Customization

It is another popular brand known for personalizing your home furnishings. It is highly committed to satisfying customers with the best-customized home solutions. Manufacturers of this brand highly focus on multi-functional spaces, balconies, entry zones, living rooms, bedrooms, dining spaces, and cabinets.


This company focuses on British fashion to design its products. So its origin was in the UK in 2005, and since then, it has been engaged in the research and development process of custom home furnishings. It also has production houses in Foshan.


TUBAO is a house customization brand focusing on the latest design trends. While developing the custom products, TUBAO ensures environmental protection. It implements the latest technology and maintains the highest quality of products. To grab a good position in the home furnishing sector, it adds colors and styles of different types.

5. Peng Hong PENGHONG

This company started its journey in 1997, and its product series includes artificial panels. It applies the best manufacturing technique to launch its products. That is why it has gained a high reputation as a custom home furniture manufacturer in China.

6. Kefan Custom

Minimalism is the major focus of Kefan, established in 2006. Based on this concept, it offers a personalized solution to home furnishing buyers.


The France-based company started its journey in 1981. Its products are mainly related to custom furniture pieces like closets.


It is another recognized brand established in 1998. The company specializes in the research and designing of closets. However, it also provides custom furniture for the study room, dining room, and bedroom. Moreover, its product series includes sliding doors of contemporary styles.

9. Behome

The famous brand provides custom furnishings that are best for Hong Kong-style homes. It has become the director unit of CCDA. Behome has a production base that covers 150,000 square meters. It has also invested in high-end production equipment.


Established in 2002, the company has gained a reputation as a custom home master. It has focused on home customization processes. You can buy personalized wooden doors, closets, curtains, cabinets, and finished products.

These are the best industry clusters for cluster home furnishings in Chiina.

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