According to psychologists, a well decorated office can boost the employee-satisfaction which results a far more efficient output from them. The employers, based on the concept, are now setting up their office with all the necessary furniture items to maximize the output from their employees. To help it out, office furniture manufacturers have come-up with unique ideas from design to durability of each of the furniture items.

Unlike other furniture items, a chair is often considered as the most fundamental furniture item for an office environment. Because it’s where an employee or the employer spends most of his day time working for that organization. Therefore, it’s essential to have chairs which could provide maximum comfort and support the lower-back of its users. Out of all the office furniture manufacturer, Boke furniture, one of the most renowned names in Chinese marketplace, had come up with a proper solution to it a very affordable price range. In the article, multiple factors will be explained in brief which, in fact, motivated me to buy one of the “Boke office-chair” for my office.

What were the issues with my previous office-chair?

It’s obvious for a person that when he/she is uncomfortable with his/her present belongings, he/she would want to change it for better. That’s exactly what happened in my case. I had been using my past office-chair for around 3 years which was bought from local office-chair manufacturer. That chair had fake micro-swings which irritated me over the entire period of my usage. The foam on the chair lost its spongy feel in the very first year and I had to use a pillow and cushion to make the seat comfortable. The foam cover was torn down easily which wasn’t expected out of a $200 office-chair. Moreover, the chair couldn’t be carried while traveling or shifting to a new place. And finally, it was an old-fashioned chair.

What factors motivated me to buy a new “Boke office-chair”?

Like every other individual, I also did a lot of research on finding a suitable chair from within my budget limit of $200. There were lots of office-chair manufacturers in the marketplace. But what came to me as surprise is that I found a suitable one within 100 bucks with all the suitable features in it. And manufacturer was none other than the famous “Boke furniture”. However, I’m going to tell you briefly about each of the factors in the later part which, all together, motivated me to purchase a wonderful “Boke office-chair”.


While opting to have a comfortable office-chair with all the unique features, sometimes price isn’t the only point of concern. Despite that, if that furniture item is available within an affordable price, it always sends a welcoming message to its interested buyers.

2.Comfort & flexibility:

Since an employee or an employer at a corporate office has to spend most of his day sitting on a chair, comfortable sitting arrangement has become an important parameter for job satisfaction. At a “Boke office-chair”, there is a reclining seat with nice mesh & breathable fabric. The cushion beneath the fabric isn’t too soft or too hot. As a matter of fact, its user can sit on it for a longer period of time without feeling any discomfort. The reclining back of this chair will allow a mild swing making its user feel like he’s into a slow moving pendulum.


This office-chair from Boke has got wheels under it which are smooth as butter. You can move around with this chair with a very little effort. In addition, it has got adjustable handles which could be fixed at a preferred position. And a height swivel look under the seat makes it easier to adjust the comfortable height for its users. One of the most unique characteristics of this type of “Boke office-chair” is its dismantling feature. It can be dismantled and packed in a small cartoon within a couple of minutes which makes it easier to carry to different places.


This chair has a got a firm structure from top to bottom. It has got a separate top part that supports the head, a wonderfully curved middle part which supports the upper and lower back perfectly, and a comfortable seat to sit on. The whole chair is supported from the bottom of the seat with a cylindrical shaped rod which absorbs all the pressure from top and distribute it perfectly across the bottom legs of it. And at the end of the legs, there are wheels which are made of durable plastic fibers which would definitely last for a couple of years on day-to-day uses.

5.Medical safety:

“Boke furniture” engineers each of its furniture items in such a way that it ensures medical safety. The office-chair manufactured by Boke isn’t also an exception. It gives proper supports to the lower and middle back of its user perfectly. Because, if the reclining seat doesn’t balance the backbone perfectly while a user is sitting on it, it will slowly damage the lower back, and then gradually the upper back. And thus, the person will move towards a long term backbone problem.


Although for most of the users, design isn’t a top priority, for the people with aesthetic sensibility, design of a chair is still being considered as an important factor to decide on. From the point of view, this “Boke office-chair” will certainly be a good inclusion to his furniture list. This one is pleasing to look at. Even for a YouTube host, this type of chair could add a worthy appeal to his decoration set.


At the end of whole story it can be said that, even if a chair is one of the simplest of the furniture items or equipment in any interior decoration of a corporate-office, the choice making isn’t that simple. So it’s the buyer who must know about the user’s quality requirement about chair before proceeding to buy it for his/her office. In addition, it’s recommended to the buyers to purchase office-chairs from Chinese manufacturers since they have always been a step ahead of the world in this business segment. Because they offer quality items at an affordable price range. Boke furniture, a China based furniture company, has been at the forefront of business for a longer period of time, specifically in the category of “chair”. So interested buyers can have a check on both quality and price range offered from “Boke Furniture” before finalizing their decision.