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The business landscape for Office furniture manufacturers and office furniture suppliers in China.

The furniture products production industry in China has been growing steadily in the last 30 years. This is evident in a steady growth rate of 17% from 2006 to 2016 witnessed in the industry; driven by export-oriented strategy of China’s reform and partly by domestic demands. Currently, China is the largest exporter of furniture products, a position once occupied by Italy.

There are thousands of office furniture manufacturers from popular brands to small companies operating in China. The hubs in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, West, the Bohai Rim Economic Regions, and others are leading the packs of furniture production industrial zone responsible for this sustained growth.

Each one of these furniture production hubs has their advantages and area of specialization. However, as China’s strategy shifts from export orientation to a focus on domestic demand, the Midwest area is making its presence felt as more office furniture manufacturers are moving their businesses there as well.

The Pearl River Delta office furniture manufacturers.

The Pearl River Delta comparatively has the highest concentration of furniture manufacturers’ hubs in China, The pull for a lot of the companies is the availability of abundant natural resources, technical know-how, and labor resources. It is also home to some of the most innovative, advanced companies. Shenzhen is at the heart of innovations within the furniture industry in this zone.

Due to all these advantages, over 70% of China’s furniture production companies have operations in the Pearl River Delta economic zone. Naturally, a lot of the office furniture manufacturers operating in China have also made a home here.

In terms of localization of industry, the Shunde District of Foshan City is an integrated base of furniture producers, office furniture suppliers, sales outlets, matches, and wholesalers in the Pearl River Delta. Lecong Town has become a relatively large office furniture supplier center in the southern region, and Longjiang Town is important for the production of furniture products and supporting materials

Total output from the hub in the Pearl River Delta accounts for about 1/3 of China’s furniture products. Also, due to its relative price advantages in the office and kitchen furniture products ranges, this hub is the key office furniture supplier for the American market.

The role of the Yangtze River Delta Industrial Zone in furniture production

The Pearl River Delta economic zone furniture production hub is followed in furniture production by companies operating in the Yangtze River Delta Industrial Zone. This area is also known as the East China furniture industry zone with major production coming out of Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang. The hubs in the Yangtze River Delta enjoy a clear advantage in the production of quality furni

The furniture production hubs also have a huge domestic market due to localization in Shanghai, the largest Chinese metropolitan area in the Yangtze River Delta area. With increasing urbanization and the movement of young and trendy people into the urban area, there is a clear path to growth for the furniture products manufacturers working in this region in the future

The manufacturing hubs in the Pearl River Delta are key office furniture suppliers to the American market, while the Yangtze River Delta Industrial Zone also exports to America, as well as Europe. Yangtze River Delta Industrial Zone also serves a huge domestic market in China. With production in Pearl River Delta, the two hubs control two-thirds of the market share in office furniture production in China

The Yangtze River Delta Industrial Zone’s furniture products parade office furniture names like the Hangzhou office furniture and Anji swivel chair. Outdoor furniture like the Xiaoshan export outdoor furniture and others like Wenzhou modern plate furniture; European classical furniture; Shaoxing soft mattress; Yiwu and Huzhou mahogany traditional furniture; Ningbo kitchen cabinet furniture; Haining export sofa furniture and Jiashan export solid wood furniture amongst other products.

Northern China Economic Zone

Another industrial zone for the production of Furniture products is the Northern China Economic Zone. This encompasses the industrial areas around the Bohai Sea as the center, this economic zone also covers Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, and other places.

In terms of expertise, furniture production here uses classic Chinese engineering techniques to produce furniture products made entirely without nailing or gluing. This traditional Chinese furniture use ancient interlocking joint technique because nails are liable to rust and glue may come apart, and shorten the lifespan of the furniture. So, furniture is made the classical line. This is renowned for their quality, especially when made from top-quality wood

Comparatively, furniture production companies in this zone benefit from their enterprising nature, and from local demand and demand from the export market. This production hub produces for the teeming populations in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, and other places. The rise in rural-urban migration in China has seen more young people moving from rural areas to cities. These are ready markets for the furniture products coming out of these hubs. constitute a huge target market for these producers.

In terms of furniture products specialization, the furniture production companies in this hub are specialized in the production of Ji Style Furniture; Wuyi Ming and Qing Dynasty Furniture World in Hebei Province and Xianghe Furniture City

The Northern China Economic Zone furniture products are famous all over the country, and they are also a veritable source of export to the Southeast Asia furniture market.

Eco-Friendly Furniture of the future.

As China moves into the future, there is an increasing awareness among furniture producers and their clients about the impact of their products and purchase respectively on the environment. This awareness is driving the demand for Eco-friendly furniture products and options

The concept of Eco-friendly is key to the sustainability of our planet. The importance has been stressed by both the consumers and producers alike. The producers are increasingly moving towards the production of chemical-free Eco-friendly office furniture and the consumers are also willing to pay extra for these products.

The Chinese government is not unaware of this drive towards the production of more environmentally sustainable office furniture and has since introduced legislation in 2015 known as the Environmental Protection Law’. With the new law, more and more office furniture manufacturers and office furniture supplier companies are becoming more environmentally conscious and now use formaldehyde-free products on their furniture to protect both the environment and their customers.

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