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Classroom furniture is an integral part of creating a successful learning environment for students. Flexible and comfortable furniture designed to support and integrate learning is the key to enabling a dynamic teaching atmosphere. Whether you are setting the classroom up for high school teenagers, primary children, teachers, or university students, the kind of furniture you pick is incredibly essential for their success.


School Furniture Overview


Not all school furniture manufacturers tend to design furniture that is different from office furniture, but it must be. Office furniture is entirely different from school furniture, and it must look so as well. So what is the main difference between school and office furniture, and what needs more attention when it comes to school essentials? Read on below to find out.


How To Pick School Furniture?


  • Style

The biggest difference between office and school furniture manufacturers is the style. There are many different styles of school furniture, but whatever one you choose, you need to consider their safety. High-quality school furniture helps in boosting children’s concentration and also reduces their misbehavior. School furniture is not supposed to come with sharp tips and edges.

  • Color

When it comes down to color, we recommend that you avoid the use of dark colors. The reason behind this is that dark color leads to laziness and makes it difficult to concentrate. It also makes you focus more and puts more strain on your eyes. No matter what age the students are in, university, or primary, the color must emit freshness and have a natural look.

You can opt for a cherry and beech color, which gives off a lovely and fresh vibe. Color also has a huge impact on your mood, so you must choose vivid and bright color combinations. Many school furniture suppliers tend to create furniture with bright colors.

  • Eco-friendly

Children are the future, and they need good mental and physical health to flourish. Therefore, we advise that you purchase furniture, such as chairs and desks, that are eco-friendly. This ensures that there is no health hazard to them, and they can work safely in a breathable environment.

Apart from avoiding the use of hazardous substances such as flue, paint, and auxiliary substances, environmentally protected materials are also needed. School furniture suppliers and school furniture manufacturers should ensure the use of eco-friendly materials and also take care of the environment.

  • Structure

When making school furniture, school furniture manufacturers should keep in mind that students are of all ages, bodies, and sizes. Thus, desks and chairs must humanize their design and take into account the development of students.

When it comes to buying school furniture, you must keep in mind the ergonomics.If you choose the wrong kind of chair, then the kids will suffer from extensive back pain. Also, keep in mind that the height of the chair should match the height of the table; otherwise, there will be a problem in shoulder development. So when purchasing furniture, schools must pay attention to the structure and humanize the design as that their students have the right sitting posture.

  • Convenience

Schools should create furniture while keeping convenience in mind. This consists of keeping in mind the little things such as a small groove or tent on the board where students can place their pen without dropping it on the ground.

Another thing to look out for is folding table panels. These are very handy for bulky students. Moreover, dust-proof protection is another ideal feature as it keeps the furniture safe when it is not in use during the summer and winter holidays.

  • Arrangement

When investing in furniture for universities, the arrangement is a very important factor to consider. University classrooms have a large area and are designed for plenty of people, and their main feature is that the floor is raised and designed in the form of steps.

The farther away the platform is, the higher the floor number it has. Therefore, the arrangement of seats is essential and must take into account the width of the steps, their number, pillars, and other obstacles.

Arranging furniture in the right way is essential; here’s what you need to do!


1. Number of Arrangements


There are two main ways of arranging the seats in every row. These seats must meet any of the two requirements:

  • Long Row Method

If the room you’re adjusting in has an aisle only on one side, then one row should have a maximum of twenty-five seats. Similarly, if there are aisles present on both sides, then the number of seats can be increased to fifty seats.

  • Short Row Method

In the short method, when there are aisles present on both sides, there should be a maximum of eleven seats. If there are aisles present on both sides, then the number of seats will double to a maximum of twenty-two seats


2. Spacing Of Row

The spacing between row distances, which is the distance between the back and front row, should meet the following two requirements.

  •  Long Row Method

The hard chair, which is the solid wood chair, should not be less than 1.00m, whereas the soft chair which is the chair padded with fabric for comfort must not be less than 1.10m. Step-type ground row distance must be increased as seen appropriate, and the horizontal distance from the back of the chair to the noticeable part of the back row shall not be less than 0.50m.

  •  Short Row Method

When it comes to the short row method, the soft chair should not be less than 0.90m, and the hard chair shouldn’t be less than 0.80m. You can adjust the step type ground row distance accordingly while keeping in mind that the horizontal distance from the back of the chair to the prominent part of the back row should not be less than 0.30m.

However, if there are immovable things along with pillars and air conditioners, you can’t place your seats here. Also, if you are unable to layout the site, then we provide you with free door-to-door measurement of the size. Our main aim is to provide you with valuable customer service and aim to meet our users’ needs and ensure they have no complaints.


How To Choose School Furniture Stair Chair?


Universities and school campuses purchase stairs chairs in a unified way. Many campuses come to school furniture manufacturers to purchase them since the style and features of the chairs and desks produced are varied, and their selectivity is not high all the time. School furniture suppliers also assist in helping you find the best furniture for use.
Moreover, when you go to the furniture factory, you can feel the quality of the material in your hand, keep an eye out for the manufacturing process, and ask questions for your peace of mind. Once you touch the material and understand how it is manufactured, you can easily choose the right kind of stair chair for your classroom. Read on below to find the features you should look out for before visiting school furniture suppliers to shop for a stair chair for your campus.

1. Design of the Step Chairs and Desks

When choosing the chairs and desks’ design, you need to keep in mind that they help the students focus and understand more clearly. The seat pan must be at a normal length and not very long as this will catch you from behind your knees and will also not let you lean your back for lumbar support. There must be at least a 0.5-inch gap between the back of your knees and the edge of the seat pan.

Furthermore, the pan must be long enough to give you comfy support at three-quarters of the length of your thigh. Most chairs come with a waterfall front that has a curve and prevents the seat from catching you from behind your knees. Also, another thing to focus on is that the edge of the pan should be contoured and soft to sit on so that it doesn’t put pressure on your buttocks and thighs. This is where school furniture manufacturers and school furniture suppliers tend to put their focus.

At Boke, we keep in mind all these things and provide you with a comfortable working chair and desk. The corners of our desks are contoured to ensure the utmost safety of the students.

2. Solid Seat Plating

The base material on this chair is made from a premium quality board that is multi-layered and hot-pressed over one another. It has a beech color and is also fire-proof and very safe to use. Also, the thickness of the base is around sixteen millimeters, and is sealed with PVC.

This stair chair is not the only firm to grab but is strong, durable, and incredibly atmospheric. It comes with an ergonomic and concave design that allows the student’s buttocks to fit in naturally and supports their weight. All of this leads to long sitting hours that don’t make the students tired and drowsy.

3. Flexibility for Comfort

Students have different ages and body types, so the furniture must have the flexibility to adapt and allow them to pass without any issue. For this reason, we make stair chairs that are incredibly comfortable and adjust to the student’s weight.

We have a movable platform panel that can be pulled in or out and even folded. This feature comes in handy when placing it in a small area. After collecting and folding the panel, space is cleared up, making it convenient for people to pass easily without hurting their sides and squeezing through.

You can get yourself a fixed writing board as well for students. These boards are fire-proof, 25mm thick, and two-layered. However, with a fixed platform, you need the size area to be large and not picky. Regardless, we ensure that both of these boards are durable and of incredibly premium quality.

4. Good Armrest design

An armrest is essential to these chairs because it not only allows you to relax but also releases all the pressure built in your shoulder. It makes sitting more comfortable and natural experiences, so our stair chairs come with a humanized design for the armrest that has a graceful arc model and is very smooth to use.

5. Aluminum Alloy Or Cold Rolled Steel Frame

Our furniture chairs are either made from cold-rolled steel frames or aluminum. Both of these materials are good for the long run. They are very durable and do not rust easily. After being sprayed on, they look gorgeous and beautiful. However, cold-rolled steel is generally used in larger classrooms as it can save you money. In contrast, aluminum alloy is expensive and used in small rooms, lecture halls, and activity rooms



Our main aim is to provide you with the perfect chairs and furniture for your classroom. You do not have to worry about anything because our team at Boke provides you with a free CAD drawing and ensures that your campus is filled with premium quality chairs that allow students to remain comfortable and active.

Furniture has a huge impact on the students, and we as school furniture suppliers and school furniture manufacturers ensure that it is designed properly. If not properly manufactured, it can not only ruin their posture but also make them sleepy and tired before the class has even begun. So make every decision regarding furniture carefully and let us assist you every step of the way.

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