How to select an ergonomic chair?

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To decorate an office, maybe a corporate type or a home-office type, one needs to choose the furniture items with extreme care. Because, furniture items don’t only serve useful purposes, but also take great care of the aesthetic aspects of an office. As a matter of fact, “interior designing” has become a serious point of concern to the office-owners. Chairs are one of the most fundamental furniture items in any form of official decoration, and therefore, they’re considered items of prime importance, for both office owners & office-chair manufacturers.


“Ergonomics” means something that serves efficiently in its respective field. From that point of view, it can easily be said that an “ergonomics chair” is a unique kind of chair that fits the sitting posture of its user perfectly. On a chair, a posture is said to be in a perfect or neutral position when the user’s feet are supported by the floor, hips are a bit above the knee level, and the spinal cord is wonderfully balanced over the user’s pelvis which provides enough support to lower-back, and two handles on both sides to support the hands. The chair also needs to offer maximum comfort to its user in order to be tagged as an “ergonomics chair”. Corporate professionals have to spend most of their time sitting on a chair, and that’s why they prefer a quality chair considering their health safety, and comfort features. To fill up the demand of the customers, office-chair manufacturers have also started to include both of these two features in their chairs.


When it finally comes down to choosing a perfect chair, people are often found to be confused or fuzzy to make their decision. In fact, it’s harder than it seems. There are a few key aspects to look for before making a decision in favor of purchasing a chair. Before moving on to that part, it’s necessary to know about different types of chairs. Considering the flexibility and comfort, office-chair manufacturers had divided the chair types into three major groupings.

They are-

1.Designer chair

2. Semi-adjustable chair

3. Fully-adjustable chair

A brief description of each of the three chairs is mentioned below.

  • Designer chair: A chair with a top-notch aesthetic appearance is termed a “designer chair”. Basically, it’s categorized based on its cool look. This type of chair doesn’t have any real adjustability. The only thing that can be done in this type of chair is to pull it upward or push it downward with a switch which is located usually on the left or right bottom part of the seat. Some chairs have features that offer “to and fro” movements, but most of them don’t offer this feature.
  • Semi-adjustable chair: Semi-adjustable chairs are those that offer the “to and fro” movement of the backrest in addition to the “Pull upward & push downward” feature. Most of these types of chairs don’t have the pleasing aesthetic look like the “designer chairs”. And that’s why it doesn’t qualify to be included in the special type of “designer chair” category. Semi-adjustable chairs offer a few unique features in addition to the “to and from” movement of the backrest which is its locking feature. This type of chair can be locked at a suitable height and the backrest position can also be locked.
  • Fully-adjustable chair: These are one of the most recent types of chairs available in the market, and office chair manufacturers customize them with almost every key feature required by the users. With this chair, it’s possible to move around since it has got wheels under it. Instead of the switches, this type of chair has got three paddles usually at the right bottom side. One of the three paddles is used to fix the height. And the other one is used to fix “to and fro” movements of the backrest. And the third paddle is used to fix the swing of the backrest within the arc limit. Technically, these chairs have the most advanced features. Most corporate office prefers these types of chairs for their employees, specifically, for the higher-ranked officers/professionals.

Before making a decision in favor of choosing any of the mentioned types, a buyer or a user must focus on key factors.

1. Considering medical issues like back pain or lower back pain since an unsuitable chair cannot only be uncomfortable to seat at, but it can also cause long-term damage to the spinal cord.

    2. Foam quality is another important key element to look for. Some people like to seat on soft foam, while others prefer a hard one. Choosing the wrong one could really be uncomfortable for its users.

    3. Office-chair manufacturers often a synthetic material or leather or simple fabric to prepare the foam cover. It should be chosen based on its durability, quality, texture, and most of all aesthetic appeal of it.

    4. Fully-adjustable chairs have wheels under them that allow mobility in moving these chairs. Poor quality wheels could resist this wonderful feature if it gets damaged easily.

    5. The quality of the paddle or lock can also be very crucial sometimes. If the paddle or the lock gets locked permanently at an unsuitable position, it offers great discomfort to its user. Besides, its user needs to spend a handsome amount of money just to fix it.


    At the end of the whole story it can be said that, even if a chair is one of the simplest of the furniture items or equipment in any interior decoration of a corporate office, the choice-making isn’t that simple. So it’s the buyer who must know about the user’s quality requirement for the chair before proceeding to buy it for his/her office. In addition, it’s recommended to buyers purchase office chairs from Chinese manufacturers since they have always been a step ahead of the world in this business segment. Because they offer quality items at an affordable price range. Boke furniture, a China-based furniture company, has been at the forefront of business for a longer period of time, specifically in the category of “chair”. So interested buyers can check on both the quality and price range offered by “Boke Furniture” before finalizing their decision.

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