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Thanks to our precise manufacturing and OEM customization, BOKE produces office chairs, desks, and Auditorium Seating appealing to global furniture markets and best suited for application in homes, hotels, shopping malls, workplaces, cafes, and restaurants.


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Type of office chairs we offer

Ergonomic Chairs

Executive Office Chairs

Leather Office Chairs

Computer Chairs

Conference Chairs

Big and Tall Chairs

Reception Area Chairs

Stacking Chairs

Auditorium Seating

Revolving Chair

Hall Seating

Stacking Chairs

Adjustable Seat Elevation, Back-rest Tilt & Headrest

The seat elevation can be easily changed up and down within 3.6 inches. Pull the modification bar external to turn the backrest, push in to lock the tilt position. 3 tilt angles to lock( 90 °/ 115 °/ 135 ° ).

Lumbar assistance

Lower back support in an ergonomic chair is extremely important. The back has an internal curve, and sitting for extended periods without assistance for this contour has a tendency to lead to slouching (which flattens the natural contour) and stress the structures in the lower spinal column.


Linkage Recliner

When you recline this office chair the linkage armrest can move with the backrest to make your elbow and forearm rest on the soft padded. you can also pull out the retractable footrest when you lie on the recliner to find your best position for a break or napping

Breathable Mesh Chair & Flip-up Arms

BOKE products are extra breathable, protecting against sweat from prolonged resting as well as heat. High-density and also top-quality German mesh fabric makes the pillow softer and also skin-friendly than other mesh surface areas. Flip-up armrests conserve even more room, making activities a lot more totally free.



Thanks to our distinctively made mechanism, this modern workplace chair is a lot more adjustable than mostly all workplace chairs on the market. you can be assured of locating the best comfy seating position just for you. 


Our unique workplace chair consists of flexible back assistance that enters and also out, up and down, and also a recline attribute that allows you to turn the back-rest back or sit directly. 

3D Armrest

These workplace chairs are developed with 3D multi-function armrests. The armrests go up and down, left as well as right, back and forth. The 3D armrests offer comfortable assistance for the arms with various resting stances giving the comfiest sitting placement for every type of body.


The beautifully shaped backrest makes your waist remain in an S-shape as well as avoids back pain while the weight on the lumbar disk is dispersed effectively. Constructed from nylon with breathable fiber, a cast powder-coated framework meets the BIFMA requirements.

Why Choose Us?

20 years of production experience

At the beginning of the BOKE business, it was engaged in OEM and deep processing business, specialized in wholesalers and traders. Now it has been expanded to brand businesses, specialty stores, and hypermarkets. Now we research, design, brand creation The R & D team has 5 people.


There are more than 20000 finished chairs in stock, and the products in stock are generally in conventional color black, which not only meets the needs of the public, ensures that customers maintain the appropriate inventory quantity, and satisfies customers’ order demand as much as possible.

1-7 days delivery

Our shortest one-day sample delivery is a significant advantage of our company, because our strong supply chain support, we maintain long-term cooperation with suppliers of cloth, hardware accessories, injection molding upstream, we are their VIP partners, and our warehouse inventory can also support the quick completion of sample list in one day

Flexible prices for our services

While the primary focus at Boke Office Furniture is office chairs, chairs for large venues, auditoriums, and furniture for schools, we also have supporting products in our repertoire.

Custom design based on customer requests

Our team of designers works closely with homeowners, contractors, and builders to provide designs that fit the customers’ vision based on the dimensions they provide. We provide CAD drawings free of charge.

Flexible prices for our services

Since we are focused on high volume production, we also order materials in bulk, which means that we can get better prices from suppliers. Our independent upstream suppliers have a long-term relationship with Boke and are always at our disposal.

Finding the very best Ergonomic Office Chair

Whenever you’re getting an ergonomic workplace chair and also whoever you’re buying it for, ensure these global criteria are met:

Upright Stance

Say no to any kind of office chair that causes you also a small amount of neck and back pain. Your back needs to always stay in its all-natural type when you rest and also the very best ergonomic workplace chairs will safeguard your upright posture. Back assistance is additionally critical, as it ensures that the natural curve of your back is safeguarded.


Complete Adjustability Office Chair

Each body is special, so an adjustable office chair is a method to go. Absolutely ergonomic workplace chairs have personalized features to match and sustain any type of physique. The headrest angle, armrest setting, back tilt angle, stress, seat tilt, as well as elevation, needs to all be completely adjustable to aid you find your comfort zone.

Workplace Chair Materials

When you’re considering office chairs to buy, you ought to constantly check out the materials. The backrest must be made from a breathable mesh textile. A mesh ergonomic chair ensures flexibility while still supplying strong support. You’ll additionally desire soft, resilient fabric for your seat padding, along with sturdy steel frameworks and high-grade plastic.

Long lasting Comfort

Your computer ergonomic office chair should provide top-class assistance while maintaining you comfortable throughout your working day. Your future self will thank you for investing in one made from premium materials such as supportive springs, flexible TPE, durable memory foam, as well as costs mesh covering.

Seat Elevation

Your seat needs to provide an elevation array that enables you to rest comfortably with your knees curved at a right angle and your feet level on the flooring. You’ll additionally want armrests that enable your arms to rest naturally at a 90-degree angle as you kind and also utilize your mouse.

BOKE Ergonomic Chairs

From the ErgoChair Core to the ErgoChair Pro, to the reducing-edge ErgoChair Pro+, you can’t fail with any one of BOKE’s high-quality ergonomic office chairs. These are your sidekicks, keeping you sitting conveniently as well as successfully throughout the day and also ticking off all the boxes of adjustability, longevity, high-grade products, as well as of course customizability for any type of work environment. So why should you consider getting an ergonomic workplace chair for your work environment?

What Are The Advantages of An Ergonomic Chair?

Upright Spine

Your spinal column is the core column of support for your entire body. It permits you to stand upright and also maintain equilibrium. Its all-natural contour acts as a shock absorber for every single step you take. An upright spinal column maintains all the inner body organs in position so they can work to their greatest extent, as well as allows the blood to distribute openly. A workplace chair with back support works as an assistant to your body’s central column.

Blood circulation

Poor stance can limit blood flow not only to parts of your back yet to the rest of your body too. This can have an effect on your performance as your brain needs a consistent supply of oxygen to work at 100% capability, and can eventually wear down on other inner body organs that do not get as lots of nutrients as they could be. Poor flow can ultimately result in embolism, in addition to heart disease. It’s important to make sure your blood can flow easily and also effectively throughout your body with an ergonomic workplace chair!

Poor Digestion

Over time, inadequate poses can have a harmful influence on your intestinal system as well as metabolic processes, making it more difficult for your body to process food as well as possibly causing nutritional deficiency and also even constipation. An ergonomic chair maintains you upright and aids your interior body organs to operate properly.

Limited Breathing

In addition to your digestion system, an inadequate stance can press your diaphragm, which is necessary for taking complete, deep breaths. These breaths are what allow the maximum quantity of oxygen to enter the lungs, which is then absorbed by the blood stream. If your breathing is stopped by your posture, your oxygen supply may be jeopardized. This, consequently, influences your brain’s capacity to process and also trouble solve throughout the day, and also raises exhaustion. Office chairs assist and keep you alert!


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