Modular College Classroom Desk and Chair Set

  • Versatile and foldable desk and chair set, ideal for college and classroom use.
  • Constructed from high-quality wood with a customizable melamine finish.
  • Perfect for dynamic educational settings requiring flexible furniture solutions.
  • Eco-friendly design, easy to maintain and assemble.

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Bulk Delivery Time

Less Than 7 days

Ergonomic Design

Humanized design


CNC Production Line


I Years Warranties


Multiple appearance patents

Easy Install

Quick Manual Installation

Product Details

Our Foldable College School Desk and Chair Combination Set is designed for versatility in educational environments, featuring a robust wooden construction adaptable to various learning spaces. The design incorporates a melamine surface that is available in multiple colors, offering aesthetic flexibility to suit any classroom or college setting. This foldable table and chair set is particularly suitable for classrooms, offices, and training facilities, highlighting easy storage and portability. The product is eco-friendly and comes with customizable options to meet specific educational needs.

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