High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

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Ergonomic Office Chair

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  • ERGONOMIC LUMBAR SUPPORT: Have back problems or do not want to create them? The adjustable lumbar assistance adapts to fit different body dimensions and helps in reducing pressure on the reduced back. This adjustable office chair includes flexible lumbar support and also a recline attribute that enables you to tilt the back-rest back or sit straight. Now you can quickly locate a position that makes your back feel the comfiest!
  • Flexible Headrest-An ergonomically curved headrest can supply more thorough assistance. The headrest readjusts up & down and also angles up & down to support your neck.
  • 3D Armrest- A flexible 3-directional armrest supplies your arms with an excellent height and angle. Soft as well as broader armrests are extra comfy for your arms.
  • 90 ° -135 ° Back: Turn. The seat’s recline can be adjusted from 90 to 135 degrees; picking 90 levels at the office can make you focus and unwind at 135 degrees.

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