Vertical Lift Television Stand with Remote Control

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Commercial Furniture, Home Use



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Less Than 7 days

Ergonomic Design

Humanized design


CNC Production Line


I Years Warranties


Multiple appearance patents

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Product Details

  • 1-Year Supplier Guarantee – This rugged, lightweight aluminum and steel-made install includes a restricted 1-year Producer warranty and friendly technical assistance to help with any inquiries or issues.
  • Vital Steel Building: Feel confident that your TV will undoubtedly be held secure and safe on this durable install that is four times stamina checked to sustain up to 77 extra pounds with ease. This stand is scratch-resistant and sturdy for resilient performance with steel and a lightweight aluminum building.
  • Easy Elevation Adjustment- Appreciate easy elevation adjustment with a smooth motor supplying a lift series of 38″ to 64.8″. This allows you to view your favored program at an ideal watching height that reduces eye pressure and eases tension on the neck, back, and shoulders.
  • Area Saver- This inconspicuous TV place is developed to fit inside furniture for a clean and organized look in your house, cinema or workplace. When the TELEVISION is not in use, press the remote button and also watch as the lift efficiently lowers the TELEVISION inside the cabinet


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