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Adjustable Headrest

It features a headrest with a practical design. It can easily be adjusted to fit your needs. Pick the height, angle, and enjoy a comfortable sitting experience.



This ergonomic office chair from the largest office furniture dealers also features 3D armrests that are completely adjustable! You can adjust the armrests up, down, forwards, and back. You can also rotate them slightly until you find a position that suits you!



The black grilled paint chassis is made of heavy-duty steel and has four planetary line control blocking. The swift nylon casters do not scratch the floor when you move the chair. Therefore, the attractiveness, durability, and comfort make this chair an affordable investment for low budget investors.



The synched tilt mechanism offers a light and smooth recliner. It also allows a customized fit. You can adjust the angle and lock it anywhere between 90 to 135degrees. This feature makes it the ultimate office partner that you can change from Work Mode to full-on Rest Mode whenever you like.


Solid Base

The wheels give a firm and steady base, handling a max of 300lbs. At the same time, they offer a full-on 360° rotation and movement, while still supporting the base. The casters don’t damage the floor. They provide smooth, noise-free rolling.


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