These high-end office furniture manufacturers have put in an excellent tilt feature that gives you a considerable range to adjust the chair to your liking. You can tilt the backrest as backwards as you like and can easily bring it back to the upright position as well. The tilt function allows you to recline your seat by up to 135 degrees.

In addition to tilting forwards and backwards, you can also use the cylindrical adjuster to control tilt speed! The height of the chair is also adjustable, using the same adjuster as the tilt function. The chair’s armrests can also be adjusted. You can choose to move them in all four directions (forward, backward, left, right) depending on your preference and the task at hand.

Multi-Adjustable Headrest

The headrest is also easily adjustable. You can choose to adjust both the height and the angle of the chair’s headrest. This is an excellent feature for reducing neck and shoulder pain, which is common in those that work long hours in the office. You can also remove the headrest if you don’t need it!

3D Armrests

This ergonomic office chair from the largest office furniture dealers also features 3D armrests that are completely adjustable! You can adjust the armrests up, down, forwards, and back. You can also rotate them slightly until you find a position that suits you!

While this feature may seem small, anyone who spends a lot of time sitting down knows how important it is to rest your arms in a comfortable position – especially when you’re using your hands to write or type.

Breathable Mesh

The mesh is lightweight and breathable, allowing for ample ventilation. Most office chairs use harsh materials, like leather or plastic coatings, to cover the seat’s back. Such materials can grow hot in the summer, and cause rashes and promote sweating. Hence, it is wiser to use a mesh-backed seat, which will allow air to flow through the seat and onto your back.

The materials used in this product allow for a unique, sleek look. This allows the office chair to fit in with any surrounding, especially those offices which are well-maintained and demand stylish furniture. This chair comes from a well-known revolving chair manufacturer and only creates stylish products.

Ergonomic Design

BOKE office chair manufacturer is proud to present this practical Lumbar Support with adjustable design. To add extra back support, the product comes with a mesh high back feature. It takes away all the pressure from the lower back and gives the user additional comfort. The head restraint can be fully adjusted so that the user can lean with ease. The positioning decreases muscle exhaustion and pressure.

Sturdy But Soft Wheels

The wheels on a chair say a lot about the chair itself. If the casters are high quality and lined with soft plastics or rubber, they won’t damage any surface they’re on. The best wheels on ergonomic chairs can seamlessly move across a carpet or hard floors without damaging them at the slightest.

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