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Finding the right house may seem like an ordeal, but personalizing your space after getting your house is a different ball game. In this post I’d be sharing with you my ultimate bedroom remodeling hack, “Custom wardrobes”, as well as dropping tips on the best way to shop for them and how to get the best Suppliers.

The Ultimate Bedroom Design hack

Have you ever started a project and in the middle of it begun to rethink your life choices? I get that feeling quite a lot of times, especially when I decide to get creative around the house. I like to call it remodeling anxiety!

I remember, staring at the space that would soon become my bedroom and wondering how I could make it feel a bit more personal. Of course, there are many ways to personalize your bedroom, but from experience, I’ve found a simple secret that could get your bedroom look awesome in no time. My secret- Custom wardrobes!

Apart from being a great way to maximize space, custom wardrobes are tailored to suit your unique lifestyle as well as add to the aesthetics of your living space. They also save you the stress of having to measure your home and check the measurements against the available designs at your local furniture stores. In my opinion, getting a custom wardrobe is a win any way you look at it.

Six (6) things to consider when selecting a Custom wardrobe Manufacturer & Supplier

Now that you have decided to get a Custom wardrobe, the next step is finding the best manufacturer for the job. Choosing the wrong person for the job can leave you feeling frustrated and cost you a lot of money.

The decision to work with a particular company can be daunting but I’m feeling quite generous today, so I’ll let you in on some of my shopping secrets.

Secret 1- Invite Many Bidders

Inviting many bidders helps you compare costs. You mustn’t get carried away by expensive price tags. An expensive bid may not reflect the quality of the wardrobe that will be delivered, nor is it proof of excellent service delivery. I would always advise going for an average bid, this is because low bids may be equally problematic.

Secret 2-Find out their minimum Order requirements

I love to ask questions. Questions help you understand what you can expect from a particular Supplier. Some of the questions you could ask include: “What are the minimum order requirements?”, “Do they retail to homeowners in need of a single unit?”.

Secret 3-Are they Certified?

Certification by a recognized body is more than a badge, it screams that the company cares about your health and safety. Look out for proof of any quality standard certificate such as ISO 9001.

Secret 4- How long is the Waiting Time?

I don’t like waiting too long! Long waiting times are a testament to a company’s manufacturing capabilities. Information about waiting times may be all you need to make an informed decision. It’s important to know how many units the manufacturer can produce as well as the number the supplier can supply.

Secret 5-What’s their measurement and design process like?

How the firm goes about its design and production as well as its ability to meet design specifications in terms of measurement can tell a lot about the company’s business processes. I love to check the reviews on a bidder before signing a contract, that way I get to see the experiences of others who have purchased a custom wardrobe.

Secret 6- How long does It take to process orders?

In my opinion, the shorter the time it takes for the custom wardrobe manufacturer or supplier, the better. This can also be gleaned from social media reviews.

I also like to check out the support the manufacturing company has, especially the presence of customer support teams.

Buying a Custom wardrobe from BOKE (2022)

One of my favorite online shopping experiences has been with BOKE. The steps on their site are clear and easy to follow.

Begin the process by submitting your design and drawing to the design team. A ready sales team would be available to respond to your inquiries. The BOKE team would carefully look through your design, evaluate it and optimize it. If your design is approved, you will receive sample versions, and the one that appeals to you the most would be selected. There’s also room for you to suggest changes.

Once your design is approved, contract papers would be sent to you. Once these are signed and payment made, production of your design would commence.BOKE packages your unassembled custom wardrobe and forwards them to your shipping company. You will receive your package within 25-40 days from the day the contract was initiated. On confirmation of receipt, your team can assemble with technical support from PA.

Everyone needs a bedroom that is both aesthetic and personal. With a custom wardrobe, you can have a two-in-one experience.

Let me hear what you think about getting a custom wardrobe online.

Have you gotten a custom wardrobe online before?

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