Are you looking for bathroom vanities for your home or business? There are different brands in China that offer bathroom vanities. But before you make that first purchase, it’s important to ask yourself some key questions:

  • Where can I buy bathroom vanities from in China?
  • What are the best bathroom vanities in China?

In our previous article, we discussed the top 10 kitchenware manufacturers in China. We hope the detail in that article will help you source good manufacturers.

This article aims to help you source quality bathroom vanities from China. Here, we highlight the top ten brands.

But Before we begin, let us discuss the regions in China with the main bathroom vanity industries.

1. Main Bathroom Vanities industry regions in China

There are three main regions where Chinese bathroom vanities come from. These include;

  • Guangdong (Foshan, Jiangmen, Chaozhou)

This region produces a full range of sanitary wares. These include hardware and ceramic sanitary wares. The production areas here include Foshan, Kaiping, and Zhongshan. There are other areas where production occurs in Guangdong, including Chaozhou.

Currently, the Guangdong region has the highest number of famous bathroom ware brands. This area also houses brands that produce top-quality sanitary ware. No other production area can compete with this region in industrial intensification.

  • Fujian (Quanzhou)
  • Zhejiang (Taizhou)

If product quality is your focus, source your sanitary wares from Guangdong. This region produces high-end and top-quality sanitary products.

But if budget is a deciding factor, you can head to Fujian and Zhejiang. These regions produce good quality bathroom ware at affordable rates.

  • Guangdong (Foshan, Jiangmen, Chaozhou)

Top 10 Bathroom Vanity Brands and Bathroom Suppliers In China

Are you looking to import quality bathroom vanities from China? Is budget a deciding factor? Are you looking for places in China where you can source affordable sanitary wares? Then this is for you. Here, we discuss the top 10 sanitary vanities brands in China. We also let you know attributes that make them stand out. Read on.

Top 10 bathroom vanity brands in China


About Brand

The Jomoo brand, founded in 1990, specializes in sanitary ware production. These include bathroom and kitchenware. Furthermore, This brand integrates all the levels of production to produce top-quality. It integrates scientific research, service, production, and sales. This makes them a one-stop-shop.

Jomoo has its headquarters in Nan’an City, located in Quanzhou, in China’s Fujian Province. It is a versatile brand with over 5000 high-end bathroom stores worldwide. It also has over 200000sales outlets worldwide. Jomoo remains one of the largest makers of sanitary ware in China. It is also one of the major suppliers of sanitary ware.

Cabinet Factory Detail

This brand has about 5000 innovative Tech teams. These teams have patented over 12000 Tech. The Jomoo brand also has 21 IF design items and 75 Red Dot Design awards.

With 25 subsidiaries, the Jomoo brand has over 10000 sanitary ware stores. There are also more than 300000 sales outlets located in 120 nations.

Brand’s Key Products

The kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom, whole house water system, balcony, ceramics, and stone.

Why Do We Recommend Jomoo?

Higold products are high-end quality products and are currently sold to 86 countries and regions around the world. Higold boasts of a well-established global sales network with hundreds of domestic city agents, and nearly 100,000 special sales terminal stores worldwide.


About Brand

The ARROW brand has eight functional production factories located in the Guangdong province. With two more factories under construction. Besides, the ARROW brand has ten production bases in China.

Founded in 1994, this Chinese brand is a large-scale production enterprise. More so, it engages in the production of building and sanitary ceramics. Asides from manufacturing, the ARROW brand also engages in product sales.

It produces home fittings ranging from ceramic tiles to bathroom and wardrobe fittings

Cabinet Factory Detail

The ARROW headquarters in Guangdong covers an area of 6,000 mu. The brand also has ten production bases within China. Besides, the Arrow brand has over 5,000 active service personnel. What’s more, it has 6,000 sales outlets in China.

Brand’s Key Products

Smart bathroom, ceramic tile, wardrobe, and custom home.

Why Do We Recommend Arrow?

ARROW is a household name in China whose influence has spread globally. It is a major brand for manufacturing building and sanitary wares in China. It also engages in the large-scale sales of sanitary ceramics.


About Brand

Kohler Brand, founded in 1873, is one of the largest family businesses in the United States. It is an American bathroom brand.

Founded in 2002, it has an Asian subsidiary, Kohler Investment Co., LTD. Kohler also has its Asia Pacific Headquarters located in Shanghai.

The products produced by this brand include kitchen and bathroom ware. It has furniture and interior decoration.

It is also in the hospitality sector. Kohler has standard golf courses and hotels around the world.

Cabinet Factory Detail

Today, the Kohler brand has over 20,000 employees in 50 factories worldwide. It remains a top brand in kitchen and bathroom fittings production worldwide. Its ‘elegant life’ concept makes them ideal for people of beauty and quality.

Brand’s Key Products

Its major products are faucets, toilets, washbasins, and other sanitary products.

Why Do We Recommend Kohler?

The Kohler brand remains one of the top makers of sanitary ware in China. It engages in the production of sanitary and building ceramics. It has strength and influence around the world.


About Brand

This brand has been in the Chinese market since 1994. It has its first sales brand in Shanghai Waigaoqiao – a free Trade Zone. Besides, It is famous worldwide for the production of high-grade faucets. It also produces kitchen basins and other kitchen and bathroom fittings.

It has a wide range of products. These include faucets, pendants, and kitchen basins. Moen products have users in a wide range of areas. Other areas include hotels, villas, rooms, and offices.

Cabinet Factory Detail

Moen Brand is an American Brand with offices in Shanghai and Beijing. It also has offices in Guangzhou and Chongqing. The Moen brand has a sales network that spans over 300 Chinese cities.

Brand’s Key Products

Its major products are kitchen Basin, faucet, and bathroom hardware accessories.

Why Do We Recommend Moen?

Moen products integrate beauty, art, function and excellent quality.


About Brand

FAENZA is into the large-scale production of sanitary wares and ceramic tiles. This brand, established in 1999, engages in the production of household wares. It is a renowned brand with great influence that reaches the far corners of the earth.

The FAENZA brand has a motive to unify art and life through its products and services. It aims to create consumer living spaces that double as high-grade art. Their products are always elegant

Cabinet Factory Detail

This brand has over 2,300 sales outlets. It also has over 170 authorized patents. There are 8 functional top-notch production bases. Two more production bases are being built.

Brand’s Key Products

Focus more on intelligent toilet covers, bathroom cabinets, and bathtubs, ceramic sanitary ware. More of its products and services include shower rooms, kitchen and bathroom faucets, and hardware pendants.

Why Do We Recommend Jomoo?

Higold products are high-end quality products and are currently sold to 86 countries and regions around the world. Higold boasts of a well-established global sales network with hundreds of domestic city agents, and nearly 100,000 special sales terminal stores worldwide.


About Brand

This brand is one of the major suppliers of high-end sanitary wares worldwide. Its products span both kitchen and bathroom wares. With Headquarters in China, it has branches around the world. BDC has both R & D and production factories in Vietnam and the United States. These production bases feature advanced Tech for production. Their first-class quality management system also helps ensure top-notch products.

Cabinet Factory Detail

This brand works with famous industrial designers in the production of their products. It also considers the environment during production. It produces using eco plates, eco lead-free brass, and other raw materials.

This brand uses the Original Homag CNC cutting machine imported from Germany. It also uses the pure glue full-automatic CNC edge sealing process. From Italy and South Korea, BDC imports advanced casting equipment. Japan provides the BDC brand with precision CNC finishing. BDC also offers other advanced production lines.

Currently, the BDC brand is one of the most modern production bases. Their factory covers 150,000 square meters. It also boasts of thousands of employees. The BDC brand with interests in R & D has three international standard labs. BDC is also a one-stop-shop, integrating R & D, design, production, and sales.

Brand’s Key Products

Sanitary ceramic, sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, leisure bathroom, and other related accessories.

Why Do We Recommend BDC?

It provides consumers with bathroom and kitchen wares that are safe and comfortable.


About Brand

Located in Foshan, the SKHL sanitary ware Brand focuses on making high-end products. Their products range from sanitary wares to bathroom vanity.

The Foshan SHKL sanitary ware CO., LTD, established in 2004, has three design centers. These design centers are independent of each other. It also has eight branches and three production bases.

The SHKL brand combines all areas of production, including R&D and marketing. This helps ensure their products reach the target consumers.

Cabinet Factory Detail

With more than five multi-brand ecological matrices, SKHL is a major brand in china. It is present in over 600 major provincial Chinese capitals. The brand also has more than 800 specialty stores in China.

Brand’s Key Products

It offers bathroom cabinets, shower room, toilet, ceramic sanitary ware, and hardware faucets.

Why Do We Recommend SKHL?

SKHL has a reputation for producing the best wooden bathroom cabinet.


About Brand

The Dongpeng brand merges all elements of production to ensure top-quality products. It combines design, R&D, production, sales, and service. Dongpeng offers products in a wide range of niches. These niches include ceramics, bathroom furniture, and intelligence. It also has products in the area of leisure and leading hardware.

Dongpeng has a production base in Foshan, Yongchuan, Jiangxi, and Guangdong. Other regions where it has bases include Jiangmen, Heshan, Fengcheng, and Chongqing.

Cabinet Factory Detail

Dongpeng has over 20 years of experience in the sanitary ware sector. It has over 1,500-star service outlets within the country. These outlets provide five-star services and sanitary home solutions. Over 20 million families worldwide attest to top-quality service by Dongpeng.

Brand’s Key Products

Sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, leisure bathroom, intelligent bathroom, faucet hardware, and kitchen hardware.

Why Do We Recommend Dongpeng?

It is a major brand in China’s Bathroom industry.


About Brand

Founded in 1994, SSWW is one of China’s leading sanitary ware brands. It has strength and influence worldwide. SSWW is into R & D as well as production and sales. It also services sanitary products.

Also known as Langjing Sanitary ware, this brand has outstanding achievements. These achievements spread across many sanitary areas. These include; an intelligent toilet and bathroom cabinet. It also produces hardware showers, bathtubs, and shower rooms.

This brand seeks to make families around the world comfortable. It does this by producing comfortable sanitary ware.

Cabinet Factory Detail

Within China, this brand has more than 1,500 outlets for sales of its products. It also has a perfect service network. This network aims to provide consumers with all-around service. Their services are always efficient and of high quality. This is why most Chinese love them.

Brand’s Key Products

The intelligent toilet, hardware shower, bathroom cabinet, bathtub, and shower room.

Why Do We Recommend SSWW?

SSWW is a leading brand in the production of comfort-oriented sanitary wares. It is also a top Chinese brand with influence spread worldwide.


About Brand

Established in 1998, HEGII is a leading sanitary ware brand in China. It is also into Tech, production, sales, and service delivery.

This brand owns several bases that aim to produce comfortable sanitary wares. Their products include; smart toilets, bathroom furniture, and show enclosures. It is also into the production of fittings, faucets, and ceramics.

Cabinet Factory Detail

This brand has an R & D center that covers all categories of production. This R & D center covers over 4,000 square meters. Their Labs have Accreditation from the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment. The HEGII brand has over 400 sanitary patented technologies. Identified as a water-efficient lab, Its production processes are eco-conservative.

The HEGII brand currently has over 3,000 service outlets within the country. Ensuring products get to consumers as to when due.

Brand’s Key Products

Ceramic sanitary ware, hardware faucet, bathroom cabinet, Intelligent products, and shower room.

Why Do We Recommend HEGI?

Their products make the use of sanitary ware comfortable for consumers. They include; Smart toilets, bathroom furniture, and ergonomic fittings and faucets.


Bathroom ware is an important accessory in homes and offices. Getting the right bathroom ware is the first step to a proper sanitary lifestyle.

There are many bathroom ware brands in China. This makes choosing the right brand a tad difficult. But with the top ten bathroom ware brands above, it becomes easy for you to choose