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10 Best Online Furniture Wholesale Brands In China 2023

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Why Buy Wholesale Furniture from China Online?

Potential of the Furniture Market in China

China is the world’s largest exporter of furniture, offering high-quality products at significantly lower prices than retail in other countries. Chinese manufacturers excel in producing durable, handmade furniture without visible screws or nails, often using premium wood. This makes China an ideal source for affordable, high-quality furniture.

Ample Supply of Furniture

China boasts around 50,000 furniture manufacturers, including many small to medium-sized businesses. Cities like Shunde in Guangdong Province, known as “Furniture City,” provide a hub for bulk purchases at discounted prices.

Ease of Importing Furniture

China’s strategic location near major ports like Hong Kong makes importing furniture convenient and cost-effective. The Chinese furniture industry continues to grow, with a projected annual growth rate of 7% from 2021 to 2027, making it a reliable market for wholesale furniture buyers.

List of Top 10 Online Furniture Wholesale Brands

1Boke Furniture2012 Custom designs, wide product range
2Quanu1986Eco-friendly, innovative options
3Ebery2005Modern designs, custom solutions
4Tubao1993Customizable, eco-friendly practices
5Penghong1997High-quality, diverse offerings
6Kefan2000Sustainable, innovative designs
7Suofeiya2003Quality craftsmanship, custom options
8Behome2007 Modern aesthetics, quality solutions
9Onmuse2004Functional, modern furniture

Innovative designs, custom solutions

1. Boke Furniture

Company Background

Boke Furniture, founded in 2012 in Foshan, is a leading manufacturer specializing in custom home furnishings. The company is known for its wide range of products, including sofas, cabinets, and outdoor furniture. Boke focuses on innovative designs and emphasizes comfort, aiming to meet diverse customer needs both domestically and internationally. They prioritize quality craftsmanship and sustainable practices, ensuring their products are not only stylish but also durable and eco-friendly.

Business scope:

  • Sofas and Sectionals
  • Custom Home Furniture
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Office Furniture

Recommended Reason

Boke Furniture’s dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes it a top choice for high-quality and customizable home furnishings.


Company Background

Established in 1986 in Chengdu, Quanu is a prominent supplier of custom home solutions. The company offers a wide range of products covering various home spaces, including living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Quanu is known for its environmentally friendly materials and innovative designs.

quanu furniture company

Business scope:

  • Panel Suite Furniture
  • Custom Cabinets and Wardrobes
  • Bedroom and Living Room Furniture
  • Sofas and Mattresses

Recommended Reason

Quanu’s commitment to sustainable materials and quality craftsmanship makes it a top choice for eco-conscious consumers looking for modern and functional furniture.


Company Background

Ebery, founded in 2005 in Foshan, is a leader in custom home furniture. The company focuses on cutting-edge design and technology, with a significant emphasis on the whole-house customization market. Ebery’s products are known for their contemporary style and high-quality materials.

ebery furniture company

Business scope:

  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Doors and Wall Systems
  • Home Delivery and Installation
  • Contemporary Home Furniture

Recommended Reason

Ebery’s focus on modern design and custom solutions makes it a preferred brand for those seeking stylish and tailored home furnishings.


Company Background

Founded in 1993 in Huzhou, Tubao specializes in R&D and the production of whole-house custom furniture. The company is at the forefront of technology and environmental protection, offering a wide range of customizable home furnishings designed to meet specific consumer needs.

tubao furniture supplier company

Business scope:

  • Panels and Flooring
  • Custom Cabinets and Closets
  • Doors and Windows
  • Home Furniture

Recommended Reason

Tubao’s dedication to eco-friendly practices and innovative design makes it an excellent choice for high-quality and customizable home furniture.


Company Background

Established in 1997 in Dalian, Penghong focuses on producing high-quality panels and custom home furnishings. The company has a robust R&D and production system, with facilities across multiple locations, ensuring a wide range of products and services.

penghong furniture company

Business scope:

  • Panels and Flooring
  • Custom Wooden Doors
  • Solid Wood Furniture
  • Home Furnishings

Recommended Reason

Penghong’s expertise in high-quality materials and custom solutions makes it a trusted choice for durable and stylish home furnishings.


Company Background

Founded in 2000, Kefan is a leading furniture manufacturer located in Foshan, China. The company specializes in providing high-quality custom furniture solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. Kefan is known for its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

kefan furniture suppier company

Business scope:

  • Custom Wardrobes
  • Home Furniture
  • Office Furniture
  • Kitchen Cabinets

Recommended Reason

Kefan’s emphasis on sustainable materials and innovative designs makes it a preferred choice for eco-conscious consumers seeking custom furniture solutions.


Company Background

Suofeiya, established in 2003 in Guangzhou, is a prominent manufacturer of custom home furniture. The company offers a wide range of products, including wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, and whole house custom solutions. Suofeiya is known for its high-quality materials and attention to detail.

suofeiya furniture company

Business scope:

  • Custom Wardrobes
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Home Furnishings
  • Whole House Customization

Recommended Reason

Suofeiya’s focus on quality and customization ensures that consumers receive durable and stylish furniture tailored to their specific needs.


Company Background

Behome, founded in 2007, is a leading supplier of home furniture and custom solutions based in Shanghai, China. The company emphasizes modern design and quality craftsmanship, offering a wide variety of products for different home spaces.

behome furniture company

Business scope:

  • Living Room Furniture
  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Custom Home Solutions
  • Modern Home Decor

Recommended Reason

Behome’s commitment to modern design and quality makes it a top choice for stylish and functional home furnishings.


Company Background

Established in 2004, Onmuse is a well-known manufacturer of custom home and office furniture. Based in Shenzhen, China, the company focuses on integrating modern aesthetics with functional design, producing a wide range of high-quality furniture solutions.

onmuse furniture company

Business scope:

  • Office Furniture
  • Home Furniture
  • Custom Solutions
  • Modern Decor

Recommended Reason

Onmuse’s integration of modern aesthetics and functionality provides consumers with practical and stylish furniture options for both home and office.


Company Background

HOLIKE, founded in 2002 in Guangzhou, is a leading custom furniture manufacturer specializing in whole house solutions. The company provides a broad range of products, including wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, and other custom home furnishings. HOLIKE is renowned for its innovative designs and commitment to quality.

holike furniture company

Business scope:

  • Custom Wardrobes
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Home Furniture
  • Whole House Customization

Recommended Reason

HOLIKE’s focus on innovation and comprehensive custom solutions makes it an excellent choice for consumers seeking high-quality and personalized home furnishings.

How to Buy Wholesale Furniture Online: The Ultimate Guide

BOKE Furniture provides comprehensive support for purchasing furniture from China. Here’s how:

How to Find the Perfect Furniture Manufacturer Online?

Finding the right furniture manufacturer online involves more than just a quick search. Here’s a streamlined approach:

  • Research: Verify the authenticity of manufacturers. Websites like Made-in-China and Alibaba provide listings, but it’s crucial to cross-check claims.

  • Key Questions:

  1. Is it a manufacturer or trader?
  2. How long has the factory been operational?
  3. Are there certifications available?
  4. What are the main products?
  5. Who are the existing clients?
  6. What are the pricing structures?
  7. Is there repeat business?
  • Quality Check: Assess product range, quality management, and compliance. Visit factories if possible to gather insights.

  • Client References: Contact current or previous clients to understand their experience with quality, customer service, and delivery.

How to Buy Wholesale Furniture from China?

  • Set a Budget: Define a clear budget to guide your purchasing decisions.
  • Conduct Research: Look for reviews and detailed information about manufacturers.
  • Consider Style and Design: Match furniture style to the target market or space.
  • Evaluate Quality: Assess craftsmanship and material quality.
  • Choose a Supplier: Establish a single point of contact for consistent communication.
  • Order Samples: Request samples to verify quality.
  • Negotiate Terms: Agree on pricing, order quantity, and delivery schedules.

Where to Buy Furniture Online?

  • Alibaba: A leading e-commerce marketplace for global wholesale trade.
  • DHGate: Connects B2B buyers with Chinese suppliers.
  • Lessohome: An O2O platform providing a wide range of furniture categories.
  • Chinabrands: Offers cross-border e-commerce solutions with a broad range of products.

How to Sell Furniture Online?

  • Pricing Strategy: Determine your pricing based on costs and market value.
  • Timing: Align your inventory with peak demand periods.
  • Competitor Analysis: Understand competitor strategies and market positioning.
  • Launch an Online Store: Use platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce to establish your online presence.
  • Product Photography: Invest in high-quality images.
  • Creative Descriptions: Write compelling product descriptions to enhance appeal.
  • Promotion: Utilize marketplaces and social media for visibility.
  • Choose the Best Suppliers: Partner with reputable wholesale suppliers for quality and competitive pricing.

Tips for Promoting Your Wholesale Furniture Store Online

  • Email Marketing: Use opt-in forms to collect customer information for follow-ups.
  • Social Media: Engage with potential customers on social media platforms.
  • Networking: Build relationships with industry professionals for referrals.
  • Coupons: Offer discounts to attract and retain customers.
  • Customer Service: Provide exceptional service to encourage repeat business.
  • Advertising: Use visually appealing ads with clear calls to action.
  • Special Offers: Provide exclusive deals to new customers.
  • Referral Incentives: Reward customers for successful referrals.
  • Gift Giving: Send gifts to new customers to encourage loyalty.
  • Limited-Time Offers: Use deadlines to create urgency for purchases.

FAQs – Wholesale Furniture

  • Where to Sell Used Furniture: Platforms like AptDeco, eBay, and Craigslist.
  • Cheapest Furniture Sites: Buying in bulk from Chinese manufacturers is cost-effective.
  • Is Online Furniture Purchase Possible?: Yes, but ensure you buy from trusted suppliers.
  • How to Ship from China: Use LCL or FCL shipping methods. Consider using a sourcing agent for smooth transactions.

How Can BOKE Help You Find and Buy Wholesale Furniture?

BOKE Furniture offers comprehensive services:

  • Background Checks: Verify the legitimacy of manufacturers.
  • Supplier Recommendations: Connect you with reliable suppliers.
  • Manufacturing Capacity: Audit factories for capacity and quality.
  • Quality Audits: Ensure product quality through systematic checks.
  • Best Pricing: Compare prices to get the best deals.
  • Negotiation: Assist in negotiating terms and contracts.
  • Secure Payments: Facilitate safe transactions.
  • Logistics Solutions: Provide expert advice on shipping and logistics

Wrap Up

Buying wholesale furniture from China is feasible with the right guidance and resources. BOKE Furniture offers expertise to help you navigate the process and secure quality products from reliable suppliers.

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