Top 10 Wardrobe Manufacturers in China: The 2024 Ultimate Guide

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China is a leading manufacturer and supplier of furniture products, including wardrobes.

This guide highlights the top 10 wardrobe suppliers in China, providing an overview of their products, services, and customer reviews.

Whether you’re a small business or a large retailer, this guide helps you find the right wardrobe supplier that meets your requirements.

Let’s dive into the world of wardrobe suppliers in China and find the best ones to work with.

List of Top 10 Wardrobe Manufacturers Brands

RankCompany Est.Features
1981Custom closets, furniture, CNAS-certified lab, 4 production centers
2OPPEIN 1994Whole house customization, high-end customization, extensive range
3QuanU1986Panel furniture, solid wood, eco-friendly, rapid expansion
4HOLIKE2002Whole house customization, closets, cabinets, integrated solutions
2004Custom whole-house furniture, tech-driven, extensive store network
6QM Home 1993Lifestyle, whole house customization, high-end products
7Wayes2003Custom whole-house furniture, design services, large team
8Linsy2007Internet furniture brand, diverse product range, big data operation
9TIANTAN1956Solid wood, panel, whole-house customization, diverse range
10M&Z1989Panel suite furniture, sofas, comprehensive solution


Company Background

SOGAL, established in 2003, is a prominent Chinese brand specializing in custom wardrobes and home furnishings. As an innovative leader in the industry, SOGAL has developed a strong reputation for its custom wardrobes and matching custom furniture that cater to individual needs. With seven major production bases across China, SOGAL ensures extensive coverage and efficient production capabilities. The company’s headquarters is located in Zengcheng District, Guangzhou. SOGAL is listed on the Shenzhen A-share market under the securities code 002572, reflecting its robust financial and market presence.

suofeiya furniture company

Business scope:

  • Custom Wardrobes
  • Whole-Home Customization
  • Custom Furniture
  • Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Recommended Reason

SOGAL’s dedication to innovation and quality has positioned it as a leading brand in custom wardrobes and home furnishings. Their extensive production bases and comprehensive brand matrix offer tailored solutions for various market segments, ensuring high customer satisfaction.



Company Background

Founded in 1994, OPPEIN is one of the largest cabinetry manufacturers in China and a pioneer in the industry. The company is renowned for its wide range of products, including kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and home furnishings. OPPEIN’s innovative approach has earned it a significant market share, both domestically and internationally. The company is headquartered in Guangzhou and operates several large-scale production bases equipped with advanced machinery.


oppein home-kitchen-company

Business scope:

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Wardrobes
  • Custom Furniture
  • Whole-Home Solutions

Recommended Reason

OPPEIN’s extensive product range and commitment to quality make it a preferred choice for customers seeking reliable and stylish home furnishings. Their focus on innovation and customer satisfaction ensures they remain at the forefront of the industry.


Company Background

QuanU, established in 1986, is a leading furniture manufacturer in China, known for its high-quality home furnishings. The company operates a vast network of retail outlets and production facilities, ensuring wide availability and efficient manufacturing. QuanU focuses on integrating environmental sustainability into its production processes, making it a socially responsible choice for customers.


quanu (1)

Business scope:

  • Home Furniture
  • Custom Wardrobes
  • Environmental-Friendly Products

Recommended Reason

QuanU’s commitment to environmental sustainability and high-quality products make it an excellent choice for eco-conscious consumers. Their extensive network and efficient production capabilities ensure a reliable supply of stylish and durable furniture.


Company Background

HOLIKE, founded in 2002, specializes in custom home furnishings and has quickly become a leading brand in China. The company is known for its modern and innovative designs, catering to a wide range of customer preferences. HOLIKE’s advanced production facilities and comprehensive service offerings ensure high-quality products and customer satisfaction.


holike furniture company

Business scope:

  • Custom Wardrobes
  • Home Furnishings
  • Innovative Design Solutions

Recommended Reason

HOLIKE’s focus on modern design and innovation makes it a preferred choice for customers looking for stylish and contemporary home furnishings. Their comprehensive service offerings and advanced production capabilities ensure high-quality products and customer satisfaction.


Company Background

Shangpin, established in 2004 as part of the VISHAN Group, focuses on whole-house furniture customization. Leveraging technology and a new marketing model, Shangpin has grown rapidly and now operates over 2,202 stores across China. The company went public on the Shenzhen GEM stock exchange in 2017, further solidifying its market presence.

homekoo company

Business scope:

  • Custom Wardrobes
  • Whole-House Furniture Solutions
  • Innovative Marketing Models

Recommended Reason

Shangpin’s ability to provide customized and high-quality furniture solutions at competitive prices makes it a popular choice among customers. Their extensive store network and innovative marketing approach ensure wide accessibility and customer satisfaction.


Company Background

QM Home, established in 1993, is a distinguished furniture manufacturing group in China, known for its comprehensive approach to home furnishings. The company focuses on producing and selling a wide range of furniture products while emphasizing high-quality and stylish designs. QM Home integrates global trends with traditional Chinese elements, making their products unique and appealing to a diverse customer base.

qumei furniture wholesale company

Business scope:

  • Whole-House Customization
  • Cabinets
  • Living Hall Furniture
  • High-End Living Hall Furnishings

Recommended Reason

QM Home is renowned for its commitment to quality and modern lifestyle needs. Their products blend simplicity, comfort, and sustainability, making them a top choice for customers seeking premium home furnishings. Their global reach and ability to cater to personalized needs set them apart in the competitive market.


Company Background

Wayes, founded in 2003, specializes in the design and production of custom whole-house furniture. The company also offers design software and IT solutions for the home furnishing industry, along with design, research, development, and technical services. Wayes is known for its “C2B + O2O” strategic model, focusing on personalized production at scale. The company was listed on the stock exchange in 2017.

wayes wardrobe suppliers company

Business scope:

  • New Chinese Furniture
  • European and American Style Furniture
  • Modern Custom Furniture

Recommended Reason

Wayes stands out for its extensive customization options and professional design services. With a large team of designers and a strategic focus on customer needs, Wayes provides high-quality, personalized home furnishings that cater to a wide range of preferences.



Company Background

Linsy, established in 2007, is a prominent internet furniture brand that offers a comprehensive solution for all furniture needs, including R&D, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales services. Linsy is known for its diverse range of furniture products and professional home services. The brand’s focus on big data operation and standardized customization has made it popular among younger consumers.


linsy wardrobe supplier company

Business scope:

  • Solid Wood Series
  • Designer Series
  • Baby Home
  • Whole House Customization

Recommended Reason

Linsy provides affordable yet high-quality furniture, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers. Their extensive product range and focus on innovative designs ensure a unique and satisfying shopping experience.


Company Background

Tiantan Furniture, founded in 1956, is a key player in the Chinese home furniture industry. Known for its extensive product range, including solid wood, panel, and whole-house customization, Tiantan covers various business types. The company operates over 1.1 million square meters of production bases, ensuring robust manufacturing capabilities.


tiantan furniture wholesale company

Business scope:

The product line of Titan furniture is based on solid wood, panel, upholstery, metal, mahogany, row chairs, and other civil and office furniture, supporting wooden doors, flooring, wooden pegboards, fixed furniture, and other solid wood products, while contracting for indoor and outdoor decoration business:

  • Modern office
  • Classic office
  • Theater row chairs
  • School education
  • Hotel furniture

Recommended Reason

Tiantan’s broad product range and diversified business types make it a one-stop shop for various furniture needs. Their commitment to quality and extensive production capabilities ensure they meet a wide array of customer requirements efficiently.


Company Background

Founded in 1989, M&Z is a large modern home furnishing enterprise that produces a wide range of products, including panel suite furniture, sofas, dining tables and chairs, mattresses, and soft beds. M&Z integrates R&D, production, sales, and service to offer comprehensive home furnishing solutions.

zsmz furniture supplier company

Business scope:

  • Living Room Furniture
  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Study Room Furniture
  • Customized Furniture

Recommended Reason

M&Z’s ability to integrate superior foreign technology and maintain independent development makes it a leading choice for customers seeking high-quality and innovative home furnishings. Their comprehensive service model provides a seamless and convenient experience for customers.

Types of Wardrobes: An In-Depth Guide

Sliding Door Wardrobes

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Hinged Door Wardrobes

  • Space-Saving Design: Ideal for rooms with limited space, offering sleek and modern aesthetics.
  • Variety of Styles: Available in numerous finishes and materials, providing versatile design options.

Walk-In Wardrobes

  • Luxury and Functionality: Provides ample space and organized storage for clothing and accessories.
  • Custom Layouts: Tailored to fit personal preferences and room dimensions.

Modular Wardrobes

  • Flexible and Adaptable: Components can be reconfigured and added as needed.
  • Personalized Storage: Ideal for creating a custom storage solution tailored to specific needs.

Built-In Wardrobes

  • Seamless Integration: Designed to fit into the structure of the room, blending seamlessly with the décor.
  • Maximized Space: Utilizes every inch of available space efficiently.

Freestanding Wardrobes

  • Versatility: Can be moved and placed anywhere in the room.
  • Variety of Designs: Available in numerous styles, sizes, and finishes.

Corner Wardrobes

  • Space Optimization: Perfect for utilizing corner spaces effectively.
  • Custom Shapes: Designed to fit into corner spaces, often with unique configurations.

Mirror Wardrobes

  • Dual Functionality: Provides storage and a full-length mirror, enhancing the room’s appearance.
  • Light and Space Enhancement: Mirrors reflect light, making the room appear larger and brighter.

Choosing the Right Wardrobe

When selecting a wardrobe, consider factors such as room size, storage needs, and personal style preferences. The right wardrobe not only provides efficient storage but also complements the overall aesthetic of the room.

Buying Guide for Choosing a Suitable Wardrobe Manufacturer

  1. Evaluating Manufacturers
    • Quality Assessment
      • Materials: Ensure the use of high-quality materials and check for relevant certifications.
      • Craftsmanship: Evaluate the workmanship through samples and customer reviews.
    • Reliability and Reputation
      • History and Experience: Prefer manufacturers with extensive industry experience.
      • Customer Feedback: Read multiple reviews to assess reliability and service quality.
    • Cost and Value
      • Competitive Pricing: Compare prices across different manufacturers.
      • Bulk Discounts: Ask about discounts for large orders.
    • Customization Options
      • Design Flexibility: Check for customizable designs to meet specific needs.
      • Samples and Prototypes: Request samples before placing a bulk order.
    • Customer Service and Support
      • Communication: Ensure responsive and helpful customer service.
      • After-Sales Support: Look for warranties, return policies, and support services.
  2. Questions to Ask Suppliers
    • What materials do you use, and do you have any certifications?
    • Can you provide samples or prototypes before placing a bulk order?
    • What is your production lead time and delivery schedule?
    • Do you offer customization options, and what is the process?
    • What are your terms of payment, and do you offer bulk order discounts?
    • How do you handle quality control and assurance?
    • Can you provide references or case studies from previous clients?
  3. Evaluation Checklist
    • Material Quality: Types and grades of materials used.
    • Production Capability: Ability to handle order volume.
    • Design and Customization: Flexibility and options available.
    • Pricing and Discounts: Overall costs, including potential discounts.
    • Delivery and Logistics: Shipping capabilities and timelines.
    • Customer Feedback: Consistent positive reviews.
    • Communication: Clear and effective communication channels.

By implementing these detailed suggestions, the article will become more informative, engaging, and valuable to your readers, potentially improving its search engine ranking and traffic.

Where to Find Chinese Wardrobe Manufacturers?

Trade Fairs/Exhibitions

Attending furniture fairs is an excellent way to find reliable wardrobe manufacturers. Notable fairs include:

  • Furniture China in Shanghai (September)
  • China International Furniture Exhibition (CIFF) in Guangzhou (March) and Shanghai Hongqiao (September)
  • Dongguan Furniture Exhibition (March)
  • Shenzhen Furniture Exhibition (March)
  • Guangzhou Design Week (annual, sponsored by the United Nations)

Online Sources

Use search engines and B2B platforms like Alibaba and Made in China to find top wardrobe manufacturers.

Furniture Cities and Malls

  • Shunde Furniture Market in Foshan City: Known as China Furniture City, it houses over 1,500 manufacturers and 3,000 dealers.
  • Louver Furniture Mall: Known for high-quality, high-end furniture at reasonable prices.
  • Sunlink: Connects wholesale centers in the south and north, with the northern center known for better product quality.
  • Tuanyi International Furniture City: Offers cheaper products but may require more time for thorough shopping.

How BOKE Furniture Facilitates Your Search for the Ideal Wardrobe Manufacturer

Since 2007, BOKE Furniture has been assisting clients in importing wardrobes from China. We offer a range of services to simplify the process:

Industry Expertise

  • Leveraging BOKE Furniture’s deep industry knowledge and experience.

Reliable Manufacturer Network

  • Access to a network of thoroughly vetted, high-quality wardrobe manufacturers.

Quality Control

  • Implementing strict quality assurance processes to guarantee top-tier products.

Tailored Solutions

  • Providing customized solutions to meet specific client requirements.

Comprehensive Client Support

  • Offering full support from initial inquiry to after-sales service.

Customer Testimonials

  • Sharing positive feedback and success stories from satisfied clients.

Effective Communication

  • Ensuring efficient and responsive communication to address client needs.

Competitive Pricing

  • Delivering value for money with competitive pricing without compromising quality.

Tips for Promoting Your Wholesale Furniture Store Online

  1. Email Marketing: Use an email subscription form to collect leads and send updates and newsletters.
  2. Social Media: Engage with potential customers on social media platforms.
  3. Relationships: Collaborate with real estate professionals and interior designers to showcase your products.
  4. Coupons: Offer special promotions and discounts to attract and retain customers.
  5. Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service, including reviews, recommendations, and order tracking.
  6. Visually Appealing Ads: Create compelling ads with professional design elements.
  7. Special Offers for New Customers: Offer one-time discounts to new customers.
  8. Incentives: Provide referral incentives to encourage word-of-mouth marketing.
  9. Gifts: Send gifts to new buyers to foster loyalty.
  10. Deadlines: Use limited-time offers to prompt immediate purchases.

FAQs – Wholesale Furniture

  1. Where can I sell used furniture online?

  • Platforms: AptDeco, Chairish, Apartment Therapy Marketplace, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, First Dibs.
  1. What are the cheapest sites to buy furniture?

  • Buy in bulk from manufacturers in China to get the best deals.
  1. Is it possible to buy furniture online?

  • Yes, ensure you buy from trusted suppliers and compare deals.
  1. How do I ship furniture from China?

  • Use LCL or FCL shipping methods. Employ Chinese sourcing offices for CIF trade or door-to-door delivery.

Wrap Up

Are you set to buy wholesale furniture from China? It is certainly not an easy process. But doable with the expertise of experienced companies like BOKE Furniture. The information in this guide and our many years of experience in the business are what you need to smoothen your way into the Chinese wholesale furniture industry.

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