Top 25 Office Furniture Suppliers in the World: The Ultimate Guide

We all agree that Office furniture gives our workspace an identity and makes it more functional. However, many find it difficult to identify quality furniture suppliers, so as an experienced sourcing agent I have prepared this guide to make your choices easy. So, what are the top 25 office furniture in the world? Let’s get right into it.

The top 25 Office furniture suppliers in the world are reputable brands and companies with great years of experience manufacturing quality furniture. These suppliers include :

Steelcase Herman Miller, Urban Office, Haworth, La-Z-Boy, Knoll Inc, Global Furniture Group, Kimball, HumanscalE, Okamura, KOKUYO, Meridian,9to5 Seating, Berco Designs, Hooker Furniture, Kristalia, Flexispot, Poltrona, Vitra, BOKE, Kinnarps, ABKI Teknion, Flexsteel Furniture

So, what exactly makes these office furniture suppliers stand out? What are their key products? Keep reading as we provide great information about these suppliers, their key products, and why we choose them. We also provide you with the global office furniture market survey.

Global Office Furniture Market Background Survey

Data Bridge Market Research shows that the office furniture industry, estimated to be worth USD 94.22 billion in 2022, will increase to USD 158.29 billion by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 6.70% from 2023 to 2030. This expansion is primarily due to the growth of the corporate and real estate sectors and rising demand for upscale and designer furnishings.


The top 10 markets, including the United States, China, Japan, Germany, India, Canada, Brazil, France, the United Kingdom, and Australia, account for 80% of global office furniture consumption. The Asia Pacific region is a top contender for future business expansion with top international furniture manufacturers, as predictions state it will dominate the furniture market soon

With countries like China, Japan, Australia, and India being the main contributors, Asia Pacific is the region with the fastest expanding market for office furniture worldwide.

The amount of renovation and remodeling projects in nations like India, the United States, and China is another factor influencing the growth of the global office furniture industry. Office furniture is also becoming more significant due to the rising corporate climate in developing and less developed nations worldwide.

Product Types in the Office Furniture Industry

Classified according to product type, here are the major product types marketed by suppliers in the office furniture industry.

  • Systems
  • Seating
  • Lockers
  • Tables
  • Storage Units and Filing Cabinets
  • Luggage racks
  • Modular Systems
  • Storage solutions
  • Reception Furniture
  • Other Office Furniture.

Categories of Office Furniture Materials

Based on the Office furniture manufacturing industry, here are the materials used in making them;

  • Wood: Two major categories of wood are used as office furniture: solid wood and manufactured wood. Solid wood includes oak, Maple, Mahogany, Spruce, Pine, and Fir. On the other hand, manufactured wood includes plywood, MDF, Chipboard, Hardboard, and Veneer.
  • Metal: This material is mostly used to make chairs, desks, bookcases, file cabinets, office cabinets, dry-erase, and bulletin boards.
    Plastic and Fiber: These materials are used to make office furniture like executive chairs, stools, sit-stand desks, conference tables, and reception seating.
  • Glass: Due to the nature of this material, they are mostly used to produce chic contemporary desks.
  • Other materials: These include fabrics like wool, hemp, and linen, which add a touch of nature to the office space.

Table of Top 25 Furniture Supplier Ranking List

RankCompany NameHeadquartersRevenue in $Time of Establishment
1KOKUYO Japan2.83 billion1905
2SteelcaseUSA2.6 billion1912
3Herman MillerUSA2.47 billion1905
4LA-Z-BoyUSA2.36 billion1927
5OkamuraJapan2.15 billion1945
6HumanscaleUSA2 billion1983
7HNIUSA1.96 billion1944
8HaworthUSA1.81 billion1948
9Knoll IncUSA1.13 billion1938
10KIUSA812 million1941
11TeknionCanada646.8 million1983
12KimballUSA635.1 million1857
13PoltronaItaly580 million1912
14Flexsteel FurnitureUSA555.9 million1893
15Hooker Furniture.USA540.1 million1924
16Global Furniture GroupUSA490 million1966
17Kinnarps ABSweden443.3 million1942
18VitraSwitzerland76.1 million1950
199to5 SeatingUSA34.5 million1986
20Urban OfficeUK5.3 million2011
21MeridianUSA<5 million2001
22KristaliaItaly<5 million1994
23BOKEChina<5 million2001
24FlexispotUSA<10 million2015
25Berco DesignsUSA<10 million2015


Company Background

Headquarter: Japan

With furniture designs based on users’ style, habits, and practicality, Kokuyo is one of the world’s best brands for customized furniture. Not sure how to design your space? This company is also into space design for offices, hotels, commercial buildings, hospitals, and cultural facilities.

Established in 1905 with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Kokuyo has over 6,000 employees. Kokuyo has a long-term vision of stimulating people’s inner creativity and uniqueness through its furniture and other products.
Key Products

This company deals mainly in Office chairs, tables, and storage systems. They also have different seats, including collaboration seating, lounge seating, and occasional Seating.

KOKUYO furniture company

Business scope:

This company deals mainly in

  • Office chairs,
  • tables,
  • and storage systems.

They also have different seats, including

  • collaboration seating,
  • lounge seating,
  • and occasional Seating.

Recommended Reason

The ease of customizability makes Kokuyo stand out. They design their products to fit your style and habits, fostering optimal comfort.


Company Background

Headquarters: Michigan, United States

Established in 1912, Steelcase is one of the leading office furniture suppliers in the world. Aside from office furniture, this company is also into interior architecture and space solutions for hospitals and classrooms. It offers office furniture that is of excellent quality and affordability.

Steelcase has a wide range of office furniture types and styles for you. This company has approximately 11,800 employees and headquarters situated at 901 44th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI.

steelcase furniture company

Business scope:

Steelcase helps you create your dream workspace. Their products include Seating, desks, tables, storage, office accessories, and home office designs.

Recommended Reason

Steelcase offers arguably the best office furniture design and quality. Their designs are comfortable while prioritizing the environment and people.

3.Herman Miller

Company Background

Headquarters: Michigan, USA.

Herman Miller is one furniture brand that allows you to tailor your furniture using your selection of materials and finishes. Founded in 1905, this American furniture company with about 8,000 employees has been around for a long time.

Their furniture has been used across several industries, including home, business, education, health, and government. Aside from high-quality furniture, the Herman Miller brand also offers space planning ideas to help you maximize your office space.

hermanmiller company

Business scope:

This furniture brand offers Seating, desks, and workspaces ideal for 9 to 5 seating postures. They also have high-quality tables and storage ideal for use in offices.

Recommended Reason

Herman Miller furniture comes with a promise to improve your posture, thus preventing health challenges like back and wrist pain.


Company Background

Headquarters: Monroe, Michigan

La-Z-Boy is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of reclining chairs, and the company is also one of the most significant products of upholstered sofas and chairs. Established in 1927, La-Z-Boy has its headquarters in Monroe, Michigan.

This furniture supplier has a large workforce, with over 11000 employees. Aside from office furniture, La-Z-Boy also makes residential furniture like loveseats, ottomans, and high-fashion bedroom and dining room furniture. Besides, this company also offers free design services to customers.

LA-Z-Boy furniture company

Business scope:

La-Z-Boy focuses mainly on chairs, and their primary office furniture is the office chair with a recliner. This chair, made using memory foam, is very comfortable.

Recommended Reason

La-Z-Boy is a world-leading supplier of comfortable office chairs. With these chairs, back pains while working 9 to 5 become non-existent.


Company Background

Headquarter: Japan

Okamura, with its headquarters in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan, is one of the major furniture suppliers worldwide. With approximately 5,000 employees, this furniture brand, established in 1945, manufactures Seating and other ergonomic office furniture.

Okamura furniture has designs ideal for use in general offices, reception areas, conference rooms, and business relaxation spaces. The office chairs manufactured by Okamura are innovative and ergonomic, as the company spends time and money researching and testing seats to ensure both back and bases function harmonically.

Okamura furniture company

Business scope:

Okamura mainly produces comfortable office chairs that are easy on the back. They have both task chairs and manager chairs.

Recommended Reason

Chairs produced by Okamura aside from being ergonomic and are also durable. These chairs also help improve posture, especially for people that sit for long hours.


Company Background

Headquarters: New York City, United States

With different chair designs, including regular office chairs and gaming chairs, Humanscale is one of the leading furniture brands in the world today. Established in 1983 and headquartered in New York, Humanscale has over 1,000 employees across several showrooms in more than 28 countries.

Aside from chairs, Humanscale offers a wide range of office solutions, from lighting and keyboard systems to sit/ stand solutions. With its New Path Chair winning the world’s most sustainable task chair award, Humanscale has become one of the leading designers of high-performance chair solutions.

Humanscale furniture company

Business scope:

Humanscale is a versatile brand with several products, including

  • chairs & stools
  • monitor arms & integrated docks
  • separation panels
  • keyboard systems
  • cable management
  • and lighting.

Recommended Reason

Humanscale office solutions, just like its chair, are all high-performance. They are durable and efficient, giving your office space an organized appearance.


Company Background

Headquarters: Iowa, United States of America

This company has been around since 1944, with over 7,500 employees. HNI Corporation is an umbrella brand with several office furniture subsidiaries, including HON, Allsteel, Gunlocke, and OFM. Design brands such as the Danish Design store, Design public, and Design public group are all under HNI.

Also, the gaming community benefits from HNI through Respawn, gaming furniture that is ergonomic and affordable. Located in Iowa, this brand has markets primarily in the United States, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, and Canada.

HNI furniture company

Business scope:

HNI has several products, including office furniture like tables, chairs, and storage. They also have gaming chairs for gamers and textiles for upholstery, fabric, and drapery.

Recommended Reason

HNI is one of the largest office furniture makers in the world, offering a diverse range of office and recreational furniture with different price points.


Company Background

Headquarters: Michigan, United States

Haworth furniture was established in 1948 with more than 7,500 employees and over 650 dealers worldwide. This company also does business in more than 120 countries designing and manufacturing office furniture that is inspiring.

With headquarters in Haworth Center 1, Holland, Michigan, Haworth provides several intuitive office furniture solutions and architecture. Also, you can choose furniture materials and surface finishes for custom designs.

Haworth furniture company

Business scope:

This company’s essential products for the office include

  • Seating
  • tables
  • workspace
  • architectural interiors
  • storage,
  • and other office accessories

Recommended Reason

Haworth furniture is a brand known for its versatility and ability to adapt to changing office landscapes, technologies, and conditions. Their products are comfortable too.

9.Knoll Inc

Company Background

Headquarters: Pennsylvania, United States

Knoll Inc is a versatile furniture brand with over 3000 employees. It has its headquarters in East Greenville, Pennsylvania. Established over five decades ago, in 1938 precisely, this brand makes office furniture and assists in planning workspaces. Knoll Inc is also into textile design and manufactures designs for healthcare, hospitality, corporate and educational interiors.

Several brands under Knoll Inc include Knoll Office, KnollStudio, KnollTextiles, KnollExtra, Spinneybeck | FilzFelt, Edelman Leather, HOLLY HUNT, DatesWeiser, and Muuto.

Knoll Inc furniture company

Business scope:

Knoll Inc manufactures several products, including

  • office systems
  • Seating
  • storage systems (Lateral files, pedestals, credenzas, bookshelves, and towers)
  • desks
  • tables
  • and textiles for offices and homes

Recommended Reason

With Knoll furniture, it becomes easy to organize your workspace, as their storage systems offer you a lot of room to store files and other documents.


Company Background

Headquarters: Wisconsin, United States

KI is an international furniture brand that produces durable pieces using high-quality materials. With KI, you get an extensive collection of chairs, including office, side, and conference that are of high quality yet affordable.

KI has its headquarters in the United States, with over 2,000 employees. They also provide design resources to customers, helping them make the most of office spaces.

ki furniture company 01

Business scope:

KI products include

  • Seating
  • tables
  • desks
  • pods
  • workspace systems
  • files and storage
  • library furniture
  • case goods
  • and other office accessories

Recommended Reason

With KI, you get an extensive selection of furniture for your office space with affordable pricing.  


Company Background

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario

Regardless of your workspace or office needs, Teknion has a product for you. Their furniture products range from adjustable standing desks to office chairs and dual monitor arms. This private company, with over 1,201 employees, also offers customized furniture with several fabrics and finishes available for you.

Established in 1983, Teknion is a Canada-based company with a commitment to creating interior spaces that are inspiring and beautiful. This explains why their products are always aesthetically pleasing.

Teknion furniture company

Business scope:

Teknion manufactures various products, including

  • work chairs
  • storage
  • locks
  • adjustable work tables
  • lighting, and screens

Recommended Reason

Teknion has a product for every need. They are a one-stop shop for all your office interior décor products.


Company Background

Headquarters: Jasper, Indiana, United States

Founded in 1857, Kimball is arguably one of the oldest surviving furniture suppliers in the world today. With Headquarters in Jasper, Indiana, Kimball manufactures its furniture in Salem and Jasper. Also, with over 3,000 employees, this furniture group is easily accessible, as they have showrooms in major metropolitan areas around the United States.

With EverySpace, Kimball has a design solution for every workspace that would give the space significant meaning and identity. Their designs also encourage a clutter-free and organized workspace.

kimball furniture company

Business scope:

Kimball’s significant products are

  • office chairs
  • cabinets
  • storage systems
  • and tables

designed to fit the workspace regardless of size and industry.

Recommended Reason

Kimball Office Furniture makes furniture of high quality and craftsmanship, with trendy designs that give the workspace meaning. Their storage systems are attractive, often blending with the office space.


Company Background

Headquarters: Tolentino, Italy

Poltrona is an Italian company internationally recognized for its high-quality and handcrafted furniture. With a tradition of manufacturing deep leather, Poltrona stands out from its counterparts in chair quality and comfort.

Founded in 1912, this furniture company has years of experience manufacturing seating, complementary office units, accessories & objects, tables, desks, storage units, and bookcases.

Poltrona furniture comopany

Business scope:

Poltrona’s essential products include

  • stools with wood bases,
  • storage units and bookcases,
  • leather office chairs,
  • tables,
  • small tables,
  • and desks.

Recommended Reason

Poltrona’s attention to detail is outstanding, and their desks and chairs transmit a sense of modern elegance and efficiency.

14.Flexsteel Furniture

Company Background

Headquarters: Port of Dubuque

This company, established in 1893, has a rich history. They have different styled products, including rustic, modern, farmhouse, and classic. Their products all come with unrivaled quality and a lifetime warranty.

With less than a thousand employees, Flexstee furniture offers many products, including desks & cabinets, bookcases, storage, and office chairs.

Flexsteel Furniture company 01

Business scope:

Flexsteel furniture has a product for all spaces, including

  • living rooms,
  • bedrooms,
  • dining,
  • and office space.


Their critical products for the office include

  • desks,
  • bookcases,
  • storage,
  • and upholstered chairs.

Recommended Reason

With Flexsteel furniture, you get different styles to choose from, as well as a lifetime warranty on products.

15.Berco Designs

Company Background

Headquarters: St. Louis, MO 63118, United States

Berco design manufactures high-quality office furniture for the United states contract market. Their products range from tables and chairs to booths and collaborative furniture. Established in 1969, Berco designs makes listening to customer specifications and feedback her priority, ensuring optimal customer service and satisfaction.

With less than 20 employees and headquarters in Missouri, Berco Designs services many industries, including healthcare, government, education, and hospitality.

Hooker Furniture company

Business scope:

Berco designs key products, including

  • classroom and training tables,
  • conference tables,
  • café tables,
  • booths,
  • wooden chairs,
  • and bar stools.

Recommended Reason

Furniture from Berco designs comes with top quality build and finish ideal for use in various office settings and industries.

16.Global Furniture Group

Company Background

Originating in 1966, the Global Furniture Group offers you quality furniture at affordable prices. With over 2000 employees worldwide, this company has an impressive design portfolio tailored to meet the needs of different workspaces. With Global Furniture Group, getting quality furniture for use in the education, healthcare, and hospitality sector becomes easier.

The Global Furniture group is also into textile design, manufacturing, and finishes, making them the ideal brand for custom office furniture.

Global Furniture Group company

Business scope:

This company’s essential products include;

  • textiles,
  • office chairs,
  • desks,
  • dining tables,
  • wardrobes,
  • cabinets and dressers,
  • storage systems,
  • and over-bed tables.

Recommended Reason

Global Furniture Group offers quality furniture that is both intuitive and affordable. Also, with this brand, you have more room for customization.

17.Kinnarps AB

Company Background

Headquarters: Kinnarp, Sweden

Having been in the furniture space since 1942, Kinnarps has over seven decades of experience producing office furniture. Based in Sweden, with over 2,000 workers, this company helps businesses create interior design solutions, ensuring you maximize available space.

Kinnarps specializes in manufacturing office chairs, storage spaces, and other accessories. Their chairs are ergonomic and comfortable and come in various colors.

Kinnarps AB furniture company

Business scope:

Kinnarps’ main products are Office chairs, storage spaces, and tables. Their products find use both in the educational and health sector.

Recommended Reason

Kinnarps products are quite affordable and durable. Their furniture is efficient and functional, improving the workspace experience.


Company Background

Headquarters: Birsfelden, Switzerland

Vitra is a furniture company that designs, manufactures, and supplies office furniture like chairs, tables, conference systems, sofas, stools, and lighting. Established in 1950, Vitra prides herself in creating efficient workspace environments.

Vitra, with headquarters in Switzerland, employs over 400 people that facilitate the design and manufacture of custom furniture.

Vitra furniture company

Business scope:

Their products range from

  • office chairs,
  • tables,
  • and desks to accessories like wall clocks,
  • desk clocks,
  • lighting systems,
  • and ottoman chairs.

Recommended Reason

Vitra is a versatile company that offers a wide range of products. With Vitra, you get furniture, other accents, and accessories that make the office space more comfortable.

19.9to5 Seating

Company Background

Headquarters: Hawthorne, CA 90250, United States

9to5 Seating, founded in 1986, is a furniture company specializing in designing and manufacturing comfortable office seating. As the company name suggests, furniture designs here accommodate the rigorous demands of day-to-day office work. As a testament to the quality of her chairs, 9to5 Seating offers a lifetime warranty on products.

9to5, awarded with a good design award in 2022, has its headquarters in California, United States, and boasts over 100 employees. It is a global brand with chairs suited for offices, healthcare facilities, foyers, and schools worldwide.

9to5 seating company

Business scope:

This company focuses mainly on office chairs. Their chairs come in different styles, from modern, traditional, and rustic to glam.

Recommended Reason

9to5 Seating is a leading manufacturer of aesthetic and ergonomic office chairs. Their chairs are geared towards improving health and well-being in workspaces.

20.Urban Office

Company Background

Headquarters: New York City, USA.

Urban Office is a relatively new furniture company founded in 2011, with headquarters in New York City and less than 10 employees. However, their furniture quality is up there with the best. To get this brand to design custom office furniture for you is quite easy, as all they require is a clear brief on what you want and your expectations. Urban Office designs consider different workspace areas, including the core office and collaborative working spaces.

Urban Office furniute company

Business scope:

The Urban Office offers high-quality modular office furniture, including

  • office pods and acoustics,
  • task chairs,
  • soft Seating,
  • and modern desks.

Recommended Reason

With modular Seating and storage, the Urban Office maximizes your office space. This is especially true for companies that have flex staff or host group meetings a lot.


Company Background

Headquarter: Buckingham, England

Meridian is a UK-based furniture company established in 2001 with over 100 employees. One feature that makes this company stand out is its ability to tailor each project to meet the customer’s needs regardless of budget and design intricacy.

While Meridian is primarily a furniture company, it also engages in office fit-out and refurbishment. In addition, they are into the initial office design concept, space planning, office acoustic assessments, and display screen equipment assessments.

Meridian furniture wholesale company

Business scope:

Furniture manufactured by this company range includes

  • chairs,
  • storage cabinets,
  • filing,
  • bookcases,
  • and desks for a wide range of office spaces.

Recommended Reason

With Meridian office furniture, it becomes easier to create inspiring and comfortable office spaces. Also, their space planning unit helps you design your office workspace, optimizing use.


Company Background

Headquarters: Prata di Pordenone PN, Italy

Although relatively young, Kristalia company, founded in 1994, is one of the leading furniture brands from Italy. They specialize in manufacturing modern office furniture designs with unparalleled attention to detail.

With its Headquarters in Giulia, Italy, this relatively small company with about 45 employees produces quality furniture for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Their office chairs, including Dua, 1085 Edition, and Mem Soft, are comfortable and long-lasting.

Kristalia furniture compnay

Business scope:

Kristalia deals mainly in Seating and tables for homes and offices. They also produce furniture ideal for outdoor spaces with a variety of finishes

Recommended Reason

Kristalia’s furniture, although intricate in design, has a simple appearance. Thus, if you are looking for simple yet durable furniture, then Kristalia is your best bet.


Company Background

Headquarters: Longjiang, Shunde Foshan, China

With over two decades of experience in the furniture industry, Boke prides itself on designing and manufacturing office space chairs. Founded in 2001, this company has become a global distributor of office chairs due to the stellar quality of its products.
Based in China, Boke has over 150 employees working on new desks, training, tasks, and executive chair designs.

boke-factory-01-1 (1)

Business scope:

Boke focuses mainly on the design and manufacture of office chairs. Their main products include;

  • Chairs:
  • Desk,
  • ergonomic office,
  • training,
  • task,
  • reception guest,
  • Executive,
  • conference;
  • school furniture,
  • auditorium seating;
  • office sofas and desks.

Recommended Reason

This company has a variety of office chairs for you to choose from, which allows you to make informed decisions on the best chair for your needs.


Company Background

Headquarters: Livermore, CA, United States.

Flexispot furniture company, established in 2015, provides ergonomic furniture solutions for offices and homes. Their priority is health, well-being, and safety, so over 600 R&D engineers constantly work to improve existing designs.

With Headquarters in Livermore, California, Flexispot is one of the leading global furniture brands. They have an array of office furniture, including standing desks and office chairs, that are environmentally friendly.

Flexispot furniture company

Business scope:

Flexispot’s key products include

  • adjustable birds,
  • standing desks,
  • and durable,
  • ergonomic office chairs.

Recommended Reason

Office chairs and desks from this company come with comfortable designs geared towards eliminating the pains associated with sitting in the office for long hours.

25.Berco Designs

Company Background

Headquarters: St. Louis, MO 63118, United States

Berco design manufactures high-quality office furniture for the United states contract market. Their products range from tables and chairs to booths and collaborative furniture. Established in 1969, Berco designs makes listening to customer specifications and feedback her priority, ensuring optimal customer service and satisfaction.

With less than 20 employees and headquarters in Missouri, Berco Designs services many industries, including healthcare, government, education, and hospitality.

Berco Designs furniture company

Business scope:

Berco designs critical products, including

  • classroom and training tables,
  • conference tables,
  • café tables,
  • booths,
  • wooden chairs,
  • and bar stools.

Recommended Reason

Furniture from Berco designs comes with top quality build and finish that is ideal for use in various office settings and industries.


Organizing an office with high-quality furniture is crucial as it gives the space a distinct personality. Our carefully selected list of 25 top office furniture brands and companies worldwide highlighted above will assist you in making the right decision. That way, you can buy or choose not only high-quality but also beautiful furniture to enhance your office space.

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