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Big Mid-Back Swivel Lumbar Support Chair 607


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Ergonomic Office Chair

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blue, Grey

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Commercial Furniture, Home Use





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Less Than 7 days

Ergonomic Design

Humanized design


CNC Production Line


I Years Warranties


Multiple appearance patents

Easy Install

Quick Manual Installation

Product Details

MID-BACK SUPPORT– The mid-back design of this chair offers excellent back support, as ensured by the modular furniture manufacturer. The backrest follows the natural curve of your spine and protects the lower end of your back. It also makes you sit straight, thus improving your posture.

SWEAT FREE-The back of the chair is made from breathable mesh. This means you won’t have to worry about back sweat, no matter how long you sit! The knitted mesh allows for air to flow in and out easily, so there’s no moisture build-up.

Adjustable Height-It can be really annoying when your office chair doesn’t line up with your desk, and it can also hamper productivity. This chair has an adjustable height! You can adjust it from 12.4” to 16.3” with a simple lever.

TILT TO YOUR COMFORT– The modular furniture manufacturer behind this chair made sure that you could adjust the angle of this chair to whatever is most comfortable for you. You can tilt it backward with the tilt tension control knob under the chair. When you find an angle that’s comfortable for you, you can lock it in place.

360 DEGREE SWIVEL-When you’re busy working, you need to be able to multitask easily. You also need to make sure you can access things you may need easily and quickly, which is why getting an office chair with high-quality wheels is important.

This chair has five 360-degree wheels on a star-shaped base. These make sure that it’s easy for you to move about in your surroundings. The movement is also incredibly smooth and quiet, owing to the wheels used. You can also rest assured that the floor won’t be damaged!

EASY INSTALLATION-Unlike other products to come out of an office furniture factory, this chair is incredibly simple to set up – the whole process takes only 15 to 20 minutes! When you order the chair, it comes with a set of instructions and everything else you’ll need to assemble the product. The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. If you face any problem, you can simply contact the company and they’ll be happy to help!

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