Mid-Back Lumbar Support Mesh Swivel Desk Chair 804


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Ergonomic Office Chair


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Product Details

LUMBAR SUPPORT-The design ensures that you won’t slouch excessively and that you can sit with your back against the rest and chest opened – the ideal posture when seated. By improving posture, the chair decreases pressure on the back and maintains proper spinal alignment. This excellent lumbar support can help with backaches, numbness, and even herniated discs.

COMFORT ALL DAY LONG-The chair comes with a thick seat cushion that will distribute your weight evenly when you sit, supporting your glutes and reducing pressure on your legs. The cushion is also durable and will not sink over time.

STAY SWEAT FREE-The mesh backrest allows air to pass in, and body heat to pass out. This eliminates any potential heat build-up that can cause you to sweat. Instead, your back will remain cool and, more importantly, you will stay sweat-free and comfortable!

SUITABILITY TO DESK-With a simple lever, you can adjust the height of the chair to suit your height and your desk. You can also individually adjust the armrests, so they suit whatever activity you’re doing and make it easy to access your desk.

SWIVEL AND PORTABLE-The chair also have a 360-degree swivel that’s perfect for those of you that have to multitask frequently. The chair is also extremely easy to move around thanks to its high-grade caster wheels. You can easily roll over to it in this chair and then come back! Movement is extremely smooth and noise-free.

SIMPLE SET-UP-Apart from the wide range of features this chair has, it is also easy to set up! The instructions are easy to follow and ensure that the setup process is as simple as possible. Everything you need to install the chair comes with the product itself, even the bolts and screws – what else do you expect from the best office chair manufacturers? It shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to set up this chair.

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