Adjustable Grey Quality Certified High-Back Mesh Office Desk Chair 608

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Ergonomic Office Chair

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blue, Green, Grey


N.W.(1PC):13.8KG G.W.(1PC):17.5KG

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Commercial Furniture, Home Use





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Less Than 7 days

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Humanized design


CNC Production Line


I Years Warranties


Multiple appearance patents

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Product Details

ADJUSTABLE CHAIR-There is nothing better than a chair that can be adjusted to suit your personal needs. Most wholesale office chairs cannot be changed. Many offices and workspaces employ metal chairs that are fixed and cannot be altered. However, this particular product can be adjusted any way you like.
Feel free to use the level at the bottom to adjust this seat’s height. It will flow flawlessly in whichever direction you take it; whether you need to move the seat upwards or pull it down, you can rely on the level to assist you.

MESH BACK-Most office chairs can get uncomfortable, especially if you sit in them for longer periods in a room lacking air conditioning. Many end up sweating in most wholesale office chairs and begin to feel confined and suffocated but cannot afford to get up and walk away in formal office settings.
Thus, more and more people are switching to executive chair manufacturers that make office chairs with a mesh back. These chairs are cool and allow for ample ventilation. The air can flow freely through the mesh membrane.

Many people wonder if a mesh-backed seat is delicate. The truth is that these backings are incredibly durable. They are not fashioned from cloth, but instead from durable synthetic polymers (plastics) which are not easy to tear through. Users of this chair should not worry about the seat’s backing tearing up or damaging.

HIGH BACK-Most office chair manufacturers use high backs, and so does this one. However, the back is exceptionally soft and comfortable thanks to the mesh material. The high back reduces the chances of back pain and reduces pressure in bones and joints present in the back and pelvic region.

FLIP-UP ARMS-Did you know that this seat contains flip-up arms? These armrests can be flipped up if you need more space within your seat. You can remove all side barriers as you please and put them back just as easily. All it takes is a single flip up or down.

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