Top 10 Chinese Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers in 2024

As we navigate through 2024, the resilience and growth of the global furniture industry, especially after a pandemic-impacted economy, is noteworthy. The Chinese outdoor furniture market, with its rich diversity and innovation, has shown significant expansion, growing from 1.98 billion yuan in 2012 to an expected 3 billion yuan. This guide delves into the top […]

Global Office Furniture For All Businesses

When people hear global office furniture, they might think of various workstations and furniture for different companies and businesses. Some people might even think of space-age designs while others think of something small for China, extra-large for Russia and the United States, and somewhere in-between for everyone else. This tag for furniture that is put […]

Home Office Desk Options: Choosing the Best for Your Needs

Your home office desk is important. Not only because you have an office at home and you need one, but mainly because of the way it meets your personal needs, both ergonomically and with regard to the storage facilities a good desk provides. An example of that is a desk that provides filing capacity in […]

How to Pick the Right Office Furniture for Your Company

When you think of the time spent by employees in the office, you will understand why it is necessary to make it a comfortable place to work in. Keep in mind that the design of your office as well as its ambiance plays a major role in the productivity and efficiency of your workers. Hence, […]

How to Choose Discount Office Furniture?

When buying furniture for your office, you should not forget to consider three factors – utility, comfort, and appeal. Visually attractive furniture not only looks good but it also increases the productivity of the employees. This is because comfort would help the employees work better and more efficiently. But then if you are starting a […]

Buying Office Furniture Can Be a Minefield – Quality Wins Over Price

There is so much to consider. Cost, space, quality, warranty, and delivery to name but a few. They are all very important in the general assessment procedure, but the most important criteria is often overlooked until it is too late. There are so many online office furniture companies with tabloid-like websites offering this office chair […]

How to Buy An Office Chair Online?

The time has come to purchase a new office chair for your home or business, and like most people, you are not sure where to start looking. There is always the option to visit your local Staples or Office Depot for a quick fix, however being the informed consumer that you are, you already know […]

Position your desk correctly – you should pay attention to

In this article, you will find all the information you need to know about the correct placement of your desk (or desks ) in the office and you will find that sometimes even small changes can make a big difference. 1. Where should you ideally place the desk? Avoid placing your desk across a window […]

10 tips for healthy desk work

Working in the office and at the desk usually means sitting for hours and hardly moving. However, desk work is only felt physically not strenuous – for the body itself, sitting for hours every day is a burden. A frequent consequence is back problems and tension. However, this can be avoided with an ergonomic way […]

Different Types of Office Furnishings

When you think about office furniture, one of the first things to keep in mind are office desks and chairs. There are different styles and types of office desks. There’s also a wide variety of designs of office chairs ranging from conference chairs to executive chairs. Here are the most common types of furniture you’ll […]

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