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How to Choose the Right Furniture Manufacturers from China: A Complete Guide 2021

How do you choose the proper furniture manufacturer from China? There are very many Chinese household and office furniture manufacturers thus, making your decision challenging.

Before buying high-quality furniture for your home or office, you must do extensive research. But the market has flooded with sub-standard furniture. That being the case, many household and office furniture suppliers are shifting to China. Why China? This is because they have the best home and office furniture manufacturers. However, there are several home and office furniture manufacturers you need to know the best. So, in this guide, you will get an in-depth review of how to select the proper furniture manufacturers from China. Furthermore, you will get to know why you should import furniture from China and reputable office furniture suppliers. Let’s go.

Why Import Furniture from China?

There are various reasons why you should prioritize importing furniture from China. They include; Largest Furniture exporters, China has had the most prominent furniture manufacturers and office furniture suppliers in the world since 2004. This is because they offer high-quality services to all their customers. Due to this, you can trust Chinese home and office furniture manufacturers.


Every customer is looking for affordable office furniture manufacturers. And after comparing prices from different countries, we concluded that China offers affordable furniture prices. This makes them the best in the market as you get the best furniture.

Thousands of Furniture Manufacturers

In China, you won’t find one or two furniture manufacturers but approximately fifty thousand of them. Guangdong is known to host a majority of office furniture manufacturers in China, thus the term furniture city.

Accessible to Import Process from China

Do you find shipping challenging from a foreign country to your destination? Then this doesn’t happen when you want to import furniture from China. Therefore, they have a straightforward importation process; it won’t take long for your product to reach you.

Additionally, you can choose which shipping method you want, either by sea or by air. So, choose a Chinese furniture manufacturer and get simple shipping processes.

China Furniture Manufacturers Industry Overview

The furniture manufacturing industry in China has been growing for the last half a decade. And according to furniture analysts, the growth will continue to an annual growth rate of 3.3%. This translates to $107.1 billion in 2020. Although the household and office furniture manufacturers in China impacted business due to the pandemic, their sales revenue of 2020 was at 107%. We expect that that will change as the pandemic is under control and the revenue is deemed to rise. China’s home and office furniture manufacturers industry has about a million employees, and its market size is at $107 billion. Though there are many furniture manufacturers in China, there are leading companies that consist of;

  •       Yihua group
  •       Dalian Huafeng furniture Co. Ltd.
  •       Nanyang Hoo’s manufacturing company
  •       Shuangye furniture industrial Co. Ltd.
  •       Langfang Huari furniture holding Co. Ltd.

These furniture manufacturers deal with office, dining room, living room, casual, kitchen, and wardrobe furniture manufacturing. So, to get the best deal visit the best furniture manufacturers in China. This will be the best choice. According to a report on the Chinese furniture industry, in 2014, they had an export delivery revenue of $25.2 billion. This made them the top furniture manufacture exporter on the globe. The following year (2015), the Chinese furniture export went up by more than five billion to $30.94 billion. This industry is divided into various zones, and as per the report, there are four furniture industrial zones on top. They go as follows.

  •       Pearl River Delta
  •       Yangtze River Delta
  •       The Bohai Seas Delta furniture industrial zone
  •       Central furniture industrial zone

There are more zones, but we will inform you about the best zones to search for the best furniture manufacturers in the next section. The top two zones, the pearl river delta, and the Yangtze river delta were on top of the list due to their superiority in labor and technical resources. Furthermore, these two zones were accounting for 72% of furniture production in China in 2014.

Where to Look for Furniture Manufacturers in China

Now that you know that the Chinese furniture industry is the largest. Where do you get the best office furniture manufacturers in China? Here we discuss the best home and office furniture manufacturers’ economic zones in China. Let’s start.

Pearl River Delta Furniture Economic Zone

The pearl river delta economic zone is in the pearl river region near the South China sea. This zone comprises nine cities that include;

  •       Shenzhen
  •       Foshan
  •       Guangzhou
  •       Zhuhai
  •       Jiangmen
  •       Zhongshan
  •       Dongguan
  •       4 districts and counties of Huizhou
  •       4 districts and counties of Zhao Qing

The establishment of this economic zone began way back in 1970 as the reform, and opening-up policy took place. It is the home of top manufacturing companies that include household & office furniture manufacturers and office furniture suppliers. Its position and nearness to the South China sea make it easy for furniture makers to export their products to various countries. As per reports, the pearl river delta economic zone generates about 1/3 of China’s trade revenue. In 2005 this region was accounting for 9.9% of gross domestic product (GDP). That being the case, you will get to know about the best office furniture manufacturers in the pearl river delta economic zone.

BOKE Furniture– Foshan

Suppose you are looking for the best office furniture manufacturers in Foshan, then Boke furniture is the best. They pride themselves on over two decades of experience in the furniture industry. Whether you want office sofas, office desks, training chairs, and many others, they all have them. Also, they offer OEM and ODM services. Moreover, if you want a wholesale business, then you can contact Boke. They export their furniture to the U.S., Australia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and select South American and African counties. Boke mainly conducts business with wholesalers. This furniture manufacturer has an 85% client retention rate which signifies its expertise and high-quality products. Boke is among the top home and office furniture manufacturers in China. This is because they offer the best services.

Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone

The next economic zone with top furniture manufacturers in the Yangtze River delta in short form, the Yangtze river delta, is referred to as YRD. This economic zone is home to twenty-seven cities and a surface area of 225,065 square kilometers. As of now, more than 163 million residents live in this zone. In 2018, the Yangtze river delta economic zone accounted for 20% of China’s gross domestic product. The top furniture manufacturers in this region are in Shanghai City, Zhejiang province, and Jiangsu province. This zone has become the best when it comes to furniture production. International furniture expos do take place in Shanghai, which is in the YRD.

Some of the expos include the;

  •       China international furniture expo
  •       Autumn CIFF

As per statistics, a third of furniture exports come from the Yangtze river delta and usually go to the Americas and Europe. We noticed the Yangtze river delta furniture economic zone because it is divided into five features. They are;

  •       Rapidly scale and prominent
  •       Structural adjustment
  •       Block pattern
  •       The sales model
  •       Brand awareness

This goes ahead to form ten industrial regions, which consist of;

  •       Xiaoshan outdoor furniture
  •       Anji swivel chair
  •       Shaoxing soft mattress
  •       Yiwu and Huzhou traditional mahogany furniture
  •       Ningbo cabinet furniture
  •       Jiashan solid wood furniture
  •       Haining sofa
  •       Hangzhou office furniture
  •       Wenzhou modern panel furniture
  •       Yuhuan European antique furniture

Depending on your requirements you can find the best furniture industry in this zone. For that reason, we review the best furniture manufacturers in the YRD economic zone.

Kuka Home

Since its inception in 1982, Kuka home furniture has been the best furniture company. Also, they are the most reputable furniture suppliers and manufacturers in China and the world. Kuka designs develop, produces, and sells its products globally. When it comes to furniture production, their area of specialization is the living room, bedroom, and dining room furniture. All their products are high-quality and value for money. Kuka home exports its furniture products to one hundred and twenty countries in the world. They have five other production bases in Zhejiang province (3), Hebei province (1), and Hubei province (1). This furniture company offers both ODM and OEM services, but this was since 2007. Currently, Kuka has seven stores in Hong Kong and seventy-four others globally. Additionally, they have fifteen offices worldwide. This is to make it easy to offer global logistics and customer services to all their customers in those regions.

The Bohai Sea Delta Furniture Economic Zone

Another furniture production region in China is the Bohai sea delta. This zone centers on Beijing and surrounds Tianjin, which is in the Northern part of China and borders the Bohai sea. Other cities in this zone include Hebei, Liaoning, and Shandong. What makes this region among the best is its location. The Hebei province is known to be a top furniture producer in this economic zone. The Xianghe and Sheng fang are two areas in Hebei province that deal with furniture making. The resources in this region make it easy for furniture production. What makes this furniture zone among the top is its domestic market. Most of their furniture production is bought domestically. Though there are various office furniture manufacturers in this region, we will review one of the companies from this region.

Bazhou Shengfang Yuemingqi Furniture Co. Ltd

Bazhou Shengfang Yuemingqi furniture company limited is an office furniture manufacturer in the Bohai sea delta zone. Its formation was in 2008 and is in Sheng fang, Bazhou city. Other than domestic sales, they also export their furniture abroad to over eighty countries. They have two production bases. One that deals with the production of chairs and the other manufactures high glossy or veneer and coffee tables. All the two bases have an area space of over ten thousand square meters. Bazhou prides itself as among the best in the market as it has its top markets in the following countries. This is when it comes to furniture suppliers globally.

  •   U.S.A
  •   Canada
  •   The U.K.
  •   France
  •   Denmark
  •   Poland
  •   Spain

Check their products and find the best for your home or office.

Northeast Furniture Manufacturing Delta

Home and office furniture manufacturers in the Northeast furniture manufacturing delta mainly produce wood furniture. This furniture manufacturing zone is in the Liao Ning and Heilongjiang provinces. This zone is in the Shenyang and Dalian cities. The ease of finding timber locally and exporting from Russia. Makes it viable for furniture companies to produce wood furniture. This is for domestic furniture production and sales Shenyang to the region. But for export purposes, Dalian furniture production areas are the ones that deal with this. There are many furniture companies in the Northeast zone, but today we will discuss one of the companies.

Huafeng Furniture

Formerly called Zhuanghe city wood factory, whose formation was in 1995 and later renamed Huafeng furniture is top home and office furniture manufacturer in China. They mainly deal with the production of household furniture such as;

  •   Bedroom furniture
  •   Living room furniture
  •   Study furniture

Huafeng has an ISO9001 quality management system certification. This certification makes them among the environmentally friendly companies. Additionally, Huafeng is among the top furniture suppliers in China and in the Northeast furniture manufacturing delta.

The West Furniture Delta Economic Zone

This furniture economic zone is in Chengdu city, Sichuan province. It is known for its production of low-cost furniture. Majorly their products are bought by Chinese residents living in central and western China. Additionally, they export some of their products to developing countries, in Africa and South America. The local government in this region says that furniture manufacturing is the pillar company in the area. The coast near the region makes logistics easy for the furniture manufacturers. Please search for the best furniture manufacturers in the west furniture delta economic zone.

How to Select the Right Furniture Manufacturer

Choosing the right furniture for your home or office is not a simple task. It would help if you researched extensively. But due to time constraints. We will inform you about the things to consider to know the best office furniture manufacturers.

Type of Furniture

When selecting your favorite furniture manufacturers. You need to know what type of furniture they make. Yes! You might find a furniture company but do they make what you want? That should be the first thing you consider before going on with the discussion. Check if they are office or home furniture manufacturers. If you are looking for office desks and chairs, find a company that specializes in this. But if you want household furniture like a bed, sofa, coffee tables, and more. Make sure you get the one that makes them the best.

ISO Certification

Ensure you check whether the furniture company you are selecting is ISO certified. For example, Victory Furniture company has ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. Additionally, Huafeng has ISO9001 quality management. This assures you that the company is a complaint to production regulations and uses high-quality resources. It might seem like a small thing to ignore. But it goes a long way in determining the durability of the furniture you buy.

Check Product Quality

Which types of materials do they use in manufacturing their furniture? This a key consideration any buyer should not assume. The output might be pleasing, but will it last? High-quality materials tend to last for longer and vice versa. So, ask the furniture manufacturers and ensure you ask for proof of which materials they use in producing their products.


For how long has the company been in business? You cannot choose a company with one year of experience over one with twenty years. For example, boke has twenty years of production experience. This makes them among the best in the market.


After production, how many days do they take to ship your product? Depending on your region. Good furniture manufacturers should take a maximum of seven days to deliver your furniture. Make sure you confirm the export delivery days before making your order.


Budget is what many people consider before deciding to buy any product. This works the same with buying furniture. Check whether they have flexible prices. This will make you save while buying.

Customer Retention and Satisfaction

The customer retention rate and satisfaction are other factors you must consider. Do this before choosing a home or office furniture manufacturers. If a company has a retention rate of above 80%, it means the customers are pleased with their services. This is unlike a company with a low customer retention rate. Additionally, customer satisfaction is vital. Suppose the company receives a high number of positive reviews, then they are doing the best job. So, make sure you check these things before making your decision.

Customer Service

Does the company offer 24/7 customer support service? What about their response time? If they have these two attributes, then you know you will be dealing with the right company. As when you get some issues, you are sure you will reach them in a short time.


Choosing the proper household or office furniture manufacturers can be challenging, but should you give up? According to our guide, that should not be the case. So, if you are looking for the best home and office furniture manufacturers in China. Please check out the five zones to give you a better insight. Thank you for your time.

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