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The Definitive Guide to Choosing Ergonomic Office Chair 2021

Do you spend more than 30 hours seated at your workplace? You risk developing severe health issues (such as neck pain, poor blood flow, arthritis, etc.). Using the best ergonomic office chair can avoid all these health threats. But before we proceed…

What is an ergonomic office chair?

An ergonomic office chair refers to a unique chair designed to comfort our bodies for boosted productivity. Such a chair is designed to eliminate back pain, and neck pain and promote good posture in the mind. An ergonomic office chair helps to address musculoskeletal issues and maximize the user’s efficiency.

Type of Ergonomic Office Chair

As we mentioned in this post, there are many sorts of ergonomic office chairs. However, they are designed differently to suit various needs.
If this is the first time you plan to buy the best ergonomic office chair, you must begin by understanding the various types and what purpose they are meant to serve. Below we’ve discussed several chairs to enable you to pick the best ergonomic office chair for your needs.

Operator Ergonomic Office Chair

The first type of the best ergonomic office chair is the operator chair. This is simply the chair you’ve seen in offices, i.e. where workers sit in an organization. Since the chairs are meant for employees, they come designed with extra features that allow prolonged hours of sitting. Such features include adjustable, lumbar support, a 5-star base, armrests, and adjustable heights. With such an ergonomic office chair, business workers can be more productive since it eliminates discomfort, thus boosting efficiency.

  • No discomfort –workers can concentrate more
  • This ergonomic office chair comes fitted with many user-friendly features
  • Great value
  • Elegant

The above ergonomic office chair is the best recommended if you care about the well-being of your employees. It protects them from incidences of lower back or neck pains.

2. Executive Chairs

An executive chair is a unique type of ergonomic office chair meant for use in an administrative office. The chairs are of premium quality and offer more than most regular office chairs. Since an executive ergonomic office chair offers more support and comfort to the user, they come featuring more sophisticated designs than other regular office chairs. Some of the improvements you will notice include stylish material, e.g. leather, sponge, padded seat & armrests, etc.

  • It comes featuring extra paddings
  • Attractive appearance
  • Among the best ergonomic office chair

The above ergonomic office chair is recommended for a company executive who needs a chair with class and style.

3. 24-Hour Chair

As the name suggests, the above ergonomic office chair is meant for workers who spend extra hours in their workplace. They offer extreme comfort so that you can work even from day to overnight without getting fatigued. With this ergonomic office chair, you can be sure to use it daily and still expect the same performance. They come solid and durable thanks to their well-built mechanism that works perfectly. Some of the features that define a 24-hour ergonomic office chair include lumbar support, adjustable height, backrest, armrests and headrest, 5-points wheelbase, robust leather, extra padding, etc.

  • Strong and durable
  • Premium quality workplace efficiency features
  • Offer more comfort and support

The ergonomic office chair is the best recommended for use in places where full-day use (24-hour) is likely. E.g. call centers and hospitals.

4. Fabric Chairs

When choosing the best ergonomic office chair, you will realize that most are not designed from a similar material. There are those of leather while they are made of fabric. The latter is the most common as it offers more benefits, e.g., versatility, comfortable, and great value for money. The fabric chair makes the best ergonomic office chair. You will find the material being used in a chair, such as an operator ergonomic chair or many other ergonomically meant products.

  • Versatile
  • Comfortable material
  • Great value for money

Fabric ergonomic office chair is best for offices operating on a budget and still looking for more comfortable chairs.

5. Leather Chairs

If you are looking to add extra décor to your office, leather material is the ultimate choice to consider. It’s the material used in executive office chairs. Such chairs look more polished, and comfortable and give you a premium feels when using them. Although the material is solid and durable, it attracts a higher price, meaning you should be ready to pay the cost if at all you need the chair. Additionally, most people dislike an ergonomic office chair made of leather as it can heat up quickly, causing discomfort to the user. Such pain can affect the user’s concentration at the workplace.

  • Premium appearance & feel
  • Offers extra comfort
  • Easy to clean –wipe with a duster

This best ergonomic office chair is meant for use in offices where luxury is a priority.

6. Mesh Chairs

If you are working in hot places, you will likely need an ergonomic office chair with mesh at the backrest. Unlike leather, a mesh ergonomic office chair will offer breathability to keep you cool and enable you to concentrate on your job. Besides the breathable mesh, the ergonomic office chair comes with other comfort design features such as wheels for more comfortable movements, lightweight for easier handling, adjustable design to suit various needs, etc.

  • Cost-effective
  • Breathable material for added comfort
  • Most ergonomic designs

Mesh ergonomic office chairs are the best choice for people who work in hot places. You can use it during the summer months to stay cool

7. Vinyl Chairs

If you can’t raise the price of leather chairs, don’t stress yet. The vinyl ergonomic office chairs are as best as leather; however, they are more affordable and don’t heat up quickly. With a vinyl ergonomic office chair, cleaning will be more effortless than ever. Better yet, they come lightweight so that you can easily handle them within your office.

  • Readily affordable
  • They are easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain and
  • Readily available

A vinyl ergonomic office chair is your best pick if all you need is an easy-to-clean and maintain the chair

8. Meeting Chair

Unlike other sorts of chairs we’ve highlighted on this list, a meeting ergonomic office chair is intended to offer short durations of comfortable sitting. They come featuring extra padding as well as fabric to make you feel more comfortable when using them. In business, such an ergonomic office chair is for external visitors. Consequently, they are designed with a class that defines your business and the people who work there. You will notice a more professional design with a meeting ergonomic office chair than with other types.

  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Easy to store as they are stackable
  • Extra padding for more comfort

A meeting ergonomic office chair is a must-have if you wish to impress and wow your business office visitors

9. Visitor Chairs

A visitor’s ergonomic office chair to some degree resembles a meeting chair; however, the two are a bit different if you consider the purpose they are meant to serve. You will most likely find visitor chairs in informal settings, reception areas, waiting rooms, etc. They come lightweight, some that you can quickly move with them around if you require a chair elsewhere. They tend to be impressive and cost-friendly.

  • Cheap to buy
  • Lightweight, hence you can maneuver easily
  • It comes in a variety of styles/materials

They are best recommended if you need a more affordable and versatile seat that suits many purposes.

How to choose an ergonomic office chair

Now that you may have seen on the web or the market many sorts of the best ergonomic chairs. You may tend to think that finding the right one for you will be a straightforward task. But it’s not. The ergonomic office chair you will come across is designed with different features, implying they don’t offer the same performance.

To make the best selection, you must, first of all, compare all options available and narrow them down to the best. Such a process can be lengthy and tiresome, particularly to you, if you operate on a busy schedule. We have been in the business for a long, and we know what it takes to discover the best ergonomic chair in the market. So, if you have a hard time selecting a chair, consider chairs with the following features.

What Features Should a Good Ergonomic Office Chair Possess?

Seat Height

One of the essential features to consider when purchasing the best ergonomic office chair is its height. Getting the right seat height is crucial as it helps to reduce strain to your legs or arms when you are lowering to or rising from the seat.
With the right seat height, you will be able to rest your feet on the floor. Since people have varying heights, it is wise that you pick an ergonomic chair with adjustable height.

Seat Width

Yet another essential feature that matters as far as the performance of your ergonomic office chair is considered is its width. A chair with the correct width will please you the most, especially if you will be sitting on it for prolonged hours.
Such a chair will comfortably accommodate your physique. Again, different individuals have varying forms. Therefore, it would be wise to buy a chair that can accommodate any individual. Otherwise, you may need to purchase extra chairs for “large” people.

Seat depth

Besides considering the seat size, also make sure you think about its depth. Both seat size and depth will determine the pressure you will experience when sitting on your ergonomic office chair. Experts tell you to test the chair before buying. The secret here is making sure it’s not too narrow and can exert pressure on you.

Lumbar Support

You would never want to experience instances where you suffer back pains. Or develop other related health complications due to a lack of proper support from your chair. It will be very hard for you to use your chair for more than 3 hours if it does not offer proper lumbar support. Doing so would even cause discomfort, and back pains, affecting your productivity.


Whether you are buying your ergonomic office chair for the first time or have done so before, ensure that it comes with a proper backrest that will help reduce strain on your lower back. If you want more convenience, go for an ergonomic office chair with an adjustable backrest. That way, you will enjoy the convenience of tilting it to any desired angle for maximum comfort.

Seat and Backrest Material

The material that makes up the seat and the backrest also count when choosing the best ergonomic chair. In this case, the superior the quality of the material, the more the chair can offer. When comparing the chair material, think of things such as ease of washing, durability, etc. If this matters to you, then leather seats are the best.


Although most people tend to think armrests are optional. They play a significant role in ensuring that both your shoulders and hands feel relaxed. Various things will tell whether your chair will need armrests or not. For instance, the sort of work you do. This, a person who works in a computer office will need an ergonomic office chair with an armrest. This is to keep the hands supported at the right angle while working on the keyboard.

Various chairs are designed differently so that some come with detachable armrests. At the same time, others come with fixed but adjustable armrests. So, choose depending on your needs and purposes.

Movement and stability

The best ergonomic office chair should be easy to move from one position to another within your working space. You don’t have to haul a heavy chair manually – instead, go for a seat with wheels. This will make your work easier as you will only need to push them to the desired position.

Better yet, an ergonomic office chair with proper wheels will save you the hassle of waking up every time you want to change your position.
Much as you care about the ease of movement, it’s also wise to think about chair stability. Depending on your floor, the wheels can easily slip and lead you to an accident. Luckily you can avoid this by picking an ergonomic office chair with a broader base (e.g., a 5-point base) to boost stability.


You can’t call your ergonomic office chair the best if it cannot swivel. Swiveling ergonomic chairs give you more freedom of movement but without leaving your position. Think of it this way, you want to pick something that’s right on the desk behind you or wish to access your printer. Would you prefer to rotate the chair and do so or stand up and go to where it is? The former is the best way to do it.
Therefore, make sure that your chair can rotate up to 360 degrees.

Weight Capacity

While shopping for the most ergonomic office chair, it is wise to put its weight capacity into consideration. Most chairs will be varying weight capacities depending on the material used to make them. On average most have a weight capacity ranging from 200 -400 lbs. Ensure you know who will be using the seat and pick what you think will suit their needs.


The final consideration you should have in mind when shopping for the best ergonomic office chair is its cost. Various factors will determine the cost of the chair in question—for example, the brand, material, designs, etc. Keep in mind that expensive may not necessarily be better; however, avoid compromising the quality as you save on cost.

What Are the Benefits of An Ergonomic Office Chair?

Assuming you are new to an ergonomic office chair, there could be a possibility that you don’t know the full benefits you will enjoy once you have them in your office. If this holds, consider the following;

Boosted Productivity

One of the critical benefits of an ergonomic office chair is boosting user productivity. Since such a chair will offer you maximum comfort, it ensures you have optimal working conditions and leads to more productivity. You can concentrate more when you have no disturbances (such as pains and arches) and offer your best.

Retain Your Posture

A good ergonomic office chair has everything included to ensure that you retain your upright posture even after prolonged hours of working. Unlike other regular chairs, this can cause you to lean forward or backward after using them for a long. This is possible considering that an ergonomic office chair has a right-back height which may be lacking in most regular chairs.

Reduced Pain

If you have worked in an office fitted with regular chairs, you can testify that they lead to associated back and neck pain following a prolonged duration of use. This usually happens since these traditional chairs aren’t designed to correct posture like their counterparts – ergonomic chairs.

Reduced Hip Pressure

Yes, that’s true! Your hips suffer the most when it comes to bearing your body weight while sited. This is usually the case whenever you use traditional office chairs. However, the point is different from the best ergonomic office chair as they are designed to offer the correct seat depth, thereby supporting your hips.

Boost Blood Flow

You will like an ergonomic office chair as it has a fantastic reality that helps boost blood flow in your body. Unlike the traditional office chair that is not adjustable, an ergonomic chair allows you to tilt them to any desired angle, ensuring proper circulation in your legs. Good circulation hinders the chances of going numb or even swelling.

Serves a Wide Range of Purposes

One thing you can ignore about the best ergonomic office chair is its ability to serve almost everyone coming to your office. Such chairs are designed so that you can easily adjust them to fit the size of any person! In simpler words, the chairs are designed to fit any body size and shape – therefore, you will not need to purchase a unique chair for each employee.

Saves You on Workers Compensation Claims

As we’ve already said, an ergonomic office chair is designed to offer maximum support and ensure users experience no strains or discomfort. They help to avoid instances of back pain, spine pain, or neck pain. This is an added advantage to the employer and the employee as it lowers the compensation claims in the run.

Optimum Safety

Before any ergonomic office chair is available in the market, it undergoes multiple steps of mandatory tests to ensure that they are 100% safe for use in any setting. Most even come with a 100% user satisfaction guarantee meant to foster your confidence when purchasing.

Long Tern use

As possible to any other office chair, an ergonomic office chair lasts longer, saving you significantly in the long run. If they are damaged before the expected duration, you don’t have to worry since the manufacturer has you covered.

Why choose BOKE Ergonomic Chair

If you have been keen on your research, you’ve realized that BOKE ergonomic office chair is one of the most selling options available in the market. But have you tried to ask yourself why? Let’s find out

Reasonable Price-Quality Ratio

Compared to most other options, BOKE ergonomic chair has a justifiable price/quality ratio. It is made from high-quality material and is marketed at a giveaway price; hence affording it isn’t a big deal.

Comes fully adjustable

With a BOKE ergonomic office chair, you can adjust almost anything to suit your comfort. For instance, you can adjust the armrests, headrests, backrests, or even the height.

It comes fitted with Breathable Mesh

Another significant aspect of BOKE Ergonomic office chair is that it comes featuring a breathable mesh at the backrest so that you experience little to no sweating even amid the hotter days. This makes it possible for you to focus on your work hence boosting productivity.

Sturdy/soft wheels

Unlike other ergonomic office chairs that come featuring caster wheels that end up damaging your floor or carpet, BOKE wheels are lined with soft rubber or plastic. They will, therefore, not cause any significant damage to your floor.

The Bottom Line

Finding your best ergonomic office chair may seem pretty easy at first. However, things become complicated once you embark on the actual process. You will find it extremely challenging to compare the various options that exist. However, if you have the know-how we’ve just shared in this post, everything gets simple. Don’t let this process challenge you –refer to this guide, and we bet you will always be right!

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