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This ultimate guide will provide an analysis of the office furniture market in China. China’s open economy has made it an essential sector of the Asian manufacturing network. Entrepreneurship is greatly encouraged by the government and many local and overseas companies have discovered lucrative investment opportunities and trade freedom there. The robust economy is fueled by a very competitive import-export industry, among other things.

The economy continues to thrive in so many areas of the world in spite of recent events. This has caused entrepreneurs to invest in new startups. One thing that a new business needs is office furniture. China is a major hub of manufacturing including office furniture. With so many choices in this sector, most retail suppliers have a difficult time deciding on the right office furniture manufacturer.


Chinese Office Furniture Exports


Despite Donald Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods, China remains a significant exporter of office furniture products. In 2018, the Chinese furniture export industry was valued at almost 53.7 billion U.S. dollars. During 2020, China’s furniture market value should exceed 1.3 trillion yuan.

Shopping online in this new digital economy has made it easier than ever for companies to purchase from China. The nation benefits from its growing number of internet user, which now stands at over 905.8 million. This has caused an explosion in many e-commerce markets including the furniture market. Today, China is a global leader in eCommerce.

The global office furniture is expected to post a CAGR of almost 6% during the period 2020-2024, according to the latest #marketresearch report by @Technavio. In addition, the growing focus on achieving long-term ecological sustainability has led many furniture manufacturers to adopt green solutions.

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Future Projections Office Furniture Supplier


The office furniture market is projected to attain a value of US$ 89.6 Billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 4.8% during 2020-2025. That gives us some indication that the future of this industry is strong, with promising dividends for investors. Moreover, frequent research and development (R&D) has permitted manufacturers to develop smart office furniture that utilizes today’s advanced technology.

Other factors that will likely influence market growth include the expansion of the multi-functional office furniture sector. With this and other technological advancements in the market, it is certain to continue to be a strong industry with exciting growth factors.

Performing Adequate Market Research

Market research is performed in order to better understand the needs, wants, and desires of the target consumer. An efficient marketing strategy can transform a Chinese furniture distribution business into a successful venture.

The culture in China is a bit different than countries like Great Britain, Australia, or America. China is comprised of many races and cultures. The country’s culture has evolved over thousands of years and has been influenced by numerous events. It may be necessary to employ local marketing strategists who have a strong understanding of the Chinese way of life in order to develop the right marketing strategy for your Chinese office furniture company.


How do Global Consumers Differ?


The Chinese consumer is largely open to new concepts and that can play an important role in market acceptance of innovative products and services. However, it’s important to perform screening and evaluation to ensure that your products will be accepted by the masses. Three important concepts to consider include:

  1. Does your product adequately meet the needs of consumers?
  2. Is it priced competitively?
  3. How is your product different or better than the competition?

Gaining valuable insights into these and other questions can guide you in the right direction when designing the product and with your future marketing campaigns.

Chinese Furniture Distribution

This sector is slated to show steady growth over the next ten years. Revenue in the Furniture and Homeware sectors is expected to reach US$74,868m in 2020. This industry will see an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 9.3%, resulting in a market volume of US$106,911m by 2024. With user penetration around 13.1% in 2020, this number is expected to hit 22.1% by 2024. The average revenue per user (ARPU) currently amounts to US$396.47.

When buying office furniture from China, it’s better to buy in bulk. You can get better prices and lower shipping charges by making larger purchases. When placing your order, it may be beneficial to buy extra pieces of office furniture in preparation for your company’s growth. If this growth does not take place, the furniture can be sold online so you can recoup your investment. Office furniture is always a hot commodity in any city.

Holistic, Ergonomic Designs

In these modern times, people are looking for holistic designs whether for office furniture or the home. Consumers are concerned about the use of sustainable materials in the construction. But an ergonomic design is also important since many workers sit in their chairs for hours at a time.

With an ergonomic design, workers will feel less tired at the end of the day. They’ll experience less back and muscle strain. The benefits of ergonomics are widely known and sought after when designing and manufacturing all types of office furniture in China. Workplace injuries cost millions of dollars each year, but comfortable office furniture can help with this issue.

Labour Shortages Affect Supply and Demand

One of the continuing problems in the world of manufacturing is the lack of skilled labor. With labor demands from Beijing to Hong Kong, there’s a continual labor shortage. Many cities are working toward offering incentives to those who will train to work in manufacturing. The Chinese office furniture industry needs to draw young people into training programs with hiring bonuses and relatively inexpensive training programs. Everyone agrees that the greatest asset of any company is its employees.

Developing your Brand

Many studies have proven that consumers will pay more for brands they trust. This is in spite of the fact that the quality of the brand name item may be inferior to other products on the market. That makes it important to establish your brand in the marketplace. As the office furniture market in China expands, it will be more important than ever to accomplish this task. Of course, it’s essential to develop a great marketing campaign as mentioned above. But it’s also imperative to learn the answer to a few simple but important questions:

  • What do you want your brand to stand for? Your brand could stand for its unique designs or its low pricing. It could stand for its fair treatment of workers or its use of sustainable building components.
  • What will your brand be associated with? Some brands are known for higher prices but better quality construction while other brands are known to be associated with “green” building techniques. Some brands are known to be plain yet durable and reasonably priced.
  • How will your brand evolve over the years? Do you want to create a brand that’s known for adapting the latest technology in its workmanship? Can you keep the pace with developing business trends?


Advances in Manufacturing Technology

Many new advances in manufacturing have taken the entire industry to higher levels. This includes robots that can perform repetitive tasks. As opposed to human workers, these robots do not need vacations or sleep. They can work around the clock and this will improve your bottom line.

Though the cost of robotic manufacturing may be initially higher, the long-term effects will be felt throughout your business. Robots may be more energy efficient. They definitely produce regular, consistent results when it comes to manufacturing a desk, chair or couch. New technology is added each year to improve performance and enable a better-finished product. There’s no way to know exactly how robotic technology may be improved over the next 10-15 years but it does show a lot of promise, especially in the manufacturing sector.

Operational Excellence

Today’s office furniture manufacturing companies are often designed with the purpose of making a great product that will inspire brand loyalty in customers. However, achieving operational excellence is important as well. By combining a strategically select group of experts in the field with a global marketing strategy, furniture manufacturing can embrace a more international scope. The world is now one marketplace covering many nations and experts from all cultures.

Successful Office Furniture Company Focus

Having pre-studied the specific needs of the Chinese office furniture industry and tailored an extensive array of products, a successful company delivers exceptional products at affordable prices. The design and development process should be combined with knowledge and expertise as an office furniture manufacturer.

Chinese Furniture Developments & Trends

Chinese Office Furniture should stay on the cutting edge of new developments in technology, materials and social trends. The successful Chinese office furniture distributor must work each day to identify the needs of this market so they can better meet those needs. As an office furniture supplier in China, you must take your job seriously with a broad understanding of how tough the competition is. Stay busy addressing the needs in of that market.

Diversity and Design

Today’s modern working environments require thoughtful design. Office furniture that lacks character is a thing of the past. By choosing an integrative design concept, today’s cutting-edge design and manufacturing procedures create furniture that looks professional but has a strong emotional appeal. This type of office furniture leaves a lasting impression on visitors and employees alike. Workplaces like this reflect modern trends toward more professional workspaces that include charming characteristics.

Green Office Furniture Manufacturer

With the world moving toward sustainable building and manufacturing practices, it’s important to recognize how much consumers value the “green” lifestyle. The landscape of modern office furniture combines beauty and functionality with intelligent design while promoting green building practices. It’s important to offer modular seating designs and lighting that promote themes from nature. Buyers now appreciate furniture made from natural materials like bamboo.

Future Trends: Chinese Furniture Distribution

Though COVID-19 is expected to affect future trends in some ways, researchers are not yet sure exactly how this will play out. While some businesses are cutting back during the pandemic, others such as Walmart and Amazon, have surged ahead. These huge increases in sales volume will make a few people very wealthy by the end of the crisis. Most sales are carried out online now due to social distancing guidelines.

Research shows that the office furniture market is primarily driven by significant increases in commercial construction, including the information technology industry. Some of the most surprising trends in the industry include:

Setting your Chinese Office Furniture Apart from the Competition

Powerful designs that will transform any office space require more thought and greater development. Use the latest technological advancements to produce exciting Chinese office furniture products that will be highly valued. Commit to absolute dedication to excellence. Represent quality and ingenuity at its best and then strive to provide amazing office furniture solutions that work, while doing your part to keep the planet green.


Finding the Right Wholesaler

We take the role of serving our community and our world on with a sober determination to seek out imaginative possibilities and break fresh ground in the field of superb office furniture. For over 20 years, BOKE has supplied the office furniture industry with a wide range of functional yet beautiful office furniture designs.

BOKE stands for strength, sustainability, integrity, and innovation. We are dedicated to delivering superior products and services and not compromising along the way. We believe that this commitment, along with our remarkable vision for the future, will revolutionize the marketplace.  We believe that when you identify your brand with a well-known and respected office furniture supplier, you’ll enjoy much greater success in your industry.

With so many companies out there shouting that they can provide better quality office furniture than their competitors, how on earth can you possibly decide where to take our business? Being informed is, of course, the first step toward finding the best wholesale distributor of office furniture in China. When you compare the services and prices of other wholesalers, you’ll find that BOKE Office Furniture comes out on top. We welcome your questions and concerns.

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